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Celebrity Cruises this month is unveiling Celebrity Edge, the first of a new series of vessels with an innovative design. Built at the Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard in Saint Nazaire, France, Celebrity Edge is the first new Celebrity Cruises ship in six years. At 129,500 gross tons, it’s also Celebrity’s biggest ship ever. Among Edge’s most notable features: A 90 ton platform the size of a tennis court that is cantilevered over its side. Called the Magic Carpet, the platform moves up and down the side of the ship serving functions, that range from a tender boarding platform to restaurant. The focal point of the exterior decks of Celebrity Edge is its Pool Deck, which features a non traditional, asymmetrical pool. The terraced pool deck is nearly 22 feet high and offers grand ocean views. Celebrity Edge’s Pool Deck is unusual in its openness to the sea. Soaring, wall to wall glass lines its sides, which also feature an asymmetrical jogging track. Celebrity Cruises’ signature X logo can be seen in the funnel at the back of Celebrity Edge. Celebrity Edge’s name is spelled out in big white letters on the sides of ship’s funnel. More lounge chairs line the side of the ship on Deck 16. A lounge seating area near Celebrity Edge’s funnel. In a notable change for Celebrity, deck chairs on Celebrity Edge’s outer decks face the sea, instead of pointing inwards. It’s part of an effort, to connect passengers to the ocean in a greater way than on past vessels. Some of the walls on the top decks of Celebrity Edge feature a “love” motif. Shown here just off Deck 14, the tangerine colored Magic Carpet moves up and down the side of Celebrity Edge, to serve multiple functions. Among them: A lounge with some of the best views at sea. Passengers lounging on the Magic Carpet have stunning views back at the ship. Six private cabana areas are located along the side of the pool deck. They can be rented for $400 a day. Like other Celebrity ships, Celebrity Edge is home to a covered, adults only Solarium. The Solariuum on Edge was designed in collaboration with renowned British architect Tom Wright. The Solarium area on Celebrity Edge is 3,360 square feet, and features a pool measuring roughly 40 feet by 30 feet. In addition to a pool and hot tub, the Solarium is home to a healthy cuisine focused eatery, called The Spa Café and Juice Bar. The Solarium on Celebrity Edge is covered with ultra durable E T F E roof. Little used on cruise ships, the material resembles glass but is around 100 times lighter. Another unusual feature of Celebrity Edge is its Rooftop Garden. It’s a plant filled playscape, that Celebrity says was inspired by childhood playgrounds, and ‘designed to awaken the inner child in everyone.’ The Rooftop Garden is tended to daily by a resident horticulturist. The Rooftop Garden offers park like seating areas as well as interactive games and activities. A seating area at the Rooftop Garden. A wall of plants along one end of the Rooftop Garden. The Rooftop Garden is home to a deck top grill. More lounge chairs line the side of Celebrity Edge just outside the Rooftop Garden. A jogging track winds around the top decks of Celebrity Edge past the Rooftop Garden. A sculpture of a horse stands guard just outside the Rooftop Garden. Like other Celebrity ships, Celebrity Edge features a Sunset Bar overlooking the back of the vessel. Two black wicker chairs face aft from Celebrity Edge’s Sunset Bar area. The hub of Celebrity Edge’s interior is The Grand Plaza. It’s a soaring, three deck high space created by Paris based designers, Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku of Jouin Manku Studio. The design of The Grand Plaza on Celebrity Edge, was inspired by the era of trans Atlantic ship travel, when dramatic staircases and ornate chandeliers were common on vessels. The focal point of The Grand Plaza is The Chandelier, a striking light feature and art piece that soars above the ship’s signature Martini Bar. The Martini Bar in The Grand Plaza is a nod to earlier Celebrity Cruises ships. Spreading across more than 5,000 square feet, The Grand Plaza is lined with eateries and cafes including Le Grand Bistro, which serves French bistro cuisine. Located on Deck 4, Le Grand Bistro seats 90 people and comes with an extra charge ($10, breakfast; $20, lunch; $25, dinner). Just across from Le Grand Bistro on Deck 4, is a version of Celebrity’s signature cafe, Cafe al Bacio. Among central design elements is a cluster of plush red chairs, underneath a dazzling glass art installation. Designed in collaboration with BG Studios, Cafe al Bacio serves up espresso drinks and an array of sweets, from artisan cupcakes to a pistachio sable with lime white chocolate. Adjacent to Le Grand Bistro on Deck 4 is Celebrity Edge’s casino. The casino on Celebrity Edge. The Casino Bar, just off the main casino floor, is a sleek retreat. The bar in the Casino Bar is embedded with electronic games. Other venues surrounding The Grand Plaza include Raw on 5. Located on Deck 5, it offeres a raw bar and other seafood items, including Celebrity’s signature Lobster Roll, and sushi, and sashimi, prepared by on board sushi chefs. Located on Deck 5, Raw on 5 seats 60 people and is priced a la carte. Unlike earlier Celebrity Cruises ships, Celebrity Edge doesn’t have a single large main