▶ Rolex DAYTONA (40mm, black) vs. YACHT-MASTER II (44mm, white-blue) – COMPARISON

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all Swiss watch lovers, this is Chris over at Jaztime.com. Today, I’m going to be doing a comparison between the Rolex Daytona
stainless steel, 40 millimeter cosmograph, and the Rolex Yach Master II stainless steel 44 millimeter
regatta chronograph. Both these watches are very popular with watch enthusiasts, and
I’d like to show off their qualities and characteristics, so that you can have a
better understanding, and, if you were looking to buy, you could make an informed decision. It doesn’t hurt for you to
visit the local, authorized dealer and try them on, to see which one’s the best fit for you. Here, were’ gonna start
with the Rolex Daytona here. I have a black dial here. This is reference model number 116520, stainless steel model. It comes in either black, or a white dial. Retail price on this watch
is currently $12,000. It is a 40 millimeter,
which is standard size for most of Rolex sport watches, with the exception of the
42 millimeter Explorer II, the Deep Sea 44 millimeter, and the Yacht Master II 44 millimeter that you see in the background. Most guys would be able to rock this watch on their wrist, very comfortably. It’s very well balanced
and it feels very good, and solid on the wrist. Right on my wrist here, for you. It wears under your
shirt cuff very easily, so if you’re wearing business attire, like a suit, it will slip
under your shirt cuff, and won’t feel clunky. This watch has a 4130 caliber movement. It’s made in-house by Rolex. This watch does have a
chronograph function, which counts seconds, minutes and hours, but it does not have a date
function for those of you. Well, I mean, it could be
good or bad for some of you, but for some the date is important. Many people who have a Daytona, usually have it as a second watch. Their main watch probably
has a date on it, that they use throughout their workweek. A lot of guys have the
Daytona as a weekend watch, when the date doesn’t matter to them, so, because it’s the weekend. This chronograph counts upwards. It was originally designed for racing. Most people are just happy
with the look of the watch, and how awesome it feels. Okay, now we’re gonna go
on to the Yacht Master II, stainless steel, regatta
chronograph watch. This is the reference model number 116680. It’s a 44 millimeter,
stainless steel case. It has a bracelet that’s
very similar to Daytona with the half polish. Now, it’s a satin finish on the sides, and a mirror finish on the center links. This watch is quite a bit larger than that Rolex Daytona at 44 millimeters. It’s one of Rolex’s biggest watches, next to the Rolex’s Deep Sea
Sea Dweller at 44 millimeters, but it doesn’t have as high of a profile, it’s just not as thick. It doesn’t need to go down
12,800 feet below sea level, like the Deep Sea can. The watch has a really
nice, clear white dial. It’s super easy to read. You’ll notice it has blue hands, which make it easy to find,
with the contrast of the dial. It does have a functioning bezel. You can set the time for countdowns, rather than counting upwards. That’s what regatta racing
chronographs are for. You’ll see here that when I
start the chronograph hand, you’ll see another hand
in there with a triangle. That’s the marker for the countdown, so you’ll notice, if
you look really closely, you’ll see the five
going towards the four, and onwards towards the zero marker. Eventually it’s gonna get to zero, and then you can start to
race, if you’re racing a yacht. Yach Master II came out for sale in 2010, in yellow gold and white gold. This watch came out recently
in stainless steel in 2013, with an updated 4161 caliber movement. It has a 72-hour power reserve. It’s just like the Daytona. The stainless steel model is obviously more affordable than the
yellow gold or white gold, or two toned versions of this watch, at a retail price of $18,750. While, these two watches are
Rolex chronograph watches, they are vastly different from each other in the way that they look, and the size difference
is definitely there. If you’re a bigger guy who feels like Rolex watches are too
small for your wrist. You might want to try
this Rolex Yacht Master II at your local authorized dealer, and see if there’s a good fit for you. You might just like it. Thank you for watching. If you have any questions, feel free to write a comment below. If you’re interested in buying this watch, or our other models for
the lowest possible price, please check out our shop at Jaztime.com. We have a low price guarantee, we offer free shipping
and a one year warranty, in addition to warranties you
get from the brand itself. Thank you for watching. This is Chris over at Jaztime.

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