Canoeing The Trent-Severn Waterway – Ep #4

Well, hello everybody. Hello, Hello. I gotta say I got to thank Markus for being a good leader for me as I mentioned in an earlier video I’m a little bit prone to being a little bit cranky lip prone to being a little bit Cranky to being a little bit cranky a little bit sassy at times What you up to Rein? It’s gonna rain It’s all just bunker and down battening down the hatches so to speak that’s a sailing term Yeah It’s kind of nice not to have the winds that we had yesterday. You’ll notice if you’re following us along footage We took yesterday right before pulling into the McCaughey cottage pretty intense pretty intense I don’t know that the video you can capture this fully but we took on a lot of water a couple close calls there But as you can see now or we’re in smoother calmer waters and we might get a bit of rain, which actually is a blessing in disguise because it’s nice to have the sun off of us. Tornado right there right there dude, that’s a tornado starting right there – see that swirling action Guarantee tornado over there right there! And Markus put up with that admirably. Better than almost everyone else that I know. Oh, it was not hard to put up with what? I felt like you put up with my own sassiness before I put up with yours. But if you actually change your mind and decide that you manage to deal with flying that baby unicorn And you take that first step it’s amazing what could happen once you start searching for that baby unicorn. And for me it was really hard. I had this dream to go around the planet without a motor and I had this dream for six years In the belly of the beast of the lock. It’s a big one, this is a big this is the biggest lock behind a while It’s big one der boy Whoops, just put my finger in front. That’s Not a not a pro camera human tip Are you going to be posting stuff on the website there? Yeah, tons. Thank you Yeah, it’s gonna feel very bizarre for me having Started the trip with you and the whole Routes of Change experience has included Rein so far And now you’ll be gone So right now the lift is moving very very slowly But in just a matter of moments that pace will pick up and Markus as you can see in there, there you go It’s almost like a bit of a roller coaster for Markus in there No, we just came from Peterborough actually, yeah Yeah, we went through the big , this one seems bigger almost though it feel like I’ll be going but you know what? I won’t be in the canoe with you, but I’ll never leave Routes of Change Which I’ll always be a part of Routes of Change! Know what I’m saying. Love you, buddy Canoe pro tip using a lifejacket as a bumper Fear not this isn’t the last you’ve seen of me and Markus’s Awesome, if I dare say so Maybe I might even use the word spectacular Dance performances. Yes, there’s more to come. More to come. Yep stay tuned. We’ve got something in the holster, in the pocket. Yeah an Ace in the hole, is that what you call it? A grueling day But you know, I feel like it was a really fitting day. Why?. Well, it was probably arguably the hardest conditions we faced Day 19 Routes of Change We’ve been getting warnings for a week a half now about the conditions and how they can be on Lake Simcoe pretty spot-on in their warnings and Lake Simcoe was a doozy Yeah, we had pretty big waves head winds Beam winds You name it! Probably the most water from waves into our boat that we’ve had yet. For sure There were points where the nose was completely, the bow I should say was completely underwater Yeah, I mean we didn’t we barely barely had to bail I felt pretty comfortable given all that I did after a while and then it became fun for a while cause it’s kinda like a roller coaster and then After a while, I was like okay can we get there soon. But anyway Here we are It’s it’s my last day of my first so I’m feeling a little bit bittersweet right now I’m excited to To ya know, get some rest and be back with my family and my life Haha, its bitter sweet because I know that as soon as I watch Markus roll out with David That’ll that’ll be really really missing being that canoe and really really miss being that That that second second dude upfront in the bow You know. You had some time in the stern I don’t know, I has some time in the stern. It was like that like it was a learning curve for sure Great was mastering the J stroke a bit today you were handling it quite well. Thanks, buddy. Yeah. Yeah. It was guys today was fun. It was a fun day It was one of the strongest feelings I’ve been feeling today is is excitement and and almost zealous zealousness sure We’ll go for that sure about about the next leg that I’m gonna join up with you with which maybe might be in March Maybe might be next summer Who knows? You know, I’m super super stoked for that next part awesome You know, I would have made it to Lake Simcoe today if I wasn’t with you. I might be in Peterborough still. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so right now we’re in the Lagoon City and we have about Ten friends over there waiting for us so we should go and say hello. Yeah and say goodbye to you. Love you everybody Love you, and I gotta say I love my buddy here Thanks Markus. Love you, buddy It’s time to pass on the baton. I’ve been at it with Markus in the water for almost three full weeks Now we’ve covered over 400 kilometres almost 500. In fact, I would like to bestow on you good sir Your Kevlar paddle? No note the weight or lack thereof. Wow. This is extremely light. They’re gonna need Here sir, life jacket. Thank you. I’d like to give that to you, too. Thank you in there Routes of Change shirt on some beautiful organic cotton no big deal and so wear this with pride. This is an honor This is a great honor and a great opportunity. Thank you very much. Great fun. All right, well with great fun also comes great responsibility You will need to maintain and perfectly Endorse the ability and the and the commitment to dancing. Let’s do it

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