restaurant. Instead, it has four smaller main restaurants. each with a different name, decor and dishes. Among them is Tuscan Restaurant. About 80% of the dishes at the four main restaurants on Celebrity Edge are the same. The rest vary from restaurant to restaurant, tying into each restaurant’s specialty. Tuscan Restaurant’s specialty is Italian cuisine. Located on Deck 3, Tuscan Restaurant has a capacity for 344 people. The entrance to Tuscan Restaurant on Deck 3. Celebrity Edge’s four main included in the fare dining venues include Cypress Restaurant, which serves Mediterranean fare and is a nod to Celebrity’s Greek heritage. Famed designer Patricia Urquiola worked on the interior decor of Cyprus Restaurant, which is located on Deck 4. Another one of Celebrity Edge’s four main included in the fare restaurants, is Cosmopolitan. Serving New American cuisine with global influences, it evokes the main restaurants on Celebrity’s existing ships. Located on Deck 4, Cosmopolitan can seat 346 people at once. Cosmopolitan is open for breakfast, lunch (on sea days) and dinner. An intricate art piece lines one of the walls of Cosmopolitan. Cosmopolitan Restaurant on Celebrity Edge. A pendulum occupies the center of a curving staircase, that winds down between the main restaurants on Celebrity Edge. Located on Deck 3, Normandie Restaurant is one of the ship’s four main dining venues. Serving contemporary French cuisine, Normandie Restaurant is named after the famed French ocean liner Normandie, and features a historic wall panel from that vessel. The panel once hung in another Celebrity Cruises ship, Celebrity Summit. Lalique glass from the SS Normandie also can be found in the Normandie Restaurant. The color palette of Normandie Restaurant is meant to be reminiscent of cherry blossoms in full bloom. Normandie Restaurant also features wooden panels that were taken from the Celebrity Summit. The entrance to Normandie Restaurant. Also located on Deck 5 overlooking The Grand Plaza is Fine Cut Steakhouse, a new for Celebrity venue. Fine Cut Steakhouse is a dinner only, upscale steakhouse. It comes with a flat fee of $55 per person. Fine Cut Steakhouse seats 88 people in its interior. There also are 32 outdoor seats. A private dining room is available at Fine Cut Steakhouse. A Bvlgari store is among the high end retail outlets on Celebrity Edge. Two chairs designed by Patricia Urquiola are located just outside the Bvlgari store. Celebrity Edge is home to the line’s biggest spa ever. Dubbed The Spa, it is located at the front of the ship on Deck 15. A stairway leads up from the main spa area of The Spa to Celebrity Edge’s Fitness Center. A relaxation lounge at The Spa on Celebrity Edge. Celebrity Edge’s spa is home to a sprawling thermal suite with eight distinctive therapeutic experiences. Stylish wicker chairs await passengers at the Celebrity Edge spa’s thermal suite complex. Heated lounge chairs are among the allures of the thermal area within the Celebrity Edge spa. A rainfall water therapy room in the thermal suite within the Celebrity Edge spa. The Crystalarium is part of the thermal suite within the Celebrity Edge spa. Towels line a wall in the thermal suite of Celebrity Edge’s spa. A pair of hanging chairs in the thermal suite within the Celebrity Edge spa. A traditional sauna within the thermal suite on Celebrity Edge. The Spa on Celebrity Edge has 23 treatment rooms, including the first MLX Quartz table in the Celebrity fleet. The Spa on Celebrity Edge also features the first MLW Amphibia table on a Celebrity ship. It features illuminated, water filled cushions that create a water bed effect during treatments. An outdoor deck area in front of The Spa, is accessible to passengers visiting The Spa’s thermal suite. The Spa on Celebrity Edge offers more than 120 treatments, including 15 medical services from Ideal Image Ocean, The Advanced MedSpa. Ideal Image Ocean has a separate entry area. A small barber shop is among the offering in Celebrity Edge’s spa complex. A full-service salon can be found at The Spa on Celebrity Edge. Hair washing stations at the salon at The Spa on Celebrity Edge. Located on Deck 15, Celebrity Edge’s Fitness Center features floor to ceiling windows, overlooking the front of the vessel. The Fitness Center on Celebrity Edge offers a wide range of cardio machines, Technogym weight machines and free weights. The Fitness Center offers two NormaTec recovery chairs. The Fitness Center has two motion studios, one of which is outfitted with harnesses and punching bags. A second motion studio in the Fitness Center is set up for cycling classes. Celebrity Edge’s main showroom, The Theatre, is an innovative space with a stage that thrusts forward into the audience area creating a theater in the round sensation. Celebrity Edge features a groundbreaking new cabin design that Celebrity is calling the Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda. In a first for an ocean cruise ship the Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda cabins have balconies that are incorporated into the main cabin area. Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda cabins have bi fold glass doors that either can be completely closed, creating a traditional room area separated from a balcony area, or left open, creating a wide open indoor space that is about 23% larger than traditional balcony cabins. An Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda cabin, with its bi fold doors in the open position, and the “balcony” window in the closed position. The top half of the glass wall, at the end of Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda cabins, can be lowered to create a balcony feel. The same technology has been used by several river cruise lines including Scenic Cruises. An Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda cabin as seen looking back from the balcony area. Small side tables are located on each side of the bed in Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda cabins. A built in box on the desktop in Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda cabins hides away electrical outlets. Chaise lounges can be found in every Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda cabin. Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda cabins offer built in armoires, with room for hanging clothes, drawers and a personal safe. Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda cabins feature built in desks and dressers. The extra space created by incorporating the balcony area, into the main living area of Edge Stateroom, with Infinite Veranda cabins has allowed for bigger bathrooms. The shower in Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda cabin bathrooms. The most luxurious accommodations on Celebrity Edge, are its two Iconic Suites, which are located at the top of the ship and measure more than 2,500 square feet. The Iconic Suites on Celebrity Edge are located above the bridge of the ship where the captain resides and offer breathtaking views through floor to ceiling panoramic glass. Each of the suites has two bedrooms, a dining room, living room and expansive outdoor balcony area. Iconic Suite master bathrooms feature massive whirlpool tubs; marble lined showers and two sink areas. Each of the two Iconic Suites on Celebrity Edge, feature a large balcony built over one of the bridge winds of the ship. Day beds facing the sea are among the allures of the private balcony areas, that come with Iconic Suites. The two bedroom Iconic Suite complexes on Celebrity Edge, were developed in collaboration with London based interior designer Kelly Hoppen. A second large bathroom is adjacent to the second bedroom in Iconic Suite complexes. Another category of giant suites available on Celebrity Edge are its Edge Villas. They are the first two story high suites on a Celebrity Cruises ship. There are six Edge Villas on Celebrity Edge. Each features a stairway connecting its two levels. Edge Villas measure 951 square feet, not including their balconies. Accommodating up to four people, Edge Villas have a single bedroom on the top level with a bed facing the sea. A sofa on the main level also pulls out into a bed. Edge Villas offer 211 square foot balcony areas, with lounge chairs and private plunge pools. They also come with direct walk out access to The Retreat Sundeck, a private outdoor area at the top of the ship, reserved exclusively for Edge Villa passengers. The private plunge pools on Edge Villa decks are three feet deep and face the sea. Designed in collaboration with London based interior designer Kelly Hoppen, the four Royal Suites on Celebrity Edge offer large living and dining areas, with floor to ceiling panoramic windows. Another set of large suites on Celebrity Edge are its four Royal Suites. Each measures 687 square feet. Royal Suites can accommodate up to four passengers. Royal Suite bedrooms have king sized beds with Celebrity’s eXhale bedding that face a panoramic window. Royal Suite master bathrooms offer a large soaking tub, with a separate shower, double sink vanity, and a sliding panel that opens to views of the sea. Roughly one out of 10 cabins on Celebrity Edge are Sky Suites, which measure 398 square feet. The design of the Sky Suites on Celebrity Edge, was developed in collaboration with London based interior designer Kelly Hoppen. Sky Suites feature an outward-facing design with beds facing the sea. Sky Suites feature generous bathrooms lined with marble. Each Sky Suite bathroom has a bathtub that doubles as a shower. The toilet area in a Sky Suite. A Celebrity Suite on Celebrity Edge. The celebrity Edge pool deck at night. A model of Celebrity Edge, complete with the tangerine Magic Carpet, is available in the shops on the vessel. Celebrity Edge mugs are available in one of the vessel’s onboard shops. Chanel, Clinique and Estee Lauder are among the brands, available in the shops on Celebrity Edge. A highlight of Celebrity Edge is Eden, a three deck high terraced lounge that overlooks the back of the ship. It features floor to ceiling windows that span all three decks, as well as window seating along a ramped walkway. Eden was developed in collaboration with architect Scott Butler, of Wilson Butler Architects and world renowned designer Patricia Urquiola. Eden will feature lookout points designed by Patricia Urquiola. An eatery called Eden Restaurant will occupy the lower level of Eden, and the venue also will be home to the Eden Cafe (shown here). In addition, Eden will be home to Eve at Eden, a fusion of performance art and culinary experiences developed in partnership with Variety Worldwide. Eden on Celebrity Edge. A buoy stands at the ready on one of the top decks of Celebrity Edge.

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