Boat Shipping by the Numbers

Boat Shipping by the numbers.
Getting the best boat shipping rates is as easy as 1 2 3 Number 1, when are you shipping?
The time of year can affect your rates. It’s much like airline tickets, the more demand
there is the higher your rate. Keep in mind that bad weather can also affect the delivery
of your vessel, so be flexible on the delivery dates. Number 2, where are you shipping from and
to? Driving a large truck requires lots of expensive
fuel and can require expensive tolls. The longer the distance, how far you are from
a major trucking route, and tolls along the way will also impact your rate. Please let
us know if your vessel is in the water or your trailer is not road worthy as this will
affect the rate. Shipping your vessel overseas has its own unique challenges and expenses.
Fortunately, we can move your vessel anywhere around the world. Number 3, how big is your vehicle?
If your beam is over 8 and a half feet then you may have to have special permits and escorts.
Each state has their own regulations. There may only be certain times of the day that
your over-sized vessel can be moved as well. Always get the best boat shipping rates by
calling 5 star rated Ship Your Boat Now. 888-532-8805 or visit us at

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