Canorway (Canoe Norway)

A six days canoetrip at Lake Bandak Bandak shows her other face. Yet quite … … this morning she was as smooth as a mirror … … and yet I sense a current, here at Bandak. As if she is a river. That´s not what you expect, because she´s a lake. There´s absolutely a current … … and in particular in the shallow parts. And also at some places … … I see rimplings at the surface. There is something. Bandak lives. Bandak really lives. Yet quite … … but she lives. And that there is really a current … … you can see it at the buoy. It goes just back and forth. Look what a power there is. I go to make a tutti frutti cake. For my birthday. Survival is … … misery. Misery. Does it looks good? Or does it looks good? Tutti frutti cake. You can see that the north coast is pretty steep. Steep cliffs, and not many opportunities to go ashore. At the other hand, it has a lot of sun. Even there, in the hills, beautiful sunshine. There is a small farm … … completely in the sun. And the south coast … … is in the shadow all day. Only … … this stupid rock … … everytime does catches the sun. And here, where I am, not! That one. That one does, I don´t. But … This is the north coast. Very different from the south coast. You can see … … almost no places to go ashore. This week I had bought a dessert. I thought it would be something like Tiramisu or something … … it looked nice to me, sweet, … … but it is only Mascarpone. Only Mascarpone. I can do nothing with it. But now I´m trying to make a cake with this Mascarpone. If it works…, I don´t know. It didn´t come smoothly, in a perfect shape out of the Duch Oven … … but the quality of the cake is perfect. Not overcooked or burned, it is firm. Not leaking … … I´m curious, mate. Joohoo! Look, there she comes. And in a while I get all the waves. I have dry grass … … a fire stick … … there she goes. Now I have to keep it going. With this. Look how my damper [dough] has risen. Beautiful, eh! I´m curious. Look at this. Is this a damper …. … or is this a damper? And … the inside is perfect. So soft. So light. Really! Our dampers are getting better more and more. Kviteseid. So eeh …, That was one and a half hour hard work. Average wind force 4. Peaks to 5, and I´ve even measured 6 on my meter. Waves … But finally, I´m here. Kviteseid. And there ‘Jacky’ is waiting for me. Only … 350 meter to go. Near the fountain is the landing stage. There is ‘Jacky’. That little part is more than one hour paddling. Back in Kviteseid. What a heavy wind. Trees are moving … … by times sand is whirling at the parking place. The lake is leaking. Water is coming up. I´m glad I´m finished.

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