Carnival Cruise Online Check In Tutorial

Carnival Cruise Online Check In Tutorial

Congratulations on booking your Carnival
Cruise now it’s time to check in to your cruise so in this tutorial we’re going
to show you how begin by going to the website and clicking
the manage button this will bring up a screen for you to log into your account
if you’ve not already created an account you can do so but having already booked
hopefully you’ve done that once you’ve logged in it will bring up my cruise
manager which should show your booking if your booking does not display click
the add a booking link near the top and add your booking with your information
such as your confirmation code your name and sale dates once your booking appears
you can see on the left hand side the to-do list there is an online check-in
button you’ll want to click on that if you have everything ready to go you’ve
already booked any flights or hotel or other transportation and you’re ready to
fully check-in that’s great but if you’re not that’s ok too
the online check-in doesn’t need to be a linear process in the top right-hand
corner there’s the check-in summary button if you click on that that will
take you to show you all the steps of the check-in and so if you have perhaps
everything except your flight or your hotel figured out you can enter it in as
you go and as other information is figured out this is the check-in summary
page as you can see it breaks down the check-in process into six different
pieces you can complete these pieces individually or as one linear process if
you have everything ready to go we’re gonna show you the process from start to
finish in a linear fashion the guest information page will probably be
pre-populated with your first and last name your gender and your date of birth
already if not enter that information they also want you to put in your
permanent address if you’re traveling with another guest who has already
completed their online check-in you can choose same as other guests and select
their information it’ll copy over so you don’t have to re-enter everything but if
you’re not traveling with someone who’s already checked in or you have different
information from your traveling companions you’re gonna want to enter in
your information here you select the country from a drop-down box the first
line of the address is going to be where the majority of your address goes
that’ll be the building number and the street name of where you are the second
line the optional line address line two would be where an apartment number
basement suite rural route P.O. box things of that
nature we go and of course you put in your city and you select your state or
province from a drop-down box and you enter your zip or postal code you’ll
also need to enter contact information which may already be populated depending
on your account again you have the opportunity to copy the information over
from another person you’re traveling with if they’ve completed their online
check-in you enter your primary phone number and there’s a checkbox that if
your primary phone is also your mobile phone it’ll duplicate the number down in
the mobile phone field as well and this is becoming more and more common there’s
also a checkbox if you would like to subscribe to Carnival’s mobile travel
alert service this is not an advertising platform so feel free to select this
they would only send you information relevant to your cruising in 18 sailings
I’ve never actually received a text from them even though I have signed up for
this service because in the times that my ship has been diverted it was
normally once we were already on site and checked in and onboard the ship you
enter in your email address although that may already be pre-populated for
you and you can put in your emergency contact
once again you can select a contact that’s already been entered from another
guest who’s completed their check-in or you can put in your own with the first
and last name their relationship to you and their phone number next up is
citizenship information so you’re going to want to select your country of
citizenship from the drop-down box and your country of residence from the
drop-down box it also asks if you will be leaving the US within 24 hours of
when your cruise arrives so this is asking once your cruise is over and
you’ve gotten off the ship will you be leaving the country within 24 hours you
also need to put in document information to check-in online you must have a
passport it’s one of the major questions that we frequently get is whether or not
someone can travel without a passport you can’t if you want to do online
check-in and additionally the passport just makes the process so much easier at so
many different steps so we do strongly recommend that you have a passport for
example when you show up at the port having the passport and your check-in
information ready to go makes the process much more smooth more
stress-free and gets you on the ship faster so you can start having your fun
earlier so in this screen you’ll enter your passport number which normally
begins with a couple of letters followed by numbers your country of
issuance the country of issuance is the country that issued your passport and
the city of issuance or authority as it’s sometimes called on the passport is the
city that issued your passport to you or the city in which it was issued the date
of issuance and then the date of expiry should be entered
generally speaking the date of issuance and expiry have the same month and day
but different years next you enter your travel information and specifically your
travel plans once again you have the option of copying the information from
another guest who’s already fully checked in assuming you have the same
travel plans as they do but if not you can enter your own information so they
ask will you be flying in prior to your cruise and will you be flying out after
your cruise additionally it asks what’s your transportation to and from the pier
this drives a couple of functions in the carnival website if you say you are
flying in for your cruise the next screen will prompt you to enter
information about that flight similarly if you’re flying out after your cruise
the screen after that will prompt you to enter information about your return
flight and selecting how you’ll be getting to and from the pier might
determine what kind of advertising carnival sends you with regards to their
ground transportation options on the arrival flight page you enter the city
that you are leaving from and the city that you are flying into you can begin by
typing out the city name or the airport code if you know it an autocomplete bar
will appear underneath and you can select the airport that appears that is
yours you select the departure date and the departure time and there’s an
optional field for you to type in your airline which I recommend that you do
again it’ll start to autocomplete and you’ll be able to select from options
down below but it’ll make the next screen a little bit easier on the next
screen they list all of the flights that match your search criteria so for
example if you did enter your airline it will only show you results for the
airline that you entered generally speaking this screen does a very good
