5 Things To Know About Getting Married On A Cruise Ship

5 Things To Know About Getting Married On A Cruise Ship

Hey cruisers! If you’ve ever dreamed of a romantic wedding
at sea, this episode is for YOU. Many cruise lines offer a variety of wedding
packages and services to help you plan the wedding event of your dreams, and we’re
excited to share with you today what 5 things you NEED to know if you’re considering a
wedding at sea. We’ve partnered with our friend and travel
agency partner, Wendy from Dream Vacations, to bring you some great tips. If you want more info or are considering a
wedding at sea, Wendy is an expert in wedding and group cruises. Even better, she HERSELF got married at sea-
so she knows the ins and outs first hand. We’ll link to her website in the description
below. Okay, so here are the 5 things we think you’ll
want to consider if you want to get married at sea: Brides and grooms continually report that
getting married on a cruise ship is one of the most stress free ways to tie the knot. Think about it- the cruise line handle LOTS
of the little details for you, like flowers, cake, the bar, hor d’oeuvres and even photography. And, in some cases, you can even include a
built in honeymoon as part of the festivities. Cruise ship weddings are coordinated as packages,
so YOU simply have less to worry about when you get married on the high seas. With some lines, you’ll even receive your
own custom webpage that can be used to create your registry, email announcements, save-the-dates,
invites, track RSVPs, plus share and print photos. Stress free wedding planning is a good thing,
so there’s a reason this was our #1 point today. The next cool thing you should know about
nautical nuptials is that you can get married on the ship OR at a port destination. In fact, with most cruise lines, there are
actually THREE options for your wedding. We’ll use Princess cruise line’s wedding
offerings as an example. With Princess cruises you can tie the knot
AT SEA in a ceremony performed by the captain while in international waters. OR, you can get married harborside, prior
to the cruise, in the embarkation port. This option provides the opportunity to invite
guests just for the day or to come along for the cruise. Just be aware that the bride and groom will
be required to stay on the ship for the cruise that begins the day of the wedding. Lastly, you can tie the knot ashore in a Romantic
wedding location, from a beach in the Caribbean, to the Alaskan wilderness. The next thing you should know about cruise
weddings is that on some cruise lines, guests can come JUST for the wedding day to your
harborside wedding on the ship. A few things to be aware of if you’re choosing
this option. First up, you will likely have a guest limit
if you choose this option – for example, Carnival allows up to 50 guests onboard JUST for the
day, so you may need to narrow down the guest list. Also, be aware that some of your guests, who
would have normally attended a land based wedding may choose not to attend. Just something to take into consideration. The next thing you should know is that cruise
based weddings can be surprisingly affordable. A wedding cruise is a great value when compared
to a traditional land based ceremony, largely due to the fact that the services are all
bundled and packaged by one provider, which in this case is the cruise line. Also, cruise wedding prices don’t tend to
vary much with the season, so there’s no worry about booking a cruise during the LEAST
expensive time of year, unlike land based weddings where a peak season or Saturday wedding
can often cost MORE. With that said, we don’t suggest you necessarily
chose the “cheapest cruise” for your wedding at sea. Splurging for a nice ship, and a great itinerary
can be a great way to spoil your guests, and create some great wedding memories. Finally, we want to mention that an experienced
travel agent can be enormously helpful in planning your cruise wedding. Travel agents who specialize in cruise weddings
have relationships with the cruise lines and wedding planning knowledge that is priceless
for brides and grooms looking to plan their special day at sea. Once your travel agent gets your group sailing
set up, they can connect you directly with your wedding coordinator, who can take the
little details off your hands and let you focus on the fun stuff, like picking the perfect
wedding dress. Just be sure to enroll your travel agent in
the cruise booking process BEFORE you book your room or contact the cruise line wedding
department so they can give you the benefit if a group booking and help you choose the
RIGHT cruise and date from the very START. Thanks so much for tuning in to this special
episode. Check out Wendy’s info in the description
below to get started and if you got married on a ship, share YOUR wedding story in the
comments below. Until next time, we’ll see you on the high

3 thoughts on “5 Things To Know About Getting Married On A Cruise Ship

  • October 16, 2019 at 5:46 pm

    Had my vows renewed on a cruise! Nice 25th wedding anniversary surprise from hubby!

  • October 16, 2019 at 6:09 pm

    My husband and I actually got married at Maya Chan in Costa Maya in 2017. It was a beautiful relaxed wedding. Sadly we had to leave behind my beautiful bouquet and cake because it was fresh flowers so I couldn't bring it back on board. We had a small party on board and invited the family that came with us, as well as new friends we met on the cruise. It is a great memory!

  • October 16, 2019 at 6:11 pm

    My husband and I were married on the Carnival Freedom and we loved it! It was such an easy and affordable process!


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