Basic Maneuvers for Solo White Water Canoeing : Ferrying a White Water Canoe

A ferry is to get from side of the river to
the other without losing to much ground. You can ferry across any current depending on
how strong the current is, ferrying can be really challenging and can be one of the most
challenging things we do in white water canoing. The basic principles of our ferry are that
you want to be pointed straight up straight stream when you ferry when you start off in
the eddy on the far side. Then when you do the ferry itself we’re going to use that clock
face to determine the angle. If you have 12 o’clock up stream we’re going to be ferrying
something around at 11 o’clock or at 1 o’clock angle depending on what side we’re coming
from. Then when we start when you have that angle your going to paddle up stream against
the current not expecting to get up stream but expecting just to neutralize the current
so that you can get across the river and not lose ground down stream. So those are the
basic principles of doing a ferry and in the next 2 segments we’re going to go into the
final points of ferrying and explaining how to get the right angle and how to lean and
how to paddle and how to make a successful ferry.

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