Как сделать катер из бумаги Оригами катер из бумаги Origami boat

Hello friends Let’s make a boat For this we need Format a4 Bend the right edge And the other end Flip the sheet Bend at the intersection Override We collect a double triangle The bottom side is bent to this strip Sides of the craft Bend into small triangles Then the other side Turn the sheet Add up on 2 parts Open Right edge of the paper bend to the center The same way here Now these triangles On this band two sides Bend this corner Retreat a little from the strip Add the paper On this side we drive the other side On this side we drive the other side We will Further Turn the paper inside out The corners should not open Hold your fingers tightly Turn out Keep the side Not revealed The same way here Hold your fingers side Level the boat Raise the paper inside Attach the circle cabin Beautiful boat I hope you succeeded Please put it like Please subscribe have a good day

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