job of figuring out what your flight is based on the information you’ve provided
very rarely is my flight not in the top three options and it’s always on the
first screen simply select the flight that matches yours for the return flight
the process works in exactly the same manner and again for the return flight
just select the flight that matches yours you will then be asked about any
hotel you might be staying at before your cruise they’re not
too concerned with hotels you stay at after your cruise so if you’re staying
at Hotel prior to your cruise select yes and enter the hotel information an
important note about this travel information screen is that sometimes the
dates prior to the cruise create an error so if you’re flying in the day of
your cruise or you’re staying at a hotel up until the day of your cruise entering
those dates can sometimes generate an error I recommend you try to enter the
accurate dates but if an error pops up basically backdate your arrival time by
one day and the system should accept it so that you can move forward via the
continue button and so as you notice throughout this process you had the
opportunity to copy the information of your other travelers who may have been
fully checked in at this screen it gives you the opportunity to transfer your
information over to them so for example if you’re traveling with a spouse or a
child and they have the same travel plans as you you can basically check
them all in at once by using this option to copy the information however if your
spouse is on a different flight but your child is traveling with you you’ll have
to enter everyone’s information separately then you’re given a summary
screen that shows you the answers that you provided to the various travel
information questions including showing your flights and your check in and out
times of the hotel review this information and edit as needed and
continue once correct now it’s time to set up your onboard expense account we
have in previous videos discussed the merits of your expense account being
linked to either a debit or credit card or using a cash account Vacation
Impossible strongly recommends that you hook your expense account up to a credit
card or a debit card so that you don’t have to spend time on your vacation
waiting in line for either guest services or the ATM machine to add money
to your card or get money back at the end of the cruise we believe this time
should be spent enjoying the cruise and not waiting in line and handling cash we
do strongly recommend that you set up a credit card or a debit card for your
onboard expenses for more information on this check our Sign And Sail card video
for how this works setting up onboard expenses gives you
two options either using your credit card or your debit card or opening with
cash as mentioned we recommend credit or debit card but do note that the charges
are posted in u.s. dollars so if you’re an American that’s fine but if you’re
Canadian or Australian or from some other country you might want to look
into your credit card’s details to see if they
charge you a foreign currency transaction processing fee so in Canada
for example the foreign currency conversion fee is something in the
neighborhood of upwards of 3% on all transactions so if you have a credit
card that charges that be aware that that can be an additional expense but if
you can find an alternative like the home trust visa in Canada that doesn’t
charge you the foreign currency conversion fee then you’ll be getting a
proper conversion without additional charges from your bank and this is the
process we recommend is the credit card without a foreign currency conversion
fee beginning to set up your onboard expenses account you need to select your
name from the drop-down box that says select guest and accept the terms and
conditions which are listed here and also your first name and last name would
probably carry over from earlier in the process but if not correct any errors
and you enter a zip or postal code and this is where you enter your card
information for example you might select a visa card type enter your credit card
number the expiration date and the CVV which is the three-digit number you can
locate on the back of your credit card next to the signature panel once all
that’s been entered your account will display here and it will not display
your full credit card information for privacy reasons but it will display the
last four digits of the card that you used so you know which card you set the
account up on and it gives you the opportunity to save and create the
account now your account has been created and it will display here as well
as the accounts of your fellow traveling companions but again it will only
display the last four digits of any credit cards that have been loaded then
there is the cruise ticket contract which you can read in detail it covers
information such as interruption to service and the refund policy to accept
these terms select your name from the drop-down box and then select the check
box next to your name in the list below it will show you whether your other
traveling companions have already accepted the terms and it may give you
the option to accept on their behalf your check-in is now complete you can
print your boarding pass which we recommend luggage tags if you need them
there are also additional documents that can be generated but we don’t recommend
printing those but if it is your first cruise maybe give them a look over in
like a PDF viewer or something so you don’t have to waste paper but it might
have some useful information to you and that concludes our tutorial on how to
check in for a Carnival cruise online please give this video a thumbs up if
you found it at all useful if you have any questions or think that
we’ve got something wrong please comment below and if you’d like to subscribe to
this sort of content please click that subscribe button we have a variety of
videos out there where we show you the amazing things you can see on a Carnival
cruise or just any vacation including tip videos about how to save money when
you travel for example our six cruises in one year video shows you how we
managed to do exactly that on a relatively tight budget we also have
videos showing you the cheapest time of year to cruise and a lot of other
fantastic and fun things we cover excursions and try to expose you to
different ideas and trip destinations you might not have considered so thank
you very much for watching

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    Great presentation. I learned so much.

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    From what i can tell in order to print your boarding pass you have to complete your online check in but if you have to have a passport to do the online check in (i don’t i’m using my birth certificate) then how do i print my boarding pass?

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    I like doing cash. We put so much money on it we never had a problem. Plus they have the kiosk now if you want to added more cash. My husband usually get the our cash late where there is no lines. Whatever your preference is best for you.

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