Alaska Cruise Vlog – Day 1

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rolling hey cruisers guess what today is
it is embarkation day. Welcome to San Francisco we just got off the freeway
and we are making our way down into the city into the Embarcadero area and my
nav says that it’s gonna take us 23 minutes to go the remaining two point
seven miles to the ship so we thought we’d say hello you get this vlogging
party started So you can tell from the sound of my
voice has been a little bit of a difficult day I’m experiencing severe
allergies and as a result I have a terrible cough had to go to the
drugstore and get some cough suppressant so I could even talk and now I’m feeling
a lot better so we just made the drive from Gilroy up to San Francisco is
gorgeous 72 degrees outside and sunny doesn’t get any better than this in San
Francisco there is ZERO marine layer right now it’s gorgeous it’s about 11
o’clock we’re a little bit running a little bit later than usual just a
little bit of a slow start but we’re really excited we are if we haven’t
mentioned it yet we are going on the Grand Princess for a 10 night Alaska
cruise round-trip San Francisco we’re gonna be visiting Ketchikan Skagway
Juneau and on the way back down we’re gonna be visiting Victoria British
Columbia and I think I might be in the wrong lane right now so I might have to
change lanes but anyways yep I got to change lanes guys next time we see you
will probably be showing you around the baggage drop-off area if we can and also
the parking area for the port of San Francisco we are cruising out of pier 27
today but there is no real parking at the pier so we’re going to be parking at
80 Francisco and we’re gonna try to explain that process to you guys a
little bit because it’s kind of confusing for people who have never
cruised out of San Francisco before so we’ll see in a little bit Alright you guys, baggage drop at Pier 27
to San Francisco is a hot mess we couldn’t find a porter, and my husband
almost got hit by a car and it took forever so it is now 11:45 and you just
have to build in extra massive amounts of extra time if you’re cruising out of
San Francisco it’s just very metropolitan very crowded very
unorganized there’s just no infrastructure for the
pickup that’s happening here of people who are getting off the ship and the
drop-off of people are coming in so I got to go cuz I got to go get our
parking Panda directions so we’ll show you guys where to park if you come to
San Francisco Park so like I mentioned there is no parking in the port of San
Francisco nation is on your lap yeah the destination is here okay so you have to
park at 80 Francisco Street if you are going to the port of San Francisco and
it is right here we are about maybe a block away from the cruise port but you
have to take a few turns so what you do is you get online and you make a
reservation with parking panda or in park for 80 Francisco Street
unfortunately it’s like 16 bucks a day and I’m gonna talk to this nice lady so
one more moment it’s the parking garage is right behind us and we’re walking
like two blocks to the ship it is such a pretty day in San Francisco my only wish
is that we were running a little bit earlier today so what I thought was like
a block walk is more like a half a mile but there is the ship and that
that’s where we came from somewhere over yonder
anyway it’s quite a hoof so you definitely do want to drop off your
luggage if it’s heavy before you park at 80 Francisco moral of
the story drop off your luggage pretty big I realize made it inside the concourse kind of see
outside terminals beautiful here not sure I’m supposed to be filming so we’ll keep this short all right priority check-in that was
smooth security was smooth now nice young man is helping us to get our
cruise cards and our foot back and to get on board soon as we got our cards we
got to board so here we go crossing the gangplank all right we made it on board
and we’re gonna take a look around the room I have an inside cabin on this
cruise because it saved us like two to three thousand dollars you guys so maybe
not ideal but but we’re used to it and we have a secret door right out the back
of the ship that takes us out to the terrace pool that is literally maybe 20
feet away so we’ll show you that in a bit but let’s take a look around the
room we’re excited to be on board ok so when you first walk into an inside cabin
on Grand Princess it looks a little bit like this we have a quad room even
though there’s only three of us first thing you see here is the closet nice
supply of hangers life vests and of course we just have our bags kind of
sitting there because my husband ran off to go do the ship tour okay back in the
door full-length mirror which is really nice it’s good a nice huh
