▶ Rolex Submariner black vs. Yacht-Master II white-blue COMPARISON

▶ Rolex Submariner black vs. Yacht-Master II white-blue COMPARISON

Hey, guys, this
is Kevin from jaztime.com and today, we’ll be doing a comparison between the Rolex Submariner on my left here, this
Sports Diver’s watch. Reference number 114060. And that’s gonna be going
against the Yacht-Master II on my right. Reference number 116680. We’ll be going over the price, the dial, the case, the bracelet, the buckle, and then we’ll talk about
the movement at the end. So the price as of December 2016 for this Rolex Submariner is $7,500 at your Rolex retailer. At jaztime.com, you can get it for 6,600 or for as low as $6,600. For the Yacht-Master II, you can get this at a Rolex retailer for $18,750 or you can get it for as low as $13,750 at jaztime.com. Okay, so let’s go ahead and
talk about the dials now. So as you can see, a very obvious difference. The Submariner runs a nice black dial, while the Yacht-Master
runs a nice white dial. For the Submariner, it runs, that black
dial has white lettering with the white hour markers has a nice contrast to it. It also runs the maxi dial, which means that the index markers, the circular markers as well, are 30% larger than normal. And they are all luminous for up to eight hours. The hands are also luminous as well, up to eight hours. And the hand runs a Mercedes hand, which is just a larger hour hand. Here as you can see, it kind of has that Mercedes symbol. All these markers are fashioned
in 18 carat white gold, to prevent tarnishing as well. For the Yacht-Master, we got a different color palette here. We have that nice white dial. But instead for the hands, we have this nice blue steeled hands, as you can see as I tilt
it towards the light. These hands are blue. With just the tip of the
hands being that luminous– Having that luminosity up for eight hours. Additionally, this has a little skeletonized portion of the minute hand. And that’s just to allow
easier viewing of the dial, so it doesn’t block any of that Rolex text as it comes around. For the hour markers,
we have square markers instead of those circular markers. A little bit smaller as well. Additionally, one thing
I’d like to point out is the use of red and blue
overall in the Yacht-Master. It’s not normally seen in Rolex watches, the color palette of red and blue. It’s usually going for this black. This black and white. But now we have this nice little red indicators along
with the red seconds hand, red 10 minute counter with the blue steel hands, blue bordering. It just absolutely looks wonderful and it’s just a much
different change of pace than your normal Rolex watch. And so, that’s something to keep in mind if you’re looking for something
a little bit different. Moving on. For the bezel. For the Submariner’s bezel, we have this nice black Cerachrom bezel with an index and the
minute Arabic numerals being platinum dusted for more durability. That ceramic bezel is
very scratch resistant. That color as you see it now, will never fade, as it’s been baked into the ceramic. So it will never fade like aluminum. Aluminum will fade over time. The ceramic color will not. The color baked into the
ceramic will not fade. So that black will stay black. Keep that very nice shine
throughout its lifetime. For the Yacht-Master, we have a blue baked ceramic bezel. Once again, very scratch resistant, very durable. It is susceptible to blunt damage, but it’s very rare that it will actually be damaged, as it is very durable. Once again, those Arabic numerals are platinum dusted
for durability as well. As you can see, it
reflects light very nicely. Keeps and is just overall very beautiful. Like I said with the black, the blue you see here will always stay this blue
throughout its lifetime because it is baked into that ceramic. That blue, this color
will last a lifetime. Very, very beautiful. So, moving on to the case size now. Let’s go ahead and compare the case sizes. The case size of the Submariner is 40 millimeters. That’s from my index
finger here to my thumb. That’s 40 millimeters in diameter. For the Yacht-Master, we have a 44 millimeter in diameter case. So it’s a little bit
larger on the Yacht-Master. Gives a little more
readability to that dial, as there’s little dial clutter going on. Overall, that size can help
if you have a larger wrist. Much better prefer to go
with the Yacht-Master. It fits on the wrist very nicely
if you have a larger wrist. Submariner’s 40 millimeters. Good for everyday wrists. Around 7 1/2, 7-7 1/2 inch wrist. So something to also keep in mind, the cases are made out of
