Basic Maneuvers for Solo White Water Canoeing : How to Do a Boof in a White Water Canoe

One way to prevent your bow from submerging
in the river is to do a boof and a boof is a way to come out of a drop or a wave and
have your bow land flat on top of the water. A boof can be a really exciting move to do
and can be a great move to watch because to someone who does a boof well they often catch
air off the wave or off the rock that there launching off of and they land with a autobil
boof on the water, its loud and it’s cool to watch. The elements of a boof are first
of all you need to have a fairly steep drop off, it can either be a ledge or a steep wave,
at times you can boof right off the edge of a rock. But you need to keep a steep enough
drop that your bow can be free from the water and so you can launch your bow out to the
air and then have it land flat on the water. The stroke on a boof is usually a forward
stroke with a kind of thrust to your hips forward and lifts your knees up. So as you
take your stroke take your forward stroke over the edge of the lift of the drop or over
the lift of the rock and use that stroke to lift your bow by lifting up your knees a little
bit. And by sort of thrusting your hips forward the thrust right over the drop and try to
keep your bow up. If you keep that boof stroke in as far over the drop as you can reach then
that’s usually the most successful place to put it in. The sharper the drop the closer
to the edge of the drop you can put the boof stroke in you can put it up on the very edge.
The more rounded drops you have to really wait and reach farther over the drop before
you put your boof stroke in to get your bow clear the water.

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