Camper terenowy Azar 4 w testach Terenwizji

To be honest, I haven’t had that kind of adrenaline in the terrain in a long time. Off-road tourism is an extraordinary mine of all kinds of ideas about with what vehicle and how to travel. Some people just need a car and sleep in the car, some prefer a roof tent, some buy and convert big cars into expeditionary cars. Today we have a proposal for pickup owners. I saw such a capsule for the first time at a tourist fair and I thought it would be nice to do such tests in the field. I want to notice that this is not an advertisement. We just asked AZAR4 to get that set for test. We just wanted to see how it works in the field. Because our goal is to present different solutions, and whether someone will benefit from it or not. Well, of course there is another issue. It is important to be aware of the fact that such product exists on the market. Especially that it is a Polish product. The first question concerned the price The first question concerned the price and depending on the equipment, the capsule costs from 14,000 to 30,000 EUR. To install our capsule we need to adjust the pickup. Mount two eyebolts at the front of the load box fixed to the frame and two holders at the back preferably fixed to the towbar. Mounting and demounting the capsule takes about 10 minutes after training. We call this a mobile capsule. Not a typical camper, because a typical pickup camper would need to be built in and permanently registered. This is a mobile capsule. We treat this as a load that we carry on the pickup truck. Thanks to this, it does not generate additional costs for us when registering a car, crossing various motorways and ferry crossings. We have several versions of equipment. The capsule in the standard version has insulation, electrical installation and upholstery. It is a capsule designed for DIY enthusiasts who want to create something inside. We have an off-road version for the off-road people. This means that the capsule is fully equipped outisde. The capsule is equipped inside with furniture adapted for off-road use. and the Premium version finished externally and internally in very luxurious materials and presented version Premium Plus, version dedicated for American pickups. There are two big beds inside. The main bed on top is 140×200 cm, two or three people can sleep in there. The bed at the bottom can also be unfolded. So one more person can sleep here. Four people can party here. If you insist, there is even a place for fifth one. Well, you forgot that fifth one in the bathroom. Fifth in the bathroom, sixth in the entrance. Two girls on the bed are already waiting. If I bought a capsule like this, I’d make a party, I think I’d fit a coupleteen people in here. It is a fully equipped version, i.e. with solar panels, bettery, water system, clean and grey water tanks, gas stove and bathroom with shower and toilet. It will check if you are fat. Paweł! Patrick, if you fit in there, you’re not too fat yet. Here’s a diesel tank that allows us to heat the capsule independently of the car. Capacity 10 litres. That 10 liters is enough for us to heat this capsule for a week and a half. Diesel heating is more versatile in all countries, you don’t have to look for gas. Besides, it is dry heating, does not cause water condensation inside the capsule. Perhaps the most interesting information is that this capsule is a monolith. I mean, there is no bonding here. There’s no joining with screws. It’s a single casting. You can said that this product is indestructible just like deep-sea yachts. We are from Gdansk, we have sea roots and that is why this product was created here. It is connected with yachts as much as possible. Since we are a Terenwizja, the first thing we do is ride this beautiful capsule to check it in the field. The capsule looks like it weighs a lot, but this is the wrong impression because depending on the equipment version it weighs from 330 to almost 600 kg. Pickup trucks do not really feel this weight. What is hanging. The socket. It’s typical in the field, everything should be as high as possible. They should move the socket higher. Pickup truck with a mobile capsule is not a bad off-road car and all my failures here in the field were not related to this car, nor to the fact that I can’t drive. It’s just that there are no MT tires and this terrain is really so peaty and as long as it’s hard ground it’s really great to drive everywhere. Sometimes he’ll rub his belly a little bit, but he passes. Here in these few situations there was just no MT tires and this is a matter of every off-road car. No matter how good an off-road car is, it just has to have good off-road tires. There is always a compromise between travelling and sleeping comfort, the size of the space we can live in and the bravery of the car in terrain. And in my opinion the capsule is such a perfect compromise between all these parameters. That’s because we were driving where absolutely no camper or sprinter will drive. Even with