CGHQ Affinity Fair 2019

CGHQ Affinity Fair 2019

My name is Miguel Joey Aviles and I am the Chief of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion in the US Coast Guard. My name is David Smith and I am the Hispanic coordinator for the Coast Guard Academy Minority Outreach Team. My name is Kristina Tanasichuk and I’m the president and founder of Women in Homeland Security. My name is Yamaris Barril and the affinity group that I represent is the Association of Naval Services Officers, ANSO. My name is Glenn Grayer and I’m representing Blacks in Government. My name is Kim Young-Mclear and I’m representing USCG Spectrum. My name is Sean Fennell. I’m the chief operating officer for Coast Guard Mutual Assistance. I’m Whitney Waters and I’m with the Coast Guard Enlisted Association. My name is Brynn Simonetti, and I’m a member of the Chief Petty Officers Association. My name is Sergio Cosby and I am representing EPIC the Enlisted Professionals in Connection. Mark Cortor and I’m the President of the Chief Warrant and Warrant Officers Association. I’m Sarah Juckett and I represent the US Coast Guard Women’s Leadership Initiative. Hi, my name is Rven Garcia and I’m with FAPAC. FAPAC stands for Federal Asian Pacific American Council. My name is Roberto Clemente Concepción and I represent the National Naval Officers Association. Affinity groups and employee resource groups are a powerful Conduit to achieve diversity and inclusion excellence. What an affinity group is, is a group of
individuals with like minds like purposes like interests and things that they’re a part of working together to achieve a common goal. We help the Coast Guard with their strategic initiatives and objectives to promote diversity and inclusion. A group of people who are working together towards a common goal. The Vision of ANSO is to serve as a knowledge leader of recruiting and retention of Hispanics of the sea services. We see ourselves as an entity that will educate and advocate And provide safe spaces for self-affirmations. Our mission is to advocate for active duty, reserves, veterans, and retirees, and their family members. FAPAC USCG’s vision is to build a vibrant community of AAPI leaders, Asian American Pacific Islander leaders, who are locally engaged regionally coordinated and nationally connected to promote diversity inclusion specifically for the Coast Guard. building and supporting an inclusive culture is at the core of all of our events. The mission of the National Naval Officers Association Is to enhance the professional development training and mentorship to strengthen the members within the Sea Services. Brings people together from across the department, which I think is really important for not only networking, but it’s also important for learning and connecting the missions that create the one DHS environment. The mission of the Coast Guard Academy Minority Outreach Team is to leverage Coast Guard Officers in the fleet to provide mentorship and the Guidance to prospective cadet and current cadets at the Coast Guard Academy for under represented minorities. To support members at the state and local government Level to be able to do all the things that they need to do career-wise and otherwise. The Coast Guard Enlisted Association’s Mission is to assist our fellow shipmates, our commands, and our community. To enable the Coast Guard family to maintain financial stability and to move forward in their careers and life With some degree of financial security. The CPOA is a community, a very large community of people who take care of one another. epic is a bridge. A lot of the times a person’s success in the Coast Guard and in life is dependant upon those informal networks. officers, civilians, and enlisted personnel anyone of any race, color, creed, ethnicity anyone can join anybody can join blacks in government It can be anyone we are open to however someone chooses to identify themself for all enlisted members and both women and men no matter who is coming in. There’s somebody that you can identify with. Affinity groups have the power to bring communities together. Affinity groups have the power to even when we are different even when we are unique, we can come together in the same place and achieve the powerful mission of the United States Coast Guard Affinity groups give us the channels, give us the opportunity to come together as one organization with a powerful mission to achieve. So at the end of the day Affinity groups are the Coast Guard.

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