Coast Guard Jobs: Public Affairs Specialist (PA)

Coast Guard Jobs: Public Affairs Specialist (PA)

My name is Petty Officer Sandra Kneen and I’m a public affairs
specialist in the United States Coast Guard. My job is to tell the Coast Guard story.
As professional communicators PA’s write stories, photograph operations,
shoot and edit video, and we represent the service on camera. Media relations is one of our core
missions so were stationed at major media markets in more than 20 cities
throughout the U.S. from New York to San Diego, Miami to Anchorage. When we deploy for a crisis like a hurricane or an oil spill we work under pressure and on deadline
to keep the public informed. Key skills for a PA are initiative, creativity,
organization, and most of all the ability to overcome challenges. Every day
operational commanders needs sound public affairs advice. They look to PA’s
as the expert. To find out if you’re qualified, visit

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