Admiral Bob Papp and his wife, Linda launch Ready Coast Guard

Admiral Bob Papp and his wife, Linda launch Ready Coast Guard

ADM Papp: Good morning, Shipmates. Or, depending on where you are deployed around the world, it may be good afternoon or good evening. Today, I am joined by Linda, my wife, to talk with you about Ready Coast Guard, a program that encourages all members of the Coast Guard and their families to prepare for emergencies. Mrs. Papp: September is National Preparedness Month, so we are taking this opportunity to urge all members of the Coast Guard family… …to take action this month to get ready to cope with natural disasters, disease outbreaks, terrorism, and other emergencies before they strike. ADM Papp: Every day, Coast Guard men and women are keeping our citizens, ports, and waterways safe and secure. The Coast Guard’s proud tradition of operational readiness and mission execution prepares us to save others in emergency situations. Meanwhile, our families may be left to face a crisis on their own. We must exercise the same Coast Guard spirit at home to ensure our family is ready even when we aren’t there. Mrs. Papp: The Ready Coast Guard message follows the three simple steps of the Ready America campaign: Get an emergency supply kit. Make a family emergency plan. And be informed. To create your own emergency supply kit, assemble a collection of first aid supplies, food, water, medicines, and important papers… that can sustain you and your family until a crisis passes. Make a plan for what you will do in various emergencies. Make sure your plan includes how you will contact members of your family in case there is an emergency. Be informed by learning about the emergencies most likely to affect you and your family. Knowing what to do ahead of time can make all the difference when seconds count. ADM Papp: In the coming weeks we’ll be broadcasting tips on family emergency kits and plans. If you have already made supply kits and family plans, good for you! Use this as a reminder to refresh the staples in your kits and the update plans and contact information. If you haven’t taken these simple but very important steps, I urge you to follow this year’s national preparedness theme and… “Plan now. Work together. Be ready.” Emergencies will happen, but taking action now can help you minimize the impact they’ll have on your family. Mrs. Papp: In addition to tips on getting your family prepared to manage emergency situations, the Office of Work-Life Family Readiness Program website offers downloadable emergency kit checklists and emergency plan forms, as well as links to other sources of information and help. The site can also help you locate the Work-Life office nearest to you, whose staff is prepared to assist you in addressing issues that develop before, during, and after an emergency. ADM Papp: So be a good Coast Guardsman for your family and ensure that your family is as prepared at home as you are to execute Coast Guard missions. Knowing that they are safe and prepared will enable you to focus on serving those who depend on the Coast Guard when danger comes. Thank you and Semper Paratus!

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