Amazing Lightweight, Tough, Beautiful Skin On Frame Canoes / Kayaks

Amazing Lightweight, Tough, Beautiful Skin On Frame Canoes / Kayaks

my name is Tom Radcliffe. I’m a
physicist and engineer.I was born in vancouver, I grew up in Nanaimo and I’ve
lived in Ontario for a bunch of years I’ve
always canoed, sailed, kayak ,rowboated you name it i spent a lot of time sailing
on Lake Ontario I spent a lot of time
canoeing on Lake Ontario and I spent a lot of time canoeing out here. When I moved
back to Vancouver two years ago I wanted to get a boat that was light and strong
and handled the wind and the weather very well . As a canoeist I knew that you
spend a lot of time fighting the wind so I wanted something that was not going to be turning was not going to be weathercocking and I wanted something that was going to be
easy for me to pick up move around put on the car
what have you. I did a lot of research and discovered dreamcatcher boats and have
had the privilege of being able to build my own boat to my own specification to a great extent. It’s very similar to other standard models but a little bit bigger for me .The construction
techniques are a fascinating mixture of really traditional lashing and bent
laths and ribs combined with a ballistic nylon skin which is the latest
in high-tech materials. The boat ends up
being extremely strong very very pretty to look at is as you can see and the
natural the bend of the wood gives it
an extremely hydrodynamic shape both with respect to water and wind so it
moves very very easily through the water and the wind simply doesn’t turn it. I took one of these boats out myself before I decided to buy one and what I
found was taking it into the wind on a 30 degree angle instead of weathercocking
like an ordinary canoe or many kayaks would do it just slid sideways a little bit so the wind really flows around easily it moves in the water
beautifully and it provides a safe secure strong lightweight boat that’s
easy to handle it is absolutely perfect for any experienced or novice canoeist or
kayaker it also has characteristics which are kind of halfway in between the canoe and kayak so you can think of it as either one depending on what you’re doing and if you prefer a kayak you can actually use a kayak paddle. If you prefer
canoe you can use a canoe paddle. You sit down on the bottom of the boat more like
a kayak for either one but it’s a versatile strong nice looking and very
inexpensive boat. To get a kayak or canoe that is this light and this strong
it would have to be made of Kevlar or something similar which would run you
easily over two thousand dollars these days. These go so much cheaper than that
and they’re made of this beautiful natural wood combined with the ballistic nylon. Ok so I can pick
it up with one hand easily .

2 thoughts on “Amazing Lightweight, Tough, Beautiful Skin On Frame Canoes / Kayaks

  • January 5, 2018 at 11:55 am

    can we see the video of you building it ??????? or is this a publicity stunt ???

  • March 17, 2019 at 4:28 pm

    I like your boat. You said you did modifications. Could you tell me the modifications? Is that the 10 ft. or the 15 ft.? I'm interested if you modified the width of the boat.


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