four-wheel drive and a reducer. It’s just that the size of such big cars doesn’t allow to ride on such mountains, on such narrow roads and so on. Here the biggest disadvantage of this capsule is that it is really high. These 3 meters make the car that goes downhill leaning and very easily hooks into trees, protruding boughs etc. Behind me is such a nice road between the trees, very picturesque and cool off-road. There are some traverses, tight turns between the trees. We’ll see if we can fit into it at all because if a normal terrain car, even a pretty big one, you will drive calmly between the trees, this car with the capsule is really high. It is 3 meters high and in a situation where it is on the traverse, the top of the car moves far to the side. In this situation we do not know whether we can fit between the trees. Slowly, gently we will try. This is undoubtedly a challenge. I don’t know if you understand what the problem is, but the point is that I started driving up here, and if I start to make a combination, and there is a traverse to the left, I’m going to slide more backwards and to the side instead of going up. OK stop. All right, go on. I’ve got a saw if you need one. Maybe we should start with that. When it will break… There’s a window. It’ll be fine. This branch is broken. Okay, watch out. The skills of driving a big truck are usefull. It’s supposed to be lightweight and the whole weight is down, but it looks terrible on the side. This car is tipping over. Go, go, go. Stop! Stop! I’m not gonna break it. When I let go of the brake. Come on, come on. Nothing’s happening. The rear axle has passed? The rear axle’s been through a long time. Then I turn left. All right, it’s fine. It was easier on big trucks. I have to tell you, it’s too high for the woods and the traverses. I think that bravery and off-road capabilities are comparable to a big truck that has a boot and a roof tent. Of course, the trunk is metal and it slides through these trees much easier and is probably more durable. The only problem here is to be careful not to touch with this capsule everything that sticks out in the forest. Well, sometimes it is so, that angles of all kinds, assaults, descents are tragic, tires are not good in such mud either. The only way to get out of the oppression is to simply pray that the machine can withstand it. You have to close your eyes a little, push the gas to the resistance. Full fire to space and you’ve done it. We’re really trying to do our best not to screw anything up today. For now, the balance of losses is very small, because it’s only the socket on the towbar. So let’s just keep it that way till the end. We still have some way to get out of the field and go to the sea. We wanted to drive a little on the beach, but it is not possible in Poland. That is why we found such a beautiful cliff with a view of the sea and we stayed there. Paweł, what class are you starting in today? I was in tourism, but I am drawn to the extremes. I was already in stunt, but I wasn’t outclassed to tourism. Of course, I got up in the morning to record such a beautiful sunrise, because that’s what you travel for, to admire such views. Good morning. Get up! Somebody was supposed to make breakfast. You know what a beautiful sunrise was like? Did you record it? I recorded it. We still see it a little, it bounces off the sea. What beautiful views, Paweł. It’s wonderful. That’s how you wake up. It really is a coincidence that we have met a person who has been using a mobile capsule for over a year now. They were near us, we called and we could exchange experiences. We spend a lot of time in the forest. Practically every weekend is a trip. We were tired of tents. Folding and unfolding everything. I said you live only once and you can invest. I’m very happy. Small, tight, but own. At night, it’s warm, there’s room to wash, there’s a toilet. All basic needs are satisfied. The impression of a highway ride, at 140 km/h, burns 14 l. And normally?
And normally it’s up to 12l. Driving on the motorway is also a pure pleasure, because the car didn’t feel like it was wearing such a capsule. Due to the fact that it was designed and tested in an aerodynamic tunnel, the air resistance is really imperceptible and negligible. As evidenced by the combustion, which increases in one liter or two litres. In addition, there are no additional charges. It’s just a cargo on the load box and that’s it. You don’t have to have any additional documents, there are other fees on highways, there are other fees for ferries, etc. Also here, when it comes to driving on the road, there are only advantages. We came here to feel a little bit like in the desert. A place called Sand Mountain. It is probably the highest mountain of sand in Poland. Such an ambitious plan was to go there. You can see that there are some traces. But unfortunately, these cars are not able to break through the sand here, which is very wet and loose. So, I don’t think so.

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