Rolex’s in-house 904L steel. It is a much more durable, much more shinier steel than normal. That is compared to the industry standard of AISI 316L steel. So let me go ahead and
show you the side profiles of the Submariner versus the Yacht-Master. Okay. So here’s the Submariner on the left. It has a much lower profile than the Yacht-Master. As you can see, the Yacht-Master
is a little bit thicker. So something to keep in mind for these is if you wear dress suits, if you wear suits a
lot or any dress shirts and you want the watch
to fit under the cuff, it’s probably best to
go with the Submariner, as it will slide under those cuffs easily. Yacht-Master’s more for showing off and outdoor wear. Wearing a t-shirt, living in California, and you wanna make that bold statement with that beautiful different contrasting red, blue, white dial. And you really wanna just
show off the Yacht-Master with the size. Not saying that it won’t fit under any other suit
cuffs or dress shirts, but it definitely– That Submariner will
definitely fit much easier. We also have this high polish going on the sides of the case as well, to add a little more shine
to the watch as well. Okay. So let’s go ahead and move
on to the bracelets now. So here’s the bracelets side by side. As you kind of already see, the Yacht-Master has much
more of a shine to it. And that’s because the Submariner runs a three piece Oyster link with sand or brushed steel on its links all throughout. And that’s because the Submariner’s more of a sports watch, so that durability is needed for diving or any other sports activities. So that sand finish goes
all the way throughout. Nice and durable. Once again, made out of
that in-house 904L steel. With the Yacht-Master, we have that same 904L steel, but down the center, we have this very nice high polish that reflects the light very nicely. It captures the reflections. Definitely shines the
light back much more. As you can see, it definitely glistens much more than the Submariner’s. So this is definitely
more of a showy watch than a true sports watch, but it’s still very, very durable. Okay, so let’s go ahead and
move on to the clasp now. So here we have the
Submariner’s clasp on the left. It’s a little bit larger than the Yacht-Master’s
clasp here on the right. But they still have the same functions in terms of being a clasp. They both are the safety Oysterlock. And I can demonstrate
that very easily here. As you see, pop off the safety. That’s the safety. And the Oyster pops open like that. Very simple, very easy. And on the clasp blade, we have the Rolex name embossed on there. And that’s going to be the
same with the Yacht-Master. I’m gonna put the Submariner
down here real quick. So with the Yacht-Master’s, very similar. Pops open. Then pops this open. There we are. And that embossed Rolex name. So there’s one thing I do wanna show that is the difference
between these two watches in terms of the bracelet. And that’s the ability
to adjust the bracelet, and that’s located behind the clasp. So behind the clasp, there we are. Give you a nice closeup view of that. So we have these riveted edges
along the side of the clasp and all we have to do is
just pop open the bracelet. So before I do that, that’s
how the bracelet looks when it’s fully fleshed out. What this is called is a
glidelock extension feature and it allows for two millimeter
increment adjustments, being a total of 20 millimeter increment or 20 millimeters in total that you can adjust the bracelet. As you can see, I can just very easily just slide that bracelet back. Slide that bracelet back and then– Oops, sorry. See, way too easy to slide back. And it snaps right in. That’s how the bracelet looks now without that extension. So what is the main purpose of this? Well, keep in mind, this watch
was made with divers in mind. So with divers in mind, you can wear a thick wetsuit and you need to adjust, so your watch can fit over it. And this glidelock extension feature will help very nicely. But for the everyday user, you can, if you pass it on to a family member and they have a larger wrist than you, there you go. Very simple, very easy. You can adjust the bracelet to match them, instead of having to go to the jeweler, buy an extra link, remove an extra link, and go through all that hassle just to get the watch to fit properly on the person you wanna give it to. With the Yacht-Master, it doesn’t have that same feature. So here I am holding the Yacht-Master now. The Yacht-Master doesn’t
have that same feature, it only has a comfort extension link, which is also very nice, but not as nice as the
glidelock extension feature. As you can see there, that little hinge only allows for five
