21. Narrowboat On The Road – Moving our New Build Narrow boat by Lorry.

This is gonna be fun!
Morning! I can’t hear anything! We’re at Aintree boats, and today Silver Fox is
going to be loaded onto a lorry, That’s her behind us. She’s gonna be loaded onto a lorry and taken over to Bickerstaffe. Guess where we are?
We’re on narrow boat Silver Fox! (laughs) Errrr… It’s so exciting! She’s just got off the lorry
from Aintree Boats and here she is at Bickerstaffe. All bare!
She’s got battens and the flooring and the ballast. She’s gonna get spray foamed
in a few days, and then the fit out starts! So excited! Yeah! Let’s walk you through narrowboat Silver Fox.
Where you are right now is where the galley is gonna be.
We’re at the stern of the boat. The sink and worktops down this side.
We’ve got oak worktop going in. A Belfast type sink. On this side we’ve got more worktops and we’ve got a
washing machine going under there. We’ve got cupboards on each side there.
All the electrical system, the inverter and everything going in cupboards behind there.
Let’s move forward past the bulkhead onto where the dinette is going to be. How do we know the dinette’s
going to be here? Side hatches! Side hatches! So, we’ve got the dinette, a Pullman dinette in here. Come closer. Side hatch number one. and side hatch number two. Moving further down into the saloon area, errr… and we’re gonna have a really comfortable
kind of reclining seating area with some storage there. Just underneath the gunwales,
a 40 inch Smart TV going in there. We’ve also got Apple TV with things like Netflix
on there for all the entertainment. And we’ve got the stove going in the corner, just here, and then there’ll be a centre door through here, into the toilet.
Come on! Come on! This is gonna be the bathroom, so we’re gonna have a shower. A corner shower here. The toilet, and a sink in this corner. Come on… Finally, from the bathroom into the bedroom, where we’ve got some wardrobe space here. and right at the back in that corner.
We’ve got a double or King Size bed which is gonne be a pull-out bed that pulls out this way. The door here, which will go into the bathroom. This is our water tank. It’s not being
fitted yet. So this I think 350 Litres did he say? 350 Litre water tank. That’s gonna go right underneath. Come on!
It’s gonna go right underneath there. And then this is where Shaun’s gonna have to be careful Without tripping over the water tank. Come on! Out to the bow, and we’ve got two bow
lockers. One of them has already got filming equipment stored in it. We’ve got
an extra locker in there. Coal and wood and bits and pieces going in there.
No gas in there because the gas is gonna be at the back. We’ve got two gas
lockers at the back because that’s where the galley is gonna be, near the stern.
So no gas at the front. And we’ve got the bow thruster and all the bits and pieces to do with that going just in there. So at the moment it’s all just bare steel.
If we turn back around and look the other way… You can see she’s still got to be spray foamed.
All the lining to go on. The flooring and the ballast is in.
It needs a bit of a hoover – and a mop! Temporary lighting in there as well for the
guys who are going to be fitting it out. But here she is. You never gonna see her
this naked again! I’m in where the engine is gonna be, eventually! This thing, I don’t know if you can see this.
We’ll get a photo of this separately, is where the
battery is going to sit. We’re going to have six 165 amp-hour batteries.
Topped up by the solar panels that we’re going to have on the roof. The Vetus 42HP
engine is going to sit in here too. It is gonna look completely different.
I don’t if you’ve seen any other of Bickerstaffe’s boats, but the engine bays
look absolutely brilliant, so this is going to be quite a transformation. It’s been a long day.
I’m knackered! Are you? I’m absolutely shattered! But here she is, and it seems like the last month just seems to have flown. It does doesn’t it?
From seeing, kinda the base plate, and then when we showed you with the base plate and the
sides to this moment, it’s just, I can’t believe how fast it’s… the times going. Our new home! Yeah, our future home. So the fit-out starts more or less straight away and
we’re gonna bring you updates on that every week. This is gonna be exciting.
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It’s all free! It is free! And we’ll see you next time!
See you later, bye! Morning! Morning! (laughs)
Let’s start that again! Morning! Morning! Behind us (Very loud banging) Dragged out of the shed. (More loud banging) Put on a lorry (more banging)
and taken across to Bickerstaffe Oh, it’s gonna be stressful! (Really loud banging) We’re sorry about… No right… Ooooh, I say! So, as you walk (loses temper) Scary!
This is scary, isn’t it! Guess where we are? Just a minute. What’s up.
Pulls the wrinkles out (laughs) It’s really bad lighting. Aaagghhh! Really really bad.
But if we do that… Yaaaay! Bright light! Better! A kind of ply floor thing. It needs a good mop! (laughs)
It needs a good mop. (Shouting from outside the boat) I think our cup of tea’s here! Alright! (laughing)

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