9 Awesome Animals Saving Animals Lives!

Animals are amazing! There is such a huge range of them, some can
be kept as cute pets that are lovable and tame, and others will kill you the second
they set eyes on you! But sometimes, something amazing can happen
and another animal can go out of its way to protect another. From a baby elephant nearly drowning, to a
surfer saved by Dolphins, we count 9 times animals saved other animals! 9 Buffalo save buffalo calf from tigers! The animal kingdom is an incredibly dangerous
place for less cunning and predatory animals. This is especially true for buffalos. They are often very slow moving and are slow
to realise when they are being watched by other animals. This can be seen in this very popular video
where a pack of lions tries to attack a buffalo calf. They catch one down by a stream and begin
to try to take it down. It tries to put up a fight as lions attack
it from all sides. And then, all of a sudden, two crocodiles
also begin to snap at the calf as it starts to be attacked by two separate groups of animals! Those filming the video look on in terror,
as the buffalo baby seems to be losing a pretty unfair and imbalanced battle. When all of a sudden, the herd of buffalo
rally round and march towards the pack of lions, looking pretty mean in the process! They finally are able to scare the lions away! This video is pretty awe-inspiring, and extremely
fortunate, as it would have been terrible to see the little baby buffalo lose the fight! 8 Dog saves its friend! It might be true what they say, dogs might
be a mans best friend! But you know what? They are pretty loyal to each other too! Two dogs, one black and one white, are playing
near a stream of rushing water. The dog’s owner, and who we can assume is
filming the incident, stupidly throws a stick into the stream of water. The black dog instantly runs into get the
stick as he thinks it is just a bit of fun, but gets very quickly swept into the rush
of water and begins to float downstream. It could have all ended pretty badly for the
dog, if his friend hadn’t grabbed a hold of the stick with his mouth! Both dogs lock their jaws around the stick
and the black dog comes to a halt. The dog is then able to slowly, gradually
lift himself out of the stream! My bet is that these dogs are best friends! 7 Elephant saves baby Elephant from drowning This next particular instance occurred in
a South Korean zoo! An elephant and its child are drinking from
a deep pool in their enclosure. They seem to be enjoying the water quite a
bit, maybe a bit too much as the child gets too carried away and suddenly falls into the
pool! Immediately anyone watching can see that the
pool is too deep for the baby elephant as it thrashes around trying to get back out. The baby then paddles to the middle of the
pool to try and find another means of escape and seems to get stuck, it begins to really
struggle! The elephants finally realise how they can
get the poor baby to safety! They charge around to the entrance of the
pool and quickly run into the water! One of the brave elephants grabs the baby
and hoists it out of the water as quick as possible. This definitely could have ended badly, if
it weren’t for some quick thinking! 6 Hippo saves Impala from Crocodile This is a bit of a strange pairing, but its
definitely a hero that deserves to be on this list! A group of Impala’s are relaxing and drinking
by a pool. Little do they know, that just over the way,
lies a sly crocodile who slips into the water unseen. One Impala splits off from its group and tries
to cross the stream. It very swiftly gets caught by the crocodile! It plants its jaws into the Impala and holds
on to it very tightly. The Impala struggles to get free and it looks
like its going to meet its end! Just when you think all is lost a Hippo charges
over to the pair of them, scaring the crocodile away! It quickly tries to push it to land, the Impala
suddenly jolts up and on to land. What makes this even more amazing, is the
Hippo nuzzles the Impala, trying to get it to regain consciousness! Amazing! 5 Dog rescues other dogs in a canoe! This one is just another case of a dog being
an absolute hero! The video is filmed in some sort of swamp
land, with quite deep water and a strong current! There are two poor dogs looking very scared
in an empty canoe! The canoe looks like it could get taken by
a current at any second! The dogs are barking quite intently, and you
can hear that they know they are in danger! All of a sudden another dog jumps into the
water and gets to work paddling over to the others! Amazingly it makes it all the way out to the
middle of the water, clenches its teeth around the rope of the canoe, and begins to pull
it to safety! It gets the canoe all the way over to the
shallow water and all 3 dogs are able to jump out onto the dry land! Quick thinking! 4 Dog saves baby Kangaroo! A woman who lived in Victoria, Australia took
her dog, Rex for a walk. Unfortunately, at the beginning of their walk,
they passed a dead Kangaroo. The owner thought it must have died near the
road, and didn’t think to go over and do anything about it. However, later on, her dog began barking and
looking over at the Kangaroo intently. The owner thought Rex might have found a snake
or something dangerous, but the dog ended up running over to the dead Kangaroo. He gently pulled a baby Kangaroo out of the
mothers pouch and brought it to his owner who saw to it that it was taken in by Jirralinga
Wildlife Sanctuary and is looking a lot healthier! Safe to say that Rex and the Kangaroo (Newly
named Rex Jr) are the best of friends! 3 Dog saves human from Snake! Animals don’t only save other animals, sometimes
they can save humans to. Kahn the Doberman Pinscher hadn’t long been
a member of his new family. His new friend was his owner’s toddler Charlotte. They were playing in the garden one day when
Charlottes mother Catherine noticed the pooch acting aggressively towards her young daughter. In shock, Catherine then watched Kahn then
pick the toddler up by her diaper before slinging her behind him. Mum, Catherine then ran to charlottes rescue. After making sure her daughter was unharmed,
puzzled mum continued to seek out why Kahn had acted in such a violent way. Catherine then noticed that the pooch had
been bitten by a King Brown snake and would have been inches away from attacking her daughter
if Kahn hadn’t reacted the way he did. Thankfully the heroic pooch survived following
an anti-venom shot and is now back to playing in the garden with his toddler friend Charlotte. 2 Ape saves baby boy from certain death! In the summer of 1996, a 3-year-old boy and
his mother travelled to the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. Excited to get a good look at the animals,
the young boy wondered off from his mother. The curious toddler then climbed over a barrier
and fell a whopping 19 feet into the ape pit where he lay motionless. A worried ape then ran to the little boys
rescue. Binti, an 8-year-old ape saw the toddler lying
unconscious on the ground and gently picked him up. Keepers were afraid the apes would make matters
worse due to their territorial behavioural tendencies. Binti cradled the boy carefully in her arms,
protecting him from the other apes. Binti then carried the boy, rocking him slowly
and handed him over to the zookeepers. No one had noticed that Binti had her own
17-month old baby rested on her back whilst she help save the little boy. The 3 year old was later taken to hospital
and made a full recovery. 1 Dolphin saves surfer from a great white
shark! Dolphins are known by many as smart and intuitive
animals, none more so than Todd Endris, a surfer who ran into some trouble back in 2007. He was surfing incredibly far out from the
coast, and was having a great time. Suddenly, that nice time came to an end as
he piqued the interest of a great white Shark. This Shark took Todd by surprise and bit him
as he was surfing, biting his leg all the way to the bone. But, what looked to be a near death situation
was completely turned on its head when a few dolphins showed up! They made a tight protective ring around Todd
and fended off the shark, who was thought to be 12 – 15 feet long. After this, the Dolphins helped bring Todd
back to land, but I don’t think he went surfing for a while afterwards! There you have it! A lot of quick thinking and heroic behaviour
in this list! These animals put themselves in danger to
save another animal from certain death, sometimes even saving a human! Leave us a comment telling us about any experience
you’ve had of heroic animals, like the video and subscribe to our channel for more content
like this, thanks for watching!

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