#200 Boat Crash Four Dead

this is the story of the morning dew why would anybody want to look at a
tragic accident well the main reason and it’s something that’s very important to
do is to learn from other people’s mistakes so that we don’t repeat them so
in this episode VIN is going to talk about a tragic accident that occurred yes like Amy said you know why do you
want to learn in pet accidents I mean it’s like that’s like a big bummer and
we’re not meaning to bum anyone out but the reason that we look at extra reports
is for one simple reason so we can avoid the same mistakes because there’s
nothing new Under the Sun so in this episode we’re going to take a look at a
sailing vessel which is the same size as ours 34 foot and that’s kind of in the
middle of all of us those of you who are sailors some of you have 25 foot boats
somebody have 45 foot boats but a 34-foot sailing boat is kind of like
right in the middle and because it was a 34-foot sailing boat as a cal 34 great
boat and all hands were lost very tragic accident a father and his
two sons and their cousin all killed we don’t want to dwell on the negative but
at the same time if we can learn something I’m sure they would all be
grateful to have us learn something so we can avoid the same fate this is the
story of the morning dew so this is from the official NTSB
accident report basically the events preceding the accident there was a 49
year old recreational boater the captain planned to sales newly purchased 34 foot
sailboat morning dew from its birth in a marina at Little River in South Carolina
to Jacksonville Florida according to family members he was to be
accompanied on the trip by his brother his two sons who were 16 and 13 and his
14 year old nephew which was the boy’s cousin so what went wrong
so the report says the two men and the three teenagers arrived at lightkeepers
marina we’ve gone through there many times on the ICW
where the morning dew was birthed at 1730 on the day after Christmas December
26th the brother told the investigators later and again he got off the boat so
he was able to tell them all later that after moving personal equipment and life
preservers on the boat he said he and his brother the captain got up about 600
the next day and he took the boys out for breakfast at a nearby restaurant
and then they went bought some nautical charts covering the ICW spoiler alert
note there’s nothing here that says that they also bought charts covering the
coastal route outside the ICW south the operators brother or the uncle stated
later that because their father had been hospitalized he decided to get off and
he didn’t go with them the brothers stated that the operator of
the captain penciled in the intended route to Jacksonville on those charts
and that the entire route followed the ICW
he said the captain said nothing that would indicate that he had planted any
point along the route to lead the waterway go through a channel and take
the vessel out to sea and go coastal cruising south agree to report a Georgetown Salvage
Master said that later in the day on December 28th about 1430 which is kind
of late in the day he was proceeding inbound in the main shipping channel off
when you bay when he met and passed the morning dew near Boyd 26 he said the
sailing vessel was under power and was proceeding southeasterly in the main
shipping channel heading toward the ocean the salvage master also stated
that he saw three boys in windbreakers on the bow of the boat and an adult
dressed in the rain gear at the wheel now as you can see if you missed this
turn off you’re gonna wind up out in the ocean and not the ICW here on my
Navionics chart because we’ve gone up and down this several times and maybe
some of you cruisers have also but that blue pin is where you get on to the ICW
and if you keep going down that channel because you were in the wrong lane
because she didn’t follow the markers those aged navigation that’s a
navigational mistake unless you’re intending to go through the channel out
into the ocean and take the coastal route well that’s what happened with
this boat and there’s nothing that indicates that that was their intention
that’s what he had planned and it doesn’t say that he even had charts for
the coastal route he had clearly intended and communicated that he was
going to stay on the ICW all the way down to Jacksonville the savage master
stated that boaters proceeding south and the ICW
occasionally failed to follow the ICW across when you Bay and erroneously
follow the main shipping channel toward the ocean
believing that the operator of the morning dew may have made this mistake
he said he noted the name of the morning dew and made four or five unsuccessful
attempts to reach the vessel using VHF channel 16 he said that a sport fishing
vessel in the vicinity also attempted to call the morning dew but received no
answer so again here in my eyes a third mistake
the lack of monitoring the VHF in this case anybody can make a navigational
error but not having a VHF on board or not having it turned on to channel 16
while on board that’s some pretty serious negligence
okay well where does that leave us well we know that now they are out in
ocean and it’s raining and it’s quite late in the afternoon and it’s December
so there’s less sunlight too so it’s getting dark soon they’re out in the
ocean they don’t have charts so this is the route from the entrance to when you
Bay to the entrance to Charleston Bay okay so the next thing we know it’s
almost 2:30 a.m. in the morning and the night so the communications center of
the US Coast Guard they hear a call consisting of US Coast Guard which the
watch stander who was the one that mans that radio responded back and said he
didn’t hear anything but the record shows that four minutes later another
radio transmission came in which sounded like a brief burst of static and was
received and later replaying of the recording revealed that although the
words of the second call were unintelligible the call seemed to have
been transmitted by the same person as the first call in the same urgent
shouting fashion so now it’s up to the watch keeper to decide later during the
investigation when asked why he did not be play the recording of the o2 1700
call he said I thought it wasn’t an important of call to go back to and
listen to it I didn’t hear any distress words however when the investigating
authorities did replay the tape recording of the o2 1700 our call it
revealed with Santa like the voice of an excited adolescent male the transmission
which lasted about three seconds consisted of May Mayday u.s. Coast Guard
come in when the watch stander was then asked whether he considered the
excitement in the voice or the time of the night or the weather forecast when
he was evaluating the call replied that seemingly excited young people talking
loudly on the radio is not unusual so he didn’t do anything so obviously
something had gone terribly wrong and here are my Navionics chart of the route
and I certainly would not want to be in that position at night in the rain
without being able to see without charts because as you can see you have to be
aware of what the navigational issues are and even know of a chart you’re
headed for disaster well not surprisingly and tragically as the boat
made its way down the coast in the dark it slammed into the submerged stone
jetty ripto big gash in the side of the boat
that the sank next thing we know later that morning shortly before 11 o’clock
in the morning a couple walking along the beach a short distance northwest to
Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island saw someone floating in the water they
described the water as rough and the winds is extremely strong
another couple helped the first couple pull the body of a teenage boy out of
the water and to summon help the boy didn’t have a pulse
and then the next teenager was found dead and the third teenager was found
dead and then the father the captain was also found dead all
floating in the water at the beach well what we learned visualizing the
chain of events that led up to the accident and the decision-making
involved whether it was good or bad and to see where had one of these events
been removed from the chain the accident may not have happened it may have been
avoided so what do you think the mistakes were please leave comments what
can we learn from this terrible tragedy the loss of life for this family for
those of you who want to read the full NTSB report I’ve made a link below you
can click it and get the full PDF and I hope this has been educational and it’ll
help us all to become better and more educated voters

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