Boat Tour, Take a look around our boat. #33

Boat Tour, Take a look around our boat. #33

Hello and welcome to the Driftwood Boat Blog.
I think it’s about time we gave you a look around Driftwood so come on and we’ll give
you a little tour. Welcome aboard I hope it’s clean! So do I. That’s Driftwood there in the middle and that’s
Mar there standing up on the deck. Now Driftwood is a steel boat She was built
in the early 1980’s by a company called Drettmann in Germany. I’m not exactly sure where in
Germany but I’ve a feeling that it’s somewhere in the north of Germany. She’s a six berth
boat meaning that she’ll sleep up to six people, although I’m told that you can sleep more
if they’ve had enough to drink. The radar mast is folded down there now at
the moment and we often drop it down just to fit under bridges and the like. But em
it looks a lot better when the mast is up. Coming round to the rear of the boat and we’ve
a pair of davits here and a small RIB. There’s also a safety ladder that helps you get out
of the water if you go in either willingly or accidentally. I think when anyone is buying a boat there’s
a certain short list of things that a boat must have, for their own requirements and
one of the things that we wanted was wide decks and good solid hand rails. and em Marion
is quite nervous on the boat so she wanted one that she felt that she could walk around
in a decent bit of comfort. I know what most of these dials are for and
what most of those buttons do. So starting at the bow of the boat there’s
eh two cleats on either side and then in the center is the windless. And straight away
you will notice that’s it’s a manual windlass it’s not an electric one. If you’re prone
to dropping the anchor on a regular basis I would most definitely recommend an electric
one. Cranking that anchor up and down is certainly not my idea of fun. Ok whenever you’re ready.
Welcome aboard, were going to start up in the front here This is the V-Berth it’s two single beds which are a good size, and at the front here we
have the locker for the anchor and that’s where the chain is in there. Down here, if
I can stand back, is a press where the battery for the eh. The bow thruster. And the hose
for the water, to fill up our water. We have storage here. Full of rubbish. Rubbish!
and we have storage here, Harry’s man press. Oh close that quick! Close that that’s really
full of rubbish. Also here we have a radiator, we have diesel central heating. above we’ve
an escape hatch. So if your a size 8 you can get out! And then we have the usual safety
stuff, fire extinguisher Etc and that’s it. Out here we have the galley. I have a two
ring hob here and underneath there’s a cupboard with glasses and stuff. and also we have an
oven. and little cupboards here with cups and plates and stuff, and I have a cuttelery
draw here. And then here I have a gas boiler, a gas geezer. And we have two LED lights here. And here we have the seating area this goes
into a double bed, a fine sized double bed. And underneath that here, we have our fridge,
some wine in there cos we’re down for the weekend! And under here I have another big draw that’s
full of tea towels and rubbish. And on this side we have a big pantry, standing
here you might be able to see. and eh that’s where all our food stuff is kept. And under the floor here we have the two engines.
These are two Ford Dover diesel engines and they power two shafts, she’s a shaft driven
boat as apposed to having an out drive. Between the two engines they produce a total of two
hundred and fifty horse power. We’re just looking forward now from the aft
of the boat. So that gives you an idea of the inside of
it there, you can see there’s a radar, a very old and dated radar, there’s another depth sounder
up there as well over the interior steering position. Which is also a very old and dated
depth sounder. To be honest with you we never ever ever use the internal steering position
we always steer from outside. As I said we wanted more socila space, like
we compromised by having a smaller back cabin. we compromised by having a small back cabin,
but we have the social space. and that’s what we wanted, as you can see looking down we
have your lounge area here and you have your dining area down the back (should be front!)
That’s it ye. Plenty space there really and truly. And then the back cabin is down that
way. I’ll have to go out here a second. There we
are, look at that. Looks pretty well. This is our seating area our socialising area
if we’re having eh, little soirees! But you can see that if needs be you can always
fit more people in here in the galley area and to be honest with you it’s more comfortable
with two. On St Patrick’s day a couple of years ago
we had eighteen people onboard for some drinks and some canopies. We were in France at the
time eighteen people, they were everywhere. they were like flies! We fed everybody and
every body got a drink. They were like ants!. I’ve the door open there guys just in case
you’re wondering why everything is blowing around, I’ve no good reason why I have the
door open, because it’s January and it’s cold. But there you go. Well down here we have the vestibule. Em we
