Boat Man: Pick a Line to Ride

Boat Man: Pick a Line to Ride

What line should we run? That side? Whoa. Is that Susie in a
bikini on the dock there? Oh, bro, we can just
run the line over there. It doesn’t really matter. Oh, it does matter, friend. Picking a line can mean the
difference between a great day and a boating mishap. Boat Man, how’d you
even get under there? Well, I’ve waiting down there
the past two weeks studying my boating safety manual
and waiting for you to ask me a question? OK, cool. That wasn’t as much a question
as it was a declaration. How do we pick a good line? [theme song] He’s Boat Man. He’s got no discernible
superpower but on the lake, he’s the man of
the hour because he knows everything about boats. I’m glad you asked. I know you want deep water to
make a wake for board sports and smooth glassy
water for slalom, but all that is
secondary to safety. Try to avoid going directly
into or away from the sun. It impairs your view of
anything in front of you when you’re going toward it
and anything behind you when you’re coming away from it. Avoid shallow spots. Check your depth ahead of
time with GPS or charts. Be aware of any tide changes
or other factors that might affect depth. Like global warming? Not really. Also, avoid other boats. If someone is running in the
same line, you risk collision. And you’re probably going to
get bad water to begin with. Find your own line or
agree to run parallel to the boat already
working that line. Whoa. Your boating knowledge
is without equal. You’re absolutely right. The final thing. Stay at least 150 feet
from shore, swimmers, docks, pilings, obstructions,
and other boats. Follow these rules,
use common sense, and you’ll have a great
day on the water, boaters.

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    Thanks 🙂

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    I just can't stand this cheesy stuff…


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