2018 SDCC LUC Men’s Nat Comp

commentary by lauran! crosswind comes in hard from port side just as we’re called to attention using 2 to scull bow, then bow solo sculls as the announcer gets through the lineup starting off with the till to port… not ideal, but that crosswind :/ letting the guys know we’re back on a straight point ha On it=on rate (~ 38spm) extending high strokes (+5 after high 20) for the crosswind+current lanes 4/5 at sdcc have a black buoy line – it’s not ideal keeping us as close as we can to the black buoys (to port) for the crosswind and current from the causeway early move to keep momentum with the lead crews (lanes 1 and 7) not the cleanest of calls on this 10 🙂 “freight train here to walk” nsfw language coming (earmuffs) (sorry, kids!) I looked down and saw 30spm, so I called up 2… but it doesn’t look like a drop in spm in the footage… fluke? “time to walk” tapping the hull for 5 and 6 seat – speaker’s out KAW finish line is 25m before the large orange buoys (ugh) or else my call on the last 10 would have been more accurate. 🙂

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