2019 The World’s Safest Cruise Ports For Cruise Ship Travellers

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with Bruce welcome by channel and welcome to today’s video this video is
the world’s safest cruise destinations I have a bunch of them here for you the
good news is they’re all over the place all over the planet and the key here is
to figure out what cruise line you want to take what cruise ship you want to go
on if you’ve got kids well you’re gonna need to go on a cruise that are a lot of
activities for children if you’re looking for an adult only cruise or a
number of lines that don’t even allow children on them and might be perfect
for you there’s no end to the choices but the key here is to pick the right
itinerary and see the places you really want to see and relax and not worry
about major security issues all right let’s get started with the world’s
safest cruise destinations that you should be aware of all right the number
one country for the safest cruises would be Canada in Canada we’re talking about
the provinces of New Brunswick Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island Newfoundland
Labrador even Quebec this area here in the Maritimes is just perfect for a
summertime or a fall cruise the fall colors are to die for
Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island is just a fantastic place to go children
are welcome to it’s a great place for the family to go you’ll have great
outings during the day incredible scenery
here’s Halifax from the air of the harbor up on the upper right there
Halifax with the fort and all of its history just fantastic very passenger
friendly city excellent places to walk along the waterfront there are museums
right downtown you can’t go wrong Saint John’s st. John Newton New
Brunswick another beautiful city to enjoy Sydney Nova Scotia Saint John’s
Newfoundland the list goes on and on you can catch a cruise in the Maritimes
in Canada you’re going to love it the second region of the world that is also
really safe is known as Scandinavia this includes the countries of Sweden
Norway Finland Denmark these countries easily are some of the world’s safest
places to go as a family you can go into a place like Bergen in Sweden here we
got Bergen right here beautiful city with the new and the old architecture
all in those same place museums everywhere great walking tours you can
go up here and take the oedema Nick you learn and go to the top and look out
over the entire Vista here beautiful in Norway we’re talking about the fjords
look at these you cannot take enough pictures you’ll kick yourself when you
get home you think you’ll have taken enough photos or not videos you’ll get
home and go geez I didn’t take enough look at that guy in the upper right
there you can do some fantastic I get some great guided tours here what a
place Finland incredible Denmark absolutely
stunning the history is never-ending you just cannot go on considering the
Scandinavian countries for your for your holiday next country that great place to
go to safest can be New Zealand head to New Zealand the North Island the South
Island it doesn’t matter here’s Auckland beautiful country you’re gonna see urban
areas you can see rural areas you’re gonna see some unbelievable waterways
stunning geography again you will not be able to take enough photos the people
are great the the atmosphere is fantastic the memories will live for
ever New Zealand cannot go wrong the next country to
consider would be cruising in the British Isles the British Isles are
perfect for for cruising in the summer in the fall we’re looking at the
Shetland Islands the Isle of Man the Channel Islands so looking at Guernsey
looking at Jersey so much history here so much spectacular geography here these
quaint villages with their sail boats the fishing boats these incredible
seaside cliffs the photography opportunities here just
go on forever old castles of course the legends of lore you just you just gotta
love it if you ever get your chance to come here it’s a bucket list for so many
people absolutely a must see and a must view next country that’s a great place
to go to very safe Japan the country of Japan whether you’re heading to Kyoto
and Osaka like here or you’re heading to other cities in the country even Tokyo
this country is so safe and so sophisticated and downright beautiful
some of the talking photographs can be able to take here we’ll just wow you of
course you get a day like this with Mount Fuji in the background and you’ve
hit the lottery that is stunning soot scenery now for Americans closer to home
safe ports would be the cruise lines own private islands Disney has their own
private island right here a number of cruise lines like Norwegian Princess
Carnival now MSC are building out private islands for families or couples
to take the entire day in where you don’t have to worry about any
panhandlers no beggars no violence it’s all security controlled it is all
professionally kept up to top standards the bathrooms on shore are perfect the
food is prepared by staff from the cruise line that drinks the same thing
you can’t go wrong with the Caribbean island the Cayman Islands right here
another safe place to visit very close to the USA a lot of the Caribbean
cruises come here the Cayman Islands have a lot of activities you can do with
the family or just with a couple it’s clean of the people are friendly they
know the visitors on cruise ships help pay the bills and they’re welcome
beautiful island lots to see and do stingray city hell and other areas and
Bermuda Bermuda is also a safe place to visit a lot of cruises out of new
Arkan my and florida come up here fantastic beaches great tours you can’t
go wrong those are just some of the world’s safest cruise destinations some
of the top destinations in the world you can’t beat the Academy Tom they’re
fantastic I had welcome you to enjoy them join me Monday to Friday five
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