Adaptive Canoeing : Canoeing for the Disabled: Seat Straps

Some things to keep in mind when setting up
adaptive seating for people with disabilities is once you get the participant in the seat,
one thing you never, never want to do is strap the participant to the chair. So, say there’s
somebody sitting in this chair, and maybe they still need a little bit of support for
their sides, because they’re tipping to one side or another, or maybe their butt’s sliding
out from underneath them. Some people might be inclined to take a strap and help strap
the participant in the chair. Please never do this. This is extremely dangerous. In the
event that the canoe does tip, this chair is attached to the canoe, and your participant’s
also attached to the canoe, not a safe situation at all. If, for some reason your seating system
isn’t working out; say for example, you have a participant who, even though they’re in
this adaptive seat it still isn’t the best situation for them, try using the dip, different
seat, such as the Chosen Valley Canoe Seat. Again, never strap a participant to the chairs
in the canoe. It’s very dangerous. Just take the extra amount of time to re-adjust what
you need to do to make the chairs comfortable and safe and balanced for everyone.

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