▶ Rolex Yacht-Master 40 Black Ceramic REVIEW 18k Rose Gold & Rubber Bracelet – 116655

▶ Rolex Yacht-Master 40 Black Ceramic REVIEW 18k Rose Gold & Rubber Bracelet – 116655

Hey guys, this
is coming from JazTime.com, and today we’re reviewing the Roloex Yacht-Master 40. Reference number for this watch is 116655. We’ll be going over the price, the dial, the bezel, the crown, the case, the bracelet, clasp, and the movement towards
the end of the video. So as of February 2017, you can get this watch at a Rolex retailer for $24,950, or you can get it at JazTime for as low as $18,850. Okay? Moving on, we’ll go ahead and review the dial now. The dial is a very nice matte black dial, as you can see, it
doesn’t reflect too much. It has the Yacht-Master name at the six o’clock position in red. The arrow markers are the maxi dial, maxi dial, which means that the circular arrow markers and the index portions are 30% larger than your standard Rolex dial. They are also fashioned in an 18 karat everose gold. The everose gold is Rolex’s trademark version of a rose gold, it’s a little bit different in contrast to regular rose gold in the sense that they actually add platinum into the rose gold mixture, which kind of dilutes that reddish hue a little bit, but actually it keeps that hue that normally will have a tendency to fade over time, and it keeps it that same color for a very long time. Okay? So these arrow markers are additionally fashioned in the 18 karat everose gold to prevent any tarnishing. Same can be said for the hour and the minute hands. For the arrow markers and the minute hands, another thing to mention is that they have a Super-LumiNova, which glows for up to eight hours with the first few hours being the brightest, and declining over time. At the three o’clock position, we have a, we have the date window with a cyclops lens on top for magnification easy
reviewing of that date. Okay? Moving on, moving on to reviewing the bezel now. The bezel is a bi-directional, rotatable, 60 minute graduated bezel with matte black cerachrom insert, which is a ceramic insert, and it has polished raised numerals and gradations. So you can see the light kind of reflecting on
those raised numerals. See? It shines very nicely while the matte black providing a nice flat black. Okay? The bezel itself is uni-direct, or bi-directional, sorry. Not uni, bi-directional. As you can see, you can turn to the left and the right, and it’s used too for tracking elapsed time. So normally, normally these bezels come on the Submariner and would be uni-directional so you can track how long you’ve been underwater, but this can track the elapsed time, let’s just say, because there’s a
Yacht-Master tracking a yacht. You can just shift the bezel, the little arrow here, towards the minute hand, and if the minute hand passes to the 10, you know, passes to the 10, that’s obviously 10 minutes have passed. Each actual thick, thicker index marker, are five minutes. So let’s just say 10 minutes has passed, that’s how it would look. Has a 10, the minutes hand on the 10, that 10 minutes have passed. You can also track things like how long it takes for you to run a mile, very simple daily activities such as that, or you can even track how long it takes for you to, takes for that business meeting to finish up. So a small, but nice and easy to use feature to have. Moving on, the case size. So the case size is a 40 millimeter case, that’s from my index finger to my thumb here. It’s made of out that
18 karat everose gold. The structure of the case is a monobloc metal case with a screw down case back and a winding crown. The side profile of the case, not too high, will fit under suit cuffs, dress cuffs very easily, very nicely. Also like to mention that is has a nice high polish on both sides of the case to give it a little more shine. Okay? So let’s go ahead and move on to the crown now. So crown has very simple functions. It is a screw down trip block, triple water proofing system that is unwound by just going counter clock wise as shown. And the current position that this crown is in, it’s in a hand winding position in which you can wind the watch. A simple tug will put you in the date setting position. As you can see, you can change the date very easily, very quickly. And a final tug will put you in the hand setting position in which you can set the
hands bi-directionally. One thing I do wanna mention though is once you pull the crown out to the final position, the second hand, or the hack movement, will stop, to allow for
precise time setting, like if you have a time you wanna set to your iPhone, or you’re setting it to
a timer clock online, you can set it down to the exact seconds. Pressing the crown back in will start that second hand once more. Always make sure you screw the crown nice and tight back against the case, as that keeps this watch water proof for up to 100 meters, or 330 feet. Okay? So moving on to the bracelet now, okay? So this is a very important part about this Yacht-Master, as they introduce this
new type of bracelet. And I specifically say bracelet because they want it referred to as a bracelet even though it looks like a rubber strap. It’s called the Oysterflex bracelet. And what that is, is this bracelet is actually
made of two flexible, made of two flexible titanium and nickel alloy metal blades, that is actually then over molded with a high performance black elastomer that is particularly resistant to environmental effects. So there is a thin metal blade in each portion of this elastomer cover. Additionally, in the inner portions of the bracelet you have this kind of like this, longitudinal cushion system right here. It actually stabilizes this watch on the wrist, sorry, I’m blocking all my fingers there. As you can see here, it actually stabilizes the watch on the wrist while also giving it the ability to add some air flow to your wrist so it doesn’t, your wrist doesn’t heat up as much from being compacted from the bracelet. And it’s on both sides. I’ll show you there as well. So pretty cool. Moving on to the clasp now, the clasp fully made out of the 18 karat everose gold, provides a nice balance, nice balance overall to the watch. It’s a safety folding oyster clasp, which has a little hinge here, that’s the safety, that locks on top of the folding oyster and pops out very easily like that. We have the Rolex name embossed onto the clasp plate itself there. And this bracelet can actually be adjusted for a few millimeters, a few millimeter increments, and I’ll try to show you, show you here. So, you actually need tools to adjust the strap for a few millimeters. As you can see, there’s a little tiny hole there, you can actually adjust it from the little screws, and you have to press it inwards with a tool. So it is adjustable for a few millimeters increments, otherwise, the Oysterflex does come in the standard men’s wrist, men’s wrist size, the seven and a half inches. If you need a special, of course if you need smaller or larger, the only way to get a larger or smaller Oysterflex band is yes, your gonna have to go to a Rolex dealership themselves to order it. Okay? Moving on to the movement now, so the movement is housed in this very simple oyster case back. It is a perpetual mechanical self winding movement, caliber 3135, which is in house movement made by Rolex. It has the precision of minus two plus two seconds a day, and the functions of the movement is a center, hour, minute, and seconds hand with instantaneous change of the date as I’ve shown you before, and the stopping of the seconds for precise time setting as I’ve shown you as well. The oscillator is a paramagnetic blue parachrom hairspring, and it winds by a bi-directional self winding via perpetual rotor. The power reserve of
this watch is 48 hours, meaning you can put this down on a Friday night, pick it up on a Sunday evening, and it’ll still be
keeping time very nicely. Okay? So let me go ahead and actually show you this watch on my wrist now. Here we are, bam, bam. As you can see, I have an average, average man sized wrist, it fits very nicely, and so there is the watch. If you wanna purchase this model or any other model for the lowest possible price, check out our website at JazTime.com. We have the lowest prices guarantee, we offer free shipping and a one year warrantee, and if you like the video please like, comment, and subscribe below, we’ve got lots more to show you guys, thanks for watching. Hope to see you guys soon.

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  • March 5, 2018 at 1:20 pm

    Hey Im looking to purchase this Yacht-Master some time this month. I was wondering if theres any downside to this specific model, or something you don't necessarily like about the watch. The video was very informative and I really appreciate that! Thank you!

  • June 19, 2018 at 4:33 pm

    hey do you have suggestion which one fits better for man with 6inches wrist? 37 or 40 one?

  • November 20, 2018 at 12:24 am

    There is the capability to adjust the band by sliding it a small amount with your hand (no tools needed)

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