millimeter adjustments inward and outward. So that’s inward, this is outward. Inward, outward. And that only allows for five
millimeters of adjustment. What that’s for is if it’s a hot day and your wrist swells up a little bit, that allows you to give
some more breathing room to your wrist. Okay, so now let’s go ahead and talk about the– Let’s go ahead and talk
about the movements of the watch now. So here I am with the
Submariner here on my left. Now I have the Yacht-Master
on my right here. So I’m gonna start with
the Submariner’s first. It’s not too confusing. So the Submariner has a
very nice Oyster case. Oyster case backing houses the movement. The movement of the Submariner is a 3130 movement. It has a 48 hour power reserve. It is a perpetual mechanical
self-winding movement. It allows for the minute and the hour hand along with the seconds hand. It is very similar to the very durable and very widely used Rolex 3135 movement, which is basically the same movement, but with the date feature, as this watch does not
have the date feature. Okay. So, very nice there. The only difference in movement from the Yacht-Master to the Submariner, it does have that same
similar Oyster case backing. Very nice, very beautiful. But the movement of the Yacht-Master is a 4161 movement. It has a little more power reserve than the Submariner’s movement, which the Yacht-Master has
a 72 hour power reserve. Has a 72 hour power reserve and the actual movement itself just allows for the tracking of the seconds hand for precise time keeping. It also has that programmable countdown with mechanical memory for on-the-fly synchronization. As you noticed, there’s
additional chrono pushers on the side of the case. I’m not gonna go into detail about this. We do have additional videos
of the Yacht-Master II on our YouTube channel, so check it out after this video. We have did definitely lots more videos to show you guys on there, so go ahead and check that out. Besides that, the power reserve, the only other difference
I can mention here is the water resistance
of each of these watches. Like I said, the Submariner
is a diver’s watch, it’s a sports diver’s watch. And that has a water resistance up to 300 meters or 1,000 feet. The Yacht-Master only
has a water resistance up to 100 meters or 330 feet. Okay, so almost triple the resistance, triple the water resistance. So if you were to drop the
Submariner in the water and it gets lost somewhere, it can still be running. Opposed to the Yacht-Master, which can only go down 100 meters. So let me go ahead and show you guys these watches on my wrist here. But like I said, if you’re looking for more of, you know, more of an everyday wear watch, even if you don’t do sports very often, the Submariner is still
a very great choice. It’s just a very classic dial look. It’s very simple, not a crowded dial at all. Has a very nice contrast of
the black with the white text. With that maxi dial
for easier readability, this is a very versatile watch. It’s just very simple. Look at that side profile on the wrist. Very easy. That fits under your
suit cuffs very nicely. It’s just a very, very
simple watch overall. With the Yacht-Master, this one is a little more fancier. I feel like this watch is more if you definitely wanna– You definitely want people
to look at your watch. You want to show off to people. You wanna get the Yacht-Master. Just look at that large dial, that 44 millimeters. The dial actually isn’t too crowded up. It actually looks very nice with the square index markers. That blue definitely
will be an eye catcher, in contrast to that white. And look at that side profile. Like I said, probably
won’t fit under suit cuffs very nicely like the Submariner, but still looks very nice overall. Profile isn’t really as high as something opposed to like the Deepsea, which has a much higher profile. So, still a very nice watch. Okay, so here they are side by side. So if you have any
questions about these watch, leave a comment below. If you wanna buy these models or any other models for
the lowest possible price, check out our website at jaztime.com. We have the lowest prices guaranteed. We offer free shipping
and a one year warranty. And if you like the video, please like, comment, subscribe below. We got a whole library to show you guys. Check it out and have a good day.

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    No comparison yacht master wins by a country mile

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    two great watches,lucky enough to own the yacht-master II , the blue bezel is beautiful, good video though

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    Yachtmaster ii for the win

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