‘Below Deck’s’ Adam Glick Spices It Up With Kelly, Nick Kroll And Jane Levy

‘Below Deck’s’ Adam Glick Spices It Up With Kelly, Nick Kroll And Jane Levy

– My next guest is known
for taking passengers on culinary adventures as part of the hit Bravo series Below
Deck, and he’s here today to take us on a fantastic eating voyage, see what we did there? Say hello to Chef Adam Glick y’all! (audience applauding) So what is the premise,
if no one’s seen it, what is the premise of Below Deck? – So basically, you have a
bunch of deprived workers in a small space, out at
sea for extended periods of time yelling at each other. – [Kelly] Sounds like TV magic. – It’s amazing, it’s basically,
If there was ever a recipe that I’ve made it, it’s gonna
be that one for perfect TV. – Oh my god, all right. Well what’s the craziest
meal anyone’s ever asked you to cook onboard? – Oh let’s see, okay I’ve
got a great one for you, so, When a passenger comes to you and brings a king sized
bag of Skittles and says, I’m gonna need you to separate every single color,
– No. – I only eat the orange ones.
– No. – So now we’re passing out orange skittles
– No! – Throughout the rest of the day. – That’s a real thing? – Yeah, if there is a strawberry one, there’s a good chance
you’re gonna lose your job. – Oh my god I would have– – I think, I like orange skittles. I’m sorry that that’s– (Kelly and audience laugh) – [Adam] Oh and by the
way, he was my guest. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. (Kelly laughs) – I would have enjoyed losing that job. I would have opened the
bag and been like, do it yourself boo.
– I’ll be honest– – I went to culinary school, I didn’t go to the 7-Eleven
and buy you some skittles. I would have been so mad,
how do you keep your cool? – Well to be honest, I’ve
happily lost a job before. (Kelly and Adam laugh) – We would get along.
– For that exact reason. – It’s like so rude. Whatever, what a joke. People are too rich sometimes. (all laughing) It really is, I’m like, you’re bored, you need to fill a void,
do it with someone else. So what are you have us making today, ’cause this looks awesome. – Okay, so with inspiration
from the Mediterranean here, we went sailing around Greece in Corfu. – Ooh, I love Greece. – And I had a ton of requests
for big Greek spreads, right? – Yeah. – So, I decided to make for
you guys some stuffed peppers. Now, this is…
– I love this knife. – Oh thank you.
– I mean that was so Crocodile Dundee just such a– – Oh you know it’s no big deal (Kelly hollers) It’s my knife, it’s no big deal. So anyway, I’m gonna start
by topping the peppers. See that? I’ve created this beautiful little lid and I wanna empty it out, okay? So just kinda reach in
here with two fingers and pull that out.
– Oh don’t touch your eyes. Yep. – Simple as that.
– Yeah. – This is a sweet pepper so those seeds aren’t gonna bother you too much. So now that we have
this nice, empty pepper, Nick and Jane, if you don’t mind, maybe you can start
stuffing those peppers. And what we have here
– We’re stuffing, okay. You have your peppers, she has hers. – Right, so this is a rice mixture, okay? And this is indicative
of Middle Eastern food and Mediterranean food in general. So once these are completely topped off, we’re gonna top them with some feta, okay? – [Kelly] And then you bake them? – So fill them to the top. Yep, we’re gonna fill them to the top, top them with feta,
– Okay. and then throw them in the oven. – Okay, okay. – So while they’re stuffing that – Okay.
– why don’t you come over here – I got this. – we’re gonna make some tzaziki. I don’t actually know how to say it. How do you say it?
– Tzaziki? – Okay, that’s more like it.
– Isn’t that? I dunno, I’m Texan.
– Let’s go with, “Suh-ziki”?
– “Suh-ziki?” – “Zi-ziki”
– It’s like “Suh-ziki” – “T-Ti-ziki”?
– “Suh”, like how it’s “Ts” I dunno
