Chloe Ferry & Sam Gowland | Geordie Cribs

Woohoo! Boring! Argh! Woo! Toilet Oui Madam, shaman! I don’t know what that meant! Hello everyone And welcome to my crib! Come in! Come in! I know you want to! This – Ta da! – is the living room. This TV is huge And this fire is amazing even
though it doesn’t give off heat But it’s nice to show And this is the comfiest sofa ever Aaah! Velvet! Go on, then! This is the second living room And basically, this is my favourite photo of all time! It’s just like every memory that we’ve done. And this is me and Sam necking on Getting honky, honky, honky! It’s quite sexy to be honest! This is the kitchen! They are for show, there’s nothing that pisses me off more than when someone comes in my house and has a marshmallow! These are not for eating! These are decoration! You got that! So, everyone, this is the garden. Just going to open the bi-fold doors… Give me a second… So, this is literally perfect for the summer. This might look like a layer of bricks This is gonna get turned into a fire pit. I’m gonna get a massive, long triangular… Triangular… rectang… Rectangular… rectangular chair! And it’s going to be a fire pit! So that’ll be literally perfect for the summer. And this is my favourite chair as well. It’s not that fun, to be honest… it’s quite boring! AND… that’s when we go on the astroturf It’s literally huge! Ivy! Ivy loves it as well! Come on then! Wooo! Ivy! Come on! I’m out of breath! Oh look! She thinks she’s Wayne Rooney! Sam! Yeah? He’s in his games room… Oh my god what are you doing? Putting the rest of the memorabilia up that you won’t let me put up in the kitchen That is not going up! So, this is why I’ve demoted myself to the small games
room Because she won’t let me have it in the kitchen. In here, it’s very good stuff, like The Rocky Balboa signed glove There’s Tyson Fury Wladimir Klitschko’s signed glove… Boring!!! Sam! We’ve got MTV Cribs here And they want to see the most important room! The games room! Come on! Let’s go and show them the rest of the house! This is my dressing room! As you can see, it’s very girly And I call this the woman cave. So, no men are allowed in here. But youse – just this one time, you can come in. Charva vibes These are Louboutin’s… Argh!! Choo-choo! These are my wellies. Je m’appelle you radgie… So, when I wanna be sassy classy and bad ass-y I wear, like, Argh!!! Argh!!! Argh! Got it! It’s 9.99 So, this is my favourite ever costume I went to a really important awards in this I got it made for us So, it’s crystalized all over The diamantes do really hurt your nipples. So, this is my make-up room. And the reason I love this room so much Cause it’s like… it’s a woman cave. Sam never comes in here. So, it is the perfect light ever. Because you’ve got this light here. Which is just an amazing light. I just love light. Basically, this is where I come And change the way I look. Let’s go upstairs Actually, no, let’s not go upstairs. I’m gonna show you where we urinate. This is our bathroom. The towels here are just for show. If you touch the display towel, You will be dead. This is a spare bedroom. It reminds us of chicken korma, this room. I think it’s cause the bed looks a bit like chicken korma. And it’s got a really nice, walk-in shower. But as you can see, Sam’s got his dirty pants on the floor. He will be getting told off for that. Right! Boring! Let’s move on to the final, third floor. So, this is the fifth and the final bedroom in our house. This is the master bedroom where the magic happens Yes, the magic happens. Well, it did happen until we got the dog, hence the dog bed in our bedroom. Now if it was up to me she would be downstairs. No! No! This is where the dog sleeps. Woo!!! Yeah baby! Honky, honky, honky! Hence – no-magic. Right. You’ve seen far too much of our house. So, we gonna get down to the magic. Go! Go! Bye! Go! Go! Bye! Thank god they’re gone!

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