10 Personal Water Toys and Watercraft for Summer Fun

10 Personal Water Toys and Watercraft for Summer Fun

– [Kelsey] Hey guys,
it’s Kelsey and I’m your guest host for the day. If you’re going to the
lake or the beach to relax or just have fun. Check out some of the
coolest water toys for your next summer adventure. Number 10. The Sumo Tube. Sumo wrestlers and the beach rarely go hand in hand, until now! The Sumo Tube is a unique
floaty that can be used on and off the beach. For roughly 100 US dollars, beach goers can use
the heavy duty PVC tube for fun sumo wrestling
matches on the beach or to body surf the waves. The multi-functional water
device is worn just like a tee shirt, which users hold
onto, to tow behind the back of a boat or ride the waves freely. Number Nine. Wind Paddle. With our next awesome water
toy, users can sail away on virtually any kayak using only one tool. The Wind Paddle adventure
sail is a lightweight sail that launches instantly without the use of any additional hardware. The dynamic wind paddle
allows users to easily sail in a 180 degree off the angle
envelope and launches from an on deck position. It takes off in seconds, and
is positioned as the same level as the paddler to create a safe and stable environment. The sail includes features
such as a continuous sheet for easy steering and a
large window for visibility. Best of all, the Wind Paddle
can switch between kayaks in a matter of seconds, and can be clipped onto almost anywhere,
including deck lines, cleats, or a bench seat. Number Eight. The Magic Swim Sea Pool. When planning your next
yacht party, first make sure to invite us, then also make
sure to get one of these Sea Pools from the makers of Magic Swim. This smart design may look
similar to a a regular inflatable pool, but don’t
let appearances fool you. The jellyfish proof Sea
Pool was invented by an Italian naval engineer
with innovative materials to make it sturdy, yet lightweight. The floor of the pool
is made of perforated and welded PVC for stability
and has a depth of five feet. The pool uses a micro
perforation system to filter the water entering in, with
a guaranteed water exchange using PVC mesh. Thanks to this material and
added weights to the bottom, it is not necessary to
fill or drain the pool. Consumers of the Magic Swim
will be pleased to customize their pool to fit their needs,
with it coming in various colors and sizes for something just right. Just use four ropes to hook the Sea Pool to the stern cleats, and relax. – Number seven. The Zayak Sea Sled. Kinda like a boogie board with
googles, the Zayak Sea Sled is a unique water toy that
allows swimmers to snorkel while still staying somewhat dry. The floating device provides
a panoramic underwater view, with the use of a
neoprene mask that blocks ambient light and reflection. Swimmers can safely observe
underwater life from a more comfortable distance, or use it for underwater photography. The sled also includes
everything you need to pick up the portable sled and
go, with internal storage for personal belongings, and five eyelets to secure accessories. Number six. Chilli Island. Want to feel like you
are getting away to your own private island? Chilli Island provides a
relaxing experience like nothing you’ve tried before. Participants can just sit
back and enjoy the ride as the electric part pedal
boat, part deck chair takes them onto an invigorating ride. Comfortable seating for
two, the motorized floating device comes stocked with
cup holders, a sound system, underwater HD camera,
and adjustable shades. Located in the lagoons of
St. Francois, riders can rent a boat for as little
as an hour to a full day. Number five. The GoBoat. GoBoat is the personal,
portable watercraft that goes with you. With its innovative lightweight
design, the GoBoat weighs less than most carry on
bags and can fit into a large variety of cars, SUVs, or pickups. The fun watercraft can
launch from a dock, shore or boat and can be ridden into
hard to reach shallow areas. This boat would be perfect
for duck hunting as it keeps quiet, but can also be used
to play bumper boats with the family, go sight
seeing or for fishing. Number four. Flying Inflatable Boat. Our next water toy is a
little unexpected at first, but not when considering
it was a joint venture between a hang glider and a ridged inflatable boat manufacturer. The Flying Inflatable
Boat was patented in 1987 and used all over the world
with some well known patrons, including the Navy SEALS. After a 10 hour certification
course, users are prepared to launch the FIB anywhere
by air, land or sea. The amphibious flying boat
is composed of a full sized ridged inflatable boat to be used in turbulent conditions by sea. Without its wing, the craft
can be used for typical yacht activities, and by replacing
the wheels with skis, can also be used in the snow. Number three. Hammocraft. Kickstarter has crowdfunded
some brilliant products and Hammocraft is no exception. The five person hammock
frame for land or air serves to let users relax
in virtually any setting. Tweaked over the past 10 years,
the company has vigorously worked to perfect their
design to let customers hang back and relax. The Hammocraft fits perfectly onto areas such as paddleboards, kayaks,
and land, and can easily be transported and set up at
any campsite, river or lake. Number two. Fissot Kayak. This high tech motorized
kayak is a fisherman’s dream. The Fissot features
anything a serious fisherman could ever ask for. The kayak opens up with
retractable stabilizers, which is a game changer
for long days at the lake. Users can easily stand up
and fish or just stretch out their legs. The kayak also features dual rod holders, along with a compartment
to store fish, a five speed controller and waterproof battery box. All of this and a powerful
electric 480-watt motor. Number one. Flynano. Is it a jet ski or a plane? It’s both. The Flynano is a fun,
all electric sea plane that connects passengers
close to the sky and sea. The Flynano’s unique carbon
fiber body and light, 154 pound weight allows the
plane to be the world’s lightest powered fixed wing aircraft
as proclaimed by the company. The sea plane’s electric
power train makes flying quiet and maintenance non existent. Although this aircraft
has no room for passengers or cargo, it is extremely
easy to transport and store, making the possibilities
for adventure endless. – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below,
what you found to be the most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done
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