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are you looking for some traditional
Greek hospitality food and entertainment whilst traveling in the comfort of a
beautiful mid-sized all-inclusive cruise ship because if you are keep watching as
this week on Planet Cruise weekly amber and I take a look at all things celestyal
cruises so celestyal cruises offer cozy midsize cruise ships that offer an
enjoyable and entertaining experience both onboard and of course ashore test
all cruises are an all-inclusive cruise line that’s a big headline and
really for you to understand and a big bonus now what does that include
okay well it includes all the meals on board and all-inclusive drinks package
big thumbs up and selected shore excursions great genuine Greek
entertainment and gratuities which again is a big bonus and in life onboard of
course which is this vibrant mix of entertainment for all ages including a
range of activities enrichment lessons and activities and exciting music and
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whole Celestyals delightful ships carry no more than one thousand six hundred
and sixty-four passengers so you can enjoy smaller and more intimate
experience as well as the ability to get closer to the less traveled areas and
the fleet consists of two ships both of which have a special individual charm
about them you got the celestyal crystal and the celestyal Olympia so first we’ll take a look at Celestyals
larger ship of the fleet the celestyal Olympia which has a capacity of sixteen
hundred and sixty-four passengers celestyal Olympia is a cozy mid-sized
ship that can sail to ports inaccessible by larger ships life on board buzzes
with Greek authenticity and warm hospitality celestyal Olympia offers a
unique and unforgettable cruise holiday with distinctive Greek influences this
fabulous flagship from celestyal cruises offers stylish and comfortable cruises
to the Mediterranean and promises good times both on and off the ship also in the fleet they have the
celestyal Crystal now this can carry up to 1,200 passengers and provides
travelers with that intimate opportunity to cruise the Mediterranean for the
summer season now as Celestyal cruises smaller ship you’ll experience their
award-winning Greek hospitality and service from start to finish making you
feel completely welcome and very much at home so let’s move on to the Celestyals
fantastic food and drink as a Greek Cruise Line you can expect Mediterranean
cuisine in its tastiest and purest form all dishes are freshly prepared on board
with seasonal and local ingredients each of the chef’s has spent numerous years
in Greek kitchens allowing celestyal to provide a gorgeous selection of Greek
food see your taste buds as amber is indicating there are going to be
delighted by the food you’re gonna experience whilst on board quality
seasonal and local ingredients are going to be used at virtually every
opportunity in fat celestyal cruises chefs treat all diners to traditional
Greek feasts and cultural culinary journeys like never before
Celestyal also have a range of international dishes on offer every
night as well as traditional Greek cuisine accompanied by some of the
finest Greek wines and of course you have your onboard sommeliers which help
you choose those on a day to day basis you can expect all your favorite Greek
dishes including you know Greek yogurt that freshly baked bread Olives and olive
oil of course your saganakis go through to your halloumi all your lovely
meats and just beautiful beautiful food plus they do a dish of the day option
which changes every time they also have a buffet option with a menu offering
snacks as well as delicious hot meals served in cozy lounges or in the comfort
of your own cabin not only this they have a specifically designed children’s
range to keep young ones happy with some seriously tasty dishes for the kids with
celestyal cruises being all inclusive you can experience full board dining
with up to three meals a day in the finest restaurants now Celestyal include a fantastic
fleet-wide authentic Greek entertainment offering ranging from live shows and
live music to karaoke dance classes and talent shows there are
comfortable bars on boards and lounges which may be ideal setting for a
refreshing cocktail and chance to make new friends and of course there’s an
onboard casino which is open for anyone wishing to try their luck and
make a donation now each celestyal cruise ship also
features a nightclub for dancing the night away quite literally and on top of
this there were a range of activities on board that you can get a well involved
with such as arts and crafts dancing lessons you can do the “da da da” *Greek style music*
haha lots of funny games just like that also language lessons cooking
demonstrations and even a bit of bingo and bridge so every stateroom features a
personal steward and assistant steward who are there to ensure your cabin is
clean comfortable and safe as well answer any questions or requests you may
have during your cruise vacation their dedicated housekeeping crew will also
clean your cabin to the highest standard twice a day guaranteeing you a blissful
night’s sleep at sea and one of the things I really like about celestyal
cruises amber is the fact that they have a pizza delivery service yep it’s a
little bit of supplement you hey it’ll be extra for it but it’s a real bonus
because you come back after a long exhausting day ashore or maybe you’ve been out and had a couple of drinks at the bar you be dancing the
night away you get back to your cabin and you just want to
put your feet up and you want to get some food delivered you want to be
really lazy and really indulge yourself and it’s a perfect way of doing that a
pizza tastes delicious as well so if you are a pizza lover this is a real
bonus and of course the day after having a
pizza when you get the guilt the terrible guilt as I’m having today for my pizza
last night then of course you can head to do a little bit of fitness and beauty
there is an onboard spa was celestyal where all your day-to-day worries can be
literally left at the door and you can choose from a number of professional spa
treatments and packages that include several types of head and body massage
Balinese shiatsu oh melting as I say it classic Swedish massage aromatherapy
cleansing facials honey and sugey….sugey? I’ll say that again shall I honey and sugar
body exfoliation no idea what that means and also hot stone treatments which are
I know are amazing for you mud wraps and just lots of different ways to help you
rejuvenate and invigorate your relaxation experience onboard your
cruise so one interesting option that celestyal cruises offer is a range of
selected themed cruises a lot of these are based on where you are traveling and
the time period you’re traveling some examples of the themes are Greek
heritage and Greek summer the season is usually divided up into three month
periods each dedicated to bringing to life a specific brand pillar culture
entertainment and enogastronomy now when it comes to itineraries Celestyal
you will do it slightly differently from the majority of the cruise industry
which is really refreshing they offer shorter itineraries as well as seven
days in a reason that’s quite rare isn’t it Amber and so some of these include
overnights a Santorini and Mykonos which is a huge thumbs up and incredibly
unique in the industry and that really gives you a chance to experience the
authentic feeling of Greece by night and Greece is one of those places which gets
better when the Sun Goes Down and I say that with no disrespect to daytime
because daytime is incredible but as the Sun sinks down you get a
different smell that comes up from the front you know from a local fauna and
flora you get that wonderful kind of feeding of the families coming out as
you do in Italy and that kind of real wonderful family feel it’s incredible so
three important itineraries with loads of overnight stays it’s perfect
plus the strict great state in Athens which are perfect for travelers wanting
to experience the great city and Horsell by history the center of civilization
the birthplace of democracy and a great opportunity for you to explore general
eastern Mediterranean and all it has to offer on Aegean cruise itineraries
you get to experience to destinations in one day the short times that sea allows
more time in each destination that’s fantastic actually because
there’s only one other cruise line that really offer that and thats over in
Norway when you get hurtigruten do that quite a lot as well so if you happen in a warmer
destination it’s fantastic and also later on in season as it begins to
change what happens is that celestyal tend to head back further down deeper
down to the south of the eastern Mediterranean area and they go through
to Egypt and Cyprus and Israel so not only can you soak in the culture and the
history of these places but you also get the Sun for a little bit longer you know
so it means you can top up your tan and make sure that your friends and family
are still jealous Celestyal offer some amazing excursion so you can delve
deeper into each port of call providing memorable cultural experiences celestyal
carefully hand-picked and includes the best excursions highlighting each
destination that you visit where you’ll be joined by certified guides that will
help you enjoy your time ashore so hopefully that’s given you an idea of
who Celestyal cruises are and why you should choose them for your next holiday
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