– Good enough for me. – I dunno, I felt like we
were just like on Seinfeld. – Yeah. No that was good. (Audience laughs) That was good, okay, so check this out. For the, tzaziki?
– Tzaziki. – Okay, so we have this greek yogurt.
– We’re probably saying it wrong. – And I like using greek yogurt – I love greek yogurt
– It’s extra thick, robust, okay? We’re gonna add fresh herbs, lemon juice, onion, garlic, all of
these beautiful things, right into this blender. – Just a bit of each? How many of the cucumber?
– Little bit of salt and pepper.
– Okay. – [Adam] I’m gonna do the cucumbers last. – [Kelly] Oh, okay. – [Adam] Okay, and let me tell you why.
– This is why I suck at cooking, I’d have
just thrown it all in. – You do the cucumbers last, and that’s the only thing
I’m going to do last, because– – Mmm, I love pepper. – I want a little bit of chunk right? I don’t want just pure…
– Yeah. Yeah.
– Pure puree, I guess you would say. So anyway, come over here.
– Okay. – I’m gonna have you pulse this. – Okay.
– Try not to send it all over the studio.
– Yeah, don’t you trick me. Is it the pulse? Which one is it?
– It’s gonna be this guy, tap that a couple of times.
– Okay. – Hold it down a little longer. There you go. Nice, okay. – You need to like mix it?
– I’ll do this the hard way. – Yeah do a little, yeah. – Here, give it a little push in. – I think it was that we need more power. – Let’s throw some cucumbers in now. Let’s throw some cucumbers in now.
– Oh, okay, how many? – A couple handfuls
– Like a hand, okay. – [Adam] Yeah, there you go. Perfect. – [Kelly] Okay, how are y’all
doing down there stuffers? Oh you’re done. – We’re all done.
– [Adam] They’re fully stuffed. – [Kelly] You’re so qualified. – Fully stuffed.
– So qualified. – I’m gonna grab this tahini.
– Okay. – Tahini is a sesame paste. – I don’t know how much I– – This is a crucial flavor
for this, right here. – Crucial.
– Okay, crucial. Now that we’ve got a little bit of power. – I think we need more power, I dunno, this is a sad
blender experience right now. – Oh! Now we’re going! There it goes, holy mackerel. – Okay cool, so you blend it up.
– And the end result, is more or less this puree right here, okay?
– Oh, okay. – [Adam] And you can have
varying levels of chunkiness. – [Kelly] Okay. – I like it pureed like this.
– That’s what I say. (laughs) – And actually, I’ll
let you do the honors. – Okay.
– You mind pouring that? – How do you? Do you just kind of–
– Just a light drizzle across the whole top.
– Like a light drizzle. – [Adam] Let’s see how you drizz. – [Kelly] Okay. – Oh you drizzle well.
– I don’t drizz well. – [Adam] Oh you’re drizzing well – This is like,
– No you’re doing great – The worst
– You’re doing great. – [Kelly] Rap song ever. – That’s absolutely beautiful. – Great
– Look at that. I might even take a couple of these extra herbs,
– I do not cook, I think that’s apparent at this point
– And just finish it off. – Okay. – Grab a little bit of that fresh dill.
– Wait, can we taste it now? – Absolutely. – Okay wait, here’s
fork, here’s your fork. – Thank you. – These are fancy forks.
– Look at this. – I like this fork. We can just get in there? – Absolutely, come on, dig in. – [Kelly] How long do you–? – So you’re going to set
your oven to about 350, you’re gonna roast those
peppers for about 30 minutes. Again, the interior of
the pepper’s fully cooked, that stuffed mixture is fully cooked and you’re ready to eat. All you have to do now is kind
of wilt those peppers down to make them a little more
edible and fork-tender. – Okay that is delicious. – I feel transported to Greece. (audience clapping) – Yeah I feel like I’m Greecian!

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    ‘Below Deck’s’ Adam Glick Spices It Up With Kelly, Nick Kroll And Jane Levy

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