ALASKA CRUISE Vlog* *INSPIRATION CRUISES *Christian Cruise with Dr.Charles Stanley & Andy Stanley

ALASKA CRUISE Vlog*  *INSPIRATION CRUISES *Christian Cruise with Dr.Charles Stanley & Andy Stanley

As you can see, I’ve got an amazing idea to
share with you today. Last year I was watching Intouch and I saw
this cruise and thought, ‘This would be a great way to celebrate our 25th wedding
anniversary’. So we booked it and in
July this year we were flying our way into Seattle and then we boarded the Westerdam
of the Holland America line. This was our first ever cruise so we spent
part of the first day just checking everything out There was also a special welcome aboard event
with Dr. Charles Stanley with excellent music too. We tended to be night owls because our body
clocks were on Aussie time so we were wide awake at night to enjoy the sounds of a variety
of music around the ship. On Sunday we had a full day at Sea which meant
we could continue finding our way around the ship. The Sunday morning worship service was fantastic. Hearing Dr. Charles Stanley in person is such
a treat along with superb Christian artists leading the worship. After lunch we did a little workout in the
the gym and noticed a number of health and fitness classes available. We also walked the deck and even saw whales
swimming alongside the ship. It was amazing! There were so many events happening all around
the ship – there were photography, computer, culinary and dance classes to spa treatments,
Karaoke, hymn sings, gospel concerts and so much more We could visit the Intouch Bookstore, shop
on board or go along to organized events with Jorge We really enjoyed hearing the geologist, Dr.
Billy Caldwell speak. There was also a historian that gave us insight
into the history of the places we were visiting. There was a gala dinner on Sunday evening. So we went to the Vista restaurant. Here we met 2 other couples celebrating their
anniversaries as well. And we celebrated together. On Monday we enjoyed being up in the Crows
Nest as we arrived Juneau. then off for our first excursion to the Mendenhall Glacier
helicopter flight and hike. We even had time afterwards for walking and
shopping around the town. I found some small items like a cruise ship
charm for my bracelet. And there were some great little Christmas
ornaments to choose from too. I also found a book to read for my long flight
back to Oz. Then back on board for dinner, and more fun
around the ship as we cruised on through the night Oh, when we got back to our state room each
evening there were the iconic animal towels along with a gift from Intouch ministries,
whether a fridge magnet, a dvd, a book mark or magazine. Certainly a nice ‘touch’ from Intouch! On Tuesday it was glacier day. The morning was cloudy and overcast but as
we drew closer to the Hubbard glacier the clouds disappeared and my, was it spectacular. We actually had quite a bit of time in the
bay, so we jumped in the hot tub too! It certainly was a great way to spend Glacier
Day. Again we enjoyed many activites around the
ship this day including some serious ping pong competition. “Their getting their shirts off now. “he’s worked out my game now” “you know what” “I can see why
you say, ‘he gets into your sons head – he talks a lot!’ On Wednesday morning, we arrived Sitka and
went on another fun excursion. This time it was biking and hiking Sitka for
a couple of hours. Each evening we enjoyed coming back to the
ship and meeting up with our dinner mates and sharing with each other all about our
adventures each day. Then after dinner we enjoyed more fun and
line dancing was a really really fun! Early on Thursday we arrived Ketchikan and
off on our excursion. And lucky us, we got to meet the Mayor on
our way too. For this excursion we looked like we were
going out to work on a fishing trawler! Afterwards we were treated to hot chocolate,
some salmon dip and a run down of where we boating We were back on board at about midday, so
there were more concerts and night programs to take advantage of. Plus we had another gala night. On the Lido deck, there was buffet food available
and we could always relax and get a cup of coffee or tea. But the ice creamery was one of my favourite
haunts. We did get out on deck for walks and try to
use the steps instead of the lifts. However, this glass lift was pretty fun. Throughout the week I’d see Dr. Stanley
out and about the ship chatting with people. He and Andy also made time for photo ops and
autographs. Friday was our last full day, so in the morning
there was a really special time with Dr. Charles Stanley and his son Andy Stanley. And later in the afternoon, there was a farewell
event with all the artists each performing as well. It was a really wonderful program. We arrived Victoria CANADA, at 6pm that evening,
so we decided to do a bus tour around the place and visit to Craigdarroch Castle. We then boarded the ship at midnight. It was a short but sweet visit to beautiful
Victoria and then we cruised on through the night to arrive Seattle early on Saturday
morning. I loved the whole experience. It was like a glimpse of heaven. Being able to meet so many wonderful people,
go on awesome adventures, plus hear wonderful teaching and concerts and of course, the beauty
of Alaska was breathtaking. It was a perfect way to celebrate our 25th
wedding anniversary. I’ll leave you now with more Alaska footage
along with a glimpse of our extra week spent traveling the Cascade loop in Washington State. I hope you like this idea! And thanks so much for watching.

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