Choosing the right safety equipment for your boat

In an emergency situation you
need reliable and well maintained equipment that you can get to easily. Every boat must carry safety equipment
suitable for its size and the type of waters it is being operated in. In protected waters such as the River Murray, boats less than eight metres
in length must have: a personal flotation device for
each person on board; a bailing bucket with a line attached; and a fire bucket. Fire buckets can double as bailers if they have a line attached long enough for retrieving water over the side and are a sturdy unit. A suitable anchor with cable or rope
attached long enough for the area you’re operating in. If the boat has an engine or cooking facilities one fire extinguisher; there are requirements for different
sized fire extinguishers depending on the amount of fuel that is carried. If the vessel is being operated between sunset and sunrise one water-proofed and buoyant torch or lantern; a pair of paddles or oars
if the vessel is less than six metres in length. This equipment should be checked regularly
and stored in easy reach so you can grab it fast. Safe boating. For more information go to

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