Boat Handling Skills Tutorial For Big Game Fishing

This is my boat handling skills tutorial for big game fishing so guys this is a bluefin we caught a
couple weeks ago out on the 43 on a dead flying fish floated it out there down as
well we actually fished for about 10 minutes before we got the bite on the
dead flying fish on the balloon but what a lot of people want to know what’s
going on here why is I why do I always drive the boat forward why don’t I just
stop and let them fight the fish we’re fighting them on it one Makara 130 with
200 pound braided line with 42 pounds to drag on the reel and what we’re doing is
you got to think about it like this here we’re using the boat like you would use
the fishing pole I bump the boat ahead and then I stop and then they gain line
then we bump the boat ahead I stop and they gain line it’s just like when
you’re pulling up on your pole and wind it on the way down and we’re just simply
dragging this fish to the surface and then when you get it to this last point
right here where he’s in the depth what we call the death circle we didn’t want
him to get into that circle and you can see the boats kind of going in a giant
circle but we’re not letting the fish get in his death circle were dragging
him forward the whole time by dragging him forward the whole time he can’t get
his head down and do those giant circles that he does plus we leave the rod in
the rod holder and then as we go to Gotham and you watch Calvin stick the
gaff in this fish we’re gonna stick him right in his pecs right there on his
chest like I should showing my video on your saltwater guide calm as soon as you
turn this fish upside down it paralyzes them they’ve never been upside down
before so when you shove the gap into their chest and flip them upside down
like you’re gonna watch Calvin doing just a second here this fish is almost
dead he’s trying to get under the boat really bad
watch Calvin’s gonna flip them upside down and then immediately sheyla’s right
there to give chase the gap here he goes stick some chase get some with the other
gap this fish is pretty much not moving throw the reel and freeze pull I run
down the ladder I gaff right in the head and now we’re gonna pull them on the
boat we’re gonna open up the gate back I’m gonna slide him in nice 205-pound
belief in it took 38 minutes to wind this sucker in so we’re gonna pull the
tuna door open open it up slide them right in very simple and easy slide them
right in then you get to see how big he is
beautiful bluefin 38 minutes that young lady wound him in the hold time straight
girls trip with the crew here he comes coming on the bow there
you go you guys 205 pound believe alrighty yeah

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