so maybe we’ll do some of our outfit of the day videos in here and this is the
full-length closet with shelves that was a little high that’s gonna be my husband
and then it’s safe which appears to be a combination operated so this is not a
credit card operated okay and then a series of shelves going all the way down
to the floor and we’ll take a quick look at the restroom okay
pretty standard restroom smells like vinegar it has shelves just on the one
side here of the bathroom and those are the amenities for now anyway
I’m not seeing the robes here yet we did ask for robes but before we leave me
show you the shower pretty standard nice and tall I’ve seen
I’ve seen bigger and crazy turbo flush cruise toilet and then we have our two
beds here now when you have upper bunks they will not allow you to push these
beds together so something that you’ve probably seen before in our vlogs
there’s the second bed which we won’t be using okay and then of course we have
over here the flat-screen TV which is usually showing Love Boat reruns but
it’s not today it’s a nice flat-screen pretty big – and if I’m not mistaken
there’s probably an outlet up there anyways okay over here we have some the
cup that comes with the soda package and then we have a mini fridge let’s take a
look at the mini fridge let’s see if it’s empty
it just has water in it so that’s nice and we can put our Lacroix in there that
will be cool and then we have our standard little vanity table here with
your remote telephone hairdryer and it looks like some other little things here
shore excursion information a card for our stateroom steward and some onboard
deals it’s pretty much about the cabin pretty tiny this is gonna be our home
for 10 nights. Scott singer of Scott singer cruises here on YouTube told us
all about a secret back door on Grand Princess that takes you out to the
terrace pool I think it’s called so my son and I are gonna go check it out
right now supposedly it’s right out that door if
that looks like heaven raised let’s go so check it out you ready right to the
terrace pool that beautiful this is awesome okay so
there’s a little door very cool so pretty on the back of the ship you guys
right now look at San Francisco behind us I need to get my shades on but how
gorgeous is that with that big huge flag blowing so pretty something going on out there. One thing I’ve never really done before is vlog myself unpacking getting our room kind of
organized so I thought I would show you guys that so I just opened up this giant
suitcase down here on the floor and I’m kind of taking everything out of it and
the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to take our outerwear out of this
giant compression bag you guys will not believe how much is in this thing it’s
really funny my husband got out the compression bags in the pump so let’s
open it and see how big everything gets and how fast I don’t think it really even does it justice but that teeny tiny little pancake pretty much all over giant pokey
outerwear so basically I’m just getting all of this stuff hung up in the closet
and oh they’re making the announcement for the muster drill so you probably
have to cut this short but I’ve started to get really organized put things in
the fridge and put these the drawers and then put things in the closet I do want
to show you guys with the claws it looks like full come with me really quick they’re not calling ups the closets
pretty small but I’m kind of getting it all squared away I just want to give you
guys a general idea of how many hangers are in here because I know a lot of
people are curious princess is pretty good about hangers and there’s a ton of
pant hangers and then probably about ten regular nice wooden hangers too and
they’re just real hangers they’re not the type that you get in a hotel room or
you like you know you have to put the little hook into the bar so you don’t
steal the hanger so I really appreciate that about Princess it’s really nice so
this is ask getting organized it’s definitely not done yet but I’m anxious
to unpack before the muster drill today I just feel like I want to get settled
in probably because it’s a smaller room so we’re gonna head to the muster drill we’re underway in San Francisco with our
telltale trail of seagulls so warm you guys this is not normal for
San Francisco absolutely beautiful so enjoy sail away
go to one of the upper decks and get a little bit of dancing What do you say we bring back the drink of the day tradition I’m loving their gin martinis and I’m going for the Bronx
which is Tanqueray and perfect vermouth who and orange juice City it’s going to
be good or too sweet for me Proper martini glass and everything, Ronnie that is so good thank you so much oh no I think I have a new favorite all right the muster drill is over we’ve
sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge our son is swimming in not warm but a
hot heated outdoor pool were under the elements right now it’s so beautiful and
they are setting up setting up for movies under the stars
it’s a gorgeous night in San Francisco awesome sail away you have to check out
the big screen right here it’s amazing so it’s 5:30 ish and we change our are
assigned 5:30 dining time to a seven o’clock standing reservation into
anytime dining or much I didn’t know you could do but apparently if you’re
willing to give up your 5:30 table you can have pretty much anything you want
so we got a reservation at 7:00 so our plan is to let our son swim he’s been
wanting to swim all day but it hasn’t really been possible and then we’re
going to go enjoy the Platinum lounge it’s at the at the club where
Skywalker’s would normally be on one of these ships and have reduced-price
drinks and guacamole and chips and then head over to dinner I’m not even sure
that we’re going to change clothes tonight for dinner usually we do but I’m
feeling like this is a really really casual cruise with a pretty casual vibe
so they will just stay in these clothes and see how it goes but right now the
little man is just climbing into the hot tub he’s having the time of his life
just him and one little boy are enjoying this amazing pool the covered pool is
actually closed and so are the hot tubs but this is so warm out here and so
quiet and it’s not very windy yet that it really doesn’t matter
so we’re he’d be really really low speed until we get out of San Francisco they
said that once you go to the Golden Gate and you motor along until about 9:30 in
whale protected waters so you have to be really careful to go really slow so not
a lot of movement on the ship tonight and not a lot of wind it’s really really
beautiful we’re having a very relaxing time it’s starting to get in the groove so you guys remember our Star Princess
vlogs from last year where we discovered the little loyalty lounge that they have
so on the Grand Princess they known to have Skywalker’s lounge they took that
big old arch off of the ship and they replaced it with this adorable venue
called Club One5 is it the club One 5 honey? and it’s this cute swanky a flange on Deck 15
that overlooks the aft pool and between 5 and 7 if you’re platinum or elite I
think something like that I don’t really know the loyalty levels that well you
come back here and get drink specials and free snacks before dinner
and tonight I got the Mayan mule for 650 that’s a pretty good deal for a cruise
drink and it’s basically a Moscow Mule with tequila and it’s really really good
a little bit sweet for my taste but really tasty and it’s chips and
guacamole tonight so kind of a Mexican themed but anyway this is the most
adorable venue well of course show you around a little bit in the vlog today
and in our ship tour it’s just the best way to kind of get a snack and a nice
deal on a cocktail as an appreciation for being a loyal princess cruiser the
break of dinner we will be here probably just about every single night Cheers our
first day has flown by I cannot remember a time when I was more
tired than I am today at the end of a day one I know that battling a cough and
having not been feeling well maybe having allergies has been a factor in
that but has just been a very very very long day overall the day was great and
our princess experience has been amazing I love that we had chocolates on our
pillows when we came back to our room after dinner and the good old classic
come back new her usable bags see which on the back on the bed awesome so a lot
of things went really well today our servers in the main dining room at
dinner were amazing we got a wonderful table our cabin steward is adorable his
name is Marc Anthony and he is so sweet and so polite and so high-energy it’s
unbelievable the only thing I think that we wish
would have gone differently is we would have got an earlier start and been on
the ship earlier but overall embarkation was amazing the day was great and we’re
really excited to get into the cruise so be sure to stick around you guys and
come back and watch the rest of the vlogs because today it’s just the
beginning and we’re going to Ketchikan Juneau Skagway and Victoria British
Columbia so that is gonna be so much fun we’re hoping for good weather there’s
been a lot of rain the last few weeks I’m hearing over and over again how cold
and rainy it has been so I guess we’ll just have to see what the weather brings
and what kind of surprises are coming but we have so many fun episode’s coming
for you guys and really appreciate you tuning in for another awesome
embarkation Day vlog until next time we’ll see you on the high seas bye

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