Boat Rockerz 400 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Review and Giveaway

Boat Rockerz 400 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Review and Giveaway

If you are looking for a wireless bluetooth
headphone that also falls in the budget segment, Boat Rockerz 400 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone
is a perfect choice. But does it meet up the expectations? Is Boat Rockerz 400 worth the price? We’ll find it out in this video. Hello everyone, I’m Rahul from TechReviewPro
and welcome back to another special episode, special because this is first ever giveaway
on this channel. In this video, I’ll review Boat Rockerz
400 wireless bluetooth headphone and give it away to you guys. Yes, you can win this as a gift, keep watching
as in the later part of this video, I’ll reveal how you can win this wireless bluetooth
headphone for FREE. But before that let’s unbox this and with
that being said, let’s get started. Boat Rockerz 400 Wireless Bluetooth headphone
comes in a nice packaging. We have got this nice box in black colour
with Boat branding on it. As you can see Boat Rockerz 400 labeling here
and also other terms like Wireless Music and Calls on the go and extra powerful bass. On the back side, all the features of Boat
Rockerz 400 Wireless Bluetooth headphone are mentioned. 8 Hours of music playback, 2 hours of charging
time, standby upto 100 hours and many more. This wireless bluetooth headphone is compatible
with Android as well as iOS – so no matter whether you are intended to use it on your
Android phone or iPhone, if your phone has got Bluetooth connectivity you can use it
wirelessly. The Boat Rockerz 400 comes in 5 different
color combinations – grey and green, black and blue, black and red, black, and carbon
black. But we have got this unit in black and blue
color. Okay, lots of talk about features, let’s
see what’s inside it. And, here we go. Let’s put this aside for a moment. And, the package contains a nice looking Boat
Rockerz 400 wireless Bluetooth headphone along with other accessories like a USB charging cable. Yes, it comes with a built-in rechargeable
battery that you can charge using this USB charging cable. And we have also got this auxiliary cable
in the box which allows you to turn this wireless headphone into a wired headphone. Wondering how? I’ll talk about it in the later part of
this video, so stay tuned and for now, let’s take a close look at Boat Rockerz 400 design. And as you can see this unit in the back and
blue color looks beautiful. It has also got nice Boat branding on the
both Earcups. The cushions used in both Earcups are very
soft and feels nice. Although Boat Rockerz 400 headphone has got
a plastic body but is strong enough that it can be extended depending upon your head size
and the Earcups can be rotated as well – so I believe it’ll fit easily on to your head. Talking about the ports and controls, it has
got a USB charging port, a port for AUX cable, two volume rockers along with a center button
for play or pause. Then a built-in mic. While on the other earcup, there is one LED
indicator and another for noise cancellation. Talking about the pros and cons: the biggest
pros is the Boat Rockerz 400 is beautifully well designed, and so compact as you can fold
the earcups like this and it’ll fit even in small space – so good if you are a frequent
traveller. Also, unlike other headphones that can irritate
you even with few minutes of usage, it’s soft and feels good even if you use it for
longer duration. And on top of all, Boat Rockerz 400 wireless
bluetooth headphone also comes with an auxiliary cable. This is a nice and useful accessory especially
in case your battery is running low and you don’t have access to charging ports. Simply take this cable out and connect the
one end to the headphone while plugging the other end to your phone. That’s how you can turn this wireless headphone
into a wired headphone and this’ll work as a normal earphone without consuming battery
power. And now that we are talking about battery,
on the packaging box Boat says it has got 8-hours of music playback but I could only
achieve approx 6 and a half hour of battery usage since fully charge. Although the battery can be fully charged
in approx 2 hours and that’s true. The Boat Rockerz 400 wireless bluetooth headphone
has also got a mic with noise cancellations which means you can use it to accept calls
as well – but while testing I noticed some hiss sound and the audio wasn’t as clear
as it could be. And this is the biggest cons I noticed in
this wireless headphone. Well, if you are going to use its mic, don’t
purchase it. But if you are going to listen to music using
this headphone, go for it. Because It’s a nice budget headphone. Overall, Boat Rockerz 400 is a well-designed,
beautiful, and good quality wireless bluetooth headphone that you can get without breaking
your budget. It is priced at just under $29 but usually
you can get it for approx 1500 Rupees on Amazon. Upon my first few days of testing, I noticed
that the audio quality is decent. Although I use Apple’s AirPods as my daily
driver and initially thought that Boat Rockerz 400 won’t meet up to my expectations, but
it has certainly performed well and hasn’t disappointed me yet. So considering the price, it’s worth it
and you won’t regret buying it. So this wraps up our review of Boat Rockerz
400 Wireless Bluetooth headphone. Now let’s talk about how you can get it
for free. All you have to do is: Read the description
below, you’ll find a link to enter the giveaway. Simply open that URL, and on the next page,
you’ll need to type your email and click Enter. You may also use Facebook to enter. Once you click Enter, you’ll see something
like this. Here it’s worth noting that you need to
open your inbox and check if you have received any email from us. Simply open that email and confirm your entry
by clicking the confirmation link. That’s it! Now return to this page and perform basic
stuffs like following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. You’ll get 10 points for each of these. However sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Messenger,
LinkedIn etc. will get you 3 points. But here is a trick, if you share it publicly
on your social profiles, and any of your friends enter the giveaway, you’ll get 3 bonus points
for every friend who enter the giveaway using your post. So share this with everyone because the more
people enter, more points you’ll get. And finally, you can come back everyday to
perform these actions and get additional points. The person with the maximum points will be
selected as Winner. The contest will run until 2nd of March 2019
and the winner will be announced on 4th of March 2019. And it’s an international giveaway, so even
if you are from outside of India, you can still win. So, I wish you all the best friends. Enter the giveaway and get maximum points
to win. That’s it for this video. Thanks for watching! This is Rahul signing off I’ll see you in the next video.

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