Bird INSIDE our Tent! | Lake George | Yaadhum Oore | Tamil Travel Vlog

This is the interior of our Tent. Up to 10 people can stay inside this. This Tent is shielded at the top with an extra layer to protect us from Insects At the same time to get enough ventilation from outside. Every Tent will have at least a Window like opening to see the outside. We don’t have a plan for the day yet. But we have to visit the lake, “The Lake George”. It’s just 20 mins from this Camping Ground. This is the beautiful Lake George. Undoubtedly you get more fun features to stay here for a while. Boating Rental, Boat Trips from one end to another and Parasyling This is enough to keep us here for at least few hours. This is Lake George. And we are here at New York. This water is so pure. That we don’t feel like spitting it out even after we drink by mistake. I have never experienced such a tasty water in the Northeast region of United States. These ropes mark an end point for anyone. Even people taller than 6 feet should not cross the line. And that rope marks an end point for kids 3 feet and below. I have seen life guards asking people to leave the water For not obeying these rules. These Boats are rental boats. Car Driver’s license is enough to rent these boats. Few boats can hold up to 5 people. And few other boats can hold up to 10. Funny thing is 5 person boat cost $300 for 2 hours. And $330 for a 10 person boat. Since there are lot of activities happening on the water. We have certain restrictions. We should travel in 5 miles for the first few meters. Then no one cares about your speed. This is my first time driving a boat and it was so much fun! We spent the whole 2 hours on water And it’s time to get back to the place. Our Camping Resort has arranged for a Trip to show us everything in here. It was more for kids but they don’t care who gets inside the vehicle. So let’s be kids and have some fun! So many Tents, so many RVs and so many people. End of the Trip. And now it’s time for Camp fire. Ah! This guy has come back again even today. And just got himself trapped inside our tent. Last 2 days there were too many people here. Now, it’s Monday morning so it’s calm and quiet. From this place all you can see is nothing other than my car And few cars over here. There used to be at least 10 tent sites here But most of them left yesterday as it was Sunday. And now we are packing our bags. It was such a thrilling experience to stay here all alone when others had left. There was no one here and no lights. It’s such a good place to walk during bright light but not when dark and you are alone. I can still see smoke coming out of it.

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