have a little shelf here for little girly part, for bits and bobs. And then here we have
another rad here. This is our cabin, a lovely radiator here, we have a wardrobe. And if
I stand over here we have a bed. Everything on a boat is a compromise, so what
we’ve compromised with here is that we have a very small cabin it’s got floor space kind
of equalivant to what you might find in a phone box. And em, but we have a large social
area as a result. How long is the boat? 10.5 meters think that’s around thirty three feet
so it’s not big it’s not a big huge boat. So it’s to try to get the best value you can
out of those thirty three feet. Underneath the bed there’s a storage area
there, again it’s just more tools and bits of stuff, and the holding tank lives in there.
In underneath here there’s access to a weed hatch. Okay so this is the bath room or the head,
and Mar is standing in the shower. Show us the shower unit there Mar. Oh.. Did water
actually come out of that? Ye. Serves you right! So, you can’t see it but the loo itself
is just this side of the sink it’s a full size sink it’s nice and comfortable and it’s
a grand big shower which is an essential on a boat. So that’s Driftwood, it’s not a terrible
big boat, it was built in 1981 by a company called Drettmann they’re a German company
and em it was one of the first boats built by Drettmann as far as I’m aware. It’s called
a Drettmann DD Yacht 10.5. The 10.5 obviously being because it’s 10.5Mtrs long. And as far
as I know this was one of the first boats built by them and if you go onto their website
now they just build these masive big super yachts. Some day they might come back looking for
one of their first boats. Or else they might look back at their first boats and cringe.
Ah no I think it’s a very comfortable boat, we actually lived on it in France for eighteen
months, it was grand and comfortable for two of us as well. Now saying that we had visitors
as well. We had your parents over, your brother and sister over. Des and Anne came over, I
was saying that there’s two Ford Dover six cylinder engines their one hundred and twenty
five horse power each, it sounds hugh, it sounds really powerful. Believe it or not
this boat will only do seven to eights knots on a good day. Because boats are built with
what they call a hull speed and it doesn’t matter what horse power you put behind it
it will still only travel at that certain speed and it wont go any faster, and em while
it has lots of torque and it’s grand and manoeuvrable with the two engines it’s not a fast boat
by any stretch of the imagination. It’s also twelve and a half tonnes. Which is quite heavy,
and that is without the wine and the beer! Or the weight of us! It’s heavier again. It
might be closer… it might be touching thirteen tonnes! But look it were happy. We have her ten years this… year, in March.
Do you remember what date in March? I have a video of the day we bought it I don’t know what
date though. We bought in in march, around the ninth or tenth of march. Our first weekend
on it was Patrick’s weekend. If we knew what date it was we could have a little ten year
old birthday party. I know our first weekend out on it was Patrick’s weekend, ye. We bought
it on Lough Ree and the weather was howling, and the first trip we did on it was myself
and Dad took it out into the lake and Lough Ree is not a great spot in rough weather.
But it was fine we reckoned it was a good test at the time. And Harry’s Mum and I met
them down in Lanesborough and we spent our first night on it in Lanesborough and then
Harry’s brother and his wife they came for breakfast on the Saturday morning, so it was
Friday we collected it, and Saturday morning they came for breakfast and they didn’t go home for two days! Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed
the video. If you did please click the round subscribe button, it’s at the top right hand
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  • January 19, 2018 at 7:53 pm

    Excellent tour. Loved the "in fridge" shot!

  • January 19, 2018 at 8:43 pm

    I love ur boat I wish I will come cross one like her best layout I seen on a boat so far

  • January 20, 2018 at 12:19 am

    Thank you for the tour, she is a lovely boat.

  • January 24, 2018 at 11:02 am

    Lovely video. Great boat. Thanks for showing it.

  • February 13, 2018 at 7:45 pm

    Great boat. What changes/upgrades (if any) would you consider and does it ever have to come out of the water?

  • April 2, 2018 at 10:27 am

    Great boat, thanks for the tour. We know all about cosy, we often stay on our boat for 2 to 4 nights at a time. It's a 28' Sealine 270, our marina is La Rochelle France but we bought her in the Rhineland of Germany, we did cruise the Rhine & Neckar rivers before trucking her home.

  • March 10, 2019 at 8:02 pm

    Happy Birthday 🎂🎉🍾 Driftwood

  • October 8, 2019 at 4:22 am

    Set up is like ours, we dont have the walkway from salon to flybridge , yet, as the window there needs replaced as per the survey, we will add a access to the flybridge.


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