Adaptive Canoeing : Canoeing for the Disabled: Chosen Valley Adaptive Seat

Now that we’ve readjusted our original canoe
seat, the canoe bench, we want to start using the Chosen Valley Adaptive Canoeing Seat.
The way you attach it to the new bench is there’s some grips here on both sides. You
want to put those out in front of the seat and pull it back so the seat will not longer
slide back, and then on both sides of the seat, there’s buckles that go underneath the
new bench and clip to the front. They clip over here to the side. You clip these and
pull them as tight as you can possibly get them so the canoe, the chair doesn’t slide
around on this new bench. And we’ll do it to this side, that side, and there’s also
a little buckle in the front as well. So once we get that set up, I’ll give you some key
points about why this is one of my favorite pieces of adaptive equipment for canoeing.

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