Carnival Glory – Tour Of The Ship ⚓

Hello and welcome to this guide to the Carnival Glory before we get started, make sure to subscribe and hit the bell for more travel videos So the Carnival Glory is a conquest class cruise ship which entered into service in 2003 it was refurbished in 2012 and received additional renovations in 2017 Carnival Glory has room for 2,980 passengers Carnival likes to put their emphasis on fun and there’s evidence of that everywhere there’s nothing particularly luxurious about this ship compared to MSC for example but it is incredibly fun We were among a very small number of Europeans on board our sailing and although there was a few minor cultural differences it was nothing that made us feel out of place It was mostly guests from Southen United States and we found them really laid-back and good fun to be around so there’s 13 decks on the Carnival Glory in total The cabins can be found on decks 1, 2, 6, 7 & 8 with some at the forward of 9 10 and 11 The Colors Lobby is on deck 3 and here you’ll find Guest Services and the Shore Excursions desk It’s the bottom of the atrium where the Old Glory glass elevators can be found There’s a bar here too and some of the entertainment happens here with the elevators as the backdrop so there’s a number of different dining options on the Carnival Glory the main sit-down restaurants are the Golden Restaurant located on decks 3 and 4 and the Platinum Restaurant also located on decks 3 and 4 evening menus at both restaurants change daily and sometimes it’s themed towards whatever port you’re in The Platinum Restaurant also serves breakfast every morning as well as brunch on sea days the buffet is on Lido deck 9 but we didn’t find much of the food there to our taste but there’s other great casual dining options like the Deli, Blue Iguana Burrito Bar, Pirate Pizzeria, Ol’ fashioned BBQ and our personal favorite, Guys Burger Joint The Seafood Shack and sushi bar are also available for a small up charge There’s also specialty dining available in the Emerald Steakhouse there’s a number of bars on board the Carnival Glory too as previously mentioned the Colors Lobby is on deck three on deck 4, you can find the
Ivory Club Bar – I really like the theming here on deck 5 we’ll find the Skybox Sports Bar where they show a lot of live sport as you’d expect there’s the Kaleidoscope bar located just off the casino the Alchemy Bar is quite chilled and a nice place to sit for a drink the Cinn-A-Bar is the main piano bar and can be a little rowdy at times Bar Blue is the main spot for
karaoke and at the back of deck 5 you’ll find the Ebony Cabaret Bar, home of the Punchliner Comedy Club in the pool area of Lido deck 9, you’ll find the Blue Iguana Tequila Bar and Red Frog Rum Bar The Azure Lido Bar is at the back in the adult only pool area and on deck 12 in another adult only area you’ll find the Serenity Bar if it’s just coffee your’re after, Creams Cafe is on deck 5 the White Heat Dance Club is also on 5 – that gets going after 11:00 and goes on until the early hours if you’re into shopping, you’ll find the Fun Shops on deck 5 as well as the Cherry On Top sweet shop the Amber Palace Theater is on decks 3,4 and 5 and there seems to be always something going on here whether it’s bingo or trivia in the day or the shows at night as I said at the start, the focus is on fun and you really see the evidence of that in the Amber Palace the casino is on deck 5 it can be a bit smokey at times, even if
you’re just walking past other than that, we didn’t spend any time
in the casino itself the main pool is on deck 9 and it seemed to be constantly busy during sea days, there’s always something going on so if you just want to relax, I recommend the Azure Pool towards the back of deck 9 they show movies every night at the main pool though and it can be quite nice to chill out and watch a movie here under the stars the Carnival Water Works is on deck 10 and there’s two whirlpools on deck 14 at the front of the ship which tend to be a lot quieter than the others I spent a lot of time in those ones there’s a jogging track and sports arena on deck 11 with mini-golf on deck 12 the gym on Carnival Glory is on deck 11 just in front of the spa and they do really good deals on port days so our overall conclusion Although Carnival Glory is not the most luxurious ship at sea it is a lot of fun with a young age demographic for a good time we’re really looking forward to sailing with Carnival again soon

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