Coast Guard Paratus Report – Episode 13

Coast Guard Paratus Report – Episode 13

October is cybersecurity awareness month. We’ll be providing you tips on how to keep your private information secure and
your family’s online presence safe. We’ll also tell you how to ensure the work you
do on the job doesn’t get into the wrong hands. Welcome to “The Paratus Report” the Coast
Guard’s news source for the latest and greatest of what’s happening in your Coast Guard. Hey everyone I’m Chief Warrant Officer Chad Saylor and I’m Petty Officer Connie
Terrell. You know these days everyone has an online presence whether through
social media, online business accounts or apps that you download to your phone. Being online makes life more convenient our jobs easier and our downtime more
fun. But there are dangers to being But there are dangers to being online as well and if you don’t take the
necessary precautions you could be putting yourself, your family and even
our country’s security at risk. To tell us more about the importance of
cybersecurity to the Coast Guard here’s Rear Adm. Kevin Lunday, commander of
the Coast Guard Cyber Command. The Coast Guard Cyber Command needs every member
of our service to help defend our networks and keep them secure. These look
like the devices we all own but for the Coast Guard these are different.
They’re all connected into the Coast Guard networks in a part of our services
C4IT mission platform, that’s a vast physical and logical network of
information systems and technology we rely on every day to conduct operations
and critical mission support functions like our pay and medical records. We
defend this network in depth at Coast Guard Cyber and US Cyber Command but the
most important part of that defense is you. Don’t connect unauthorized devices
into Coast Guard networks. Don’t fall for social engineering scams like phishing
emails with malicious links and attachments. Don’t be the crew member who let your
shipmates down by letting the adversary pone our networks. This is a mission platform – just like a
cutter, boat or aircraft we need you to help us defend it. Protecting your workspace is one of the
most critical aspects of staying cyber safe. Here are some tips to ensure you
are protecting the Coast Guard’s network while on duty Dear Commandant When you leave your workstation, always
remember: take your CAC. Never plug an unauthorized device such as a
cellphone or an unencrypted hard drive into your Coast Guard workstation.
This is a serious violation and could get you kicked off the Coast Guard
network, for good. Make strong passwords and change them often. Use at least eight
characters and make them complex by combining symbols, numbers and upper and
lowercase letters. Staying cyber safe doesn’t just apply to your work life but
it also extends to your home life as well Living in a digital world is convenient
but can also put our personal information, privacy and safety at risk. Here are three simple tips to keep you more cyber secure in your personal
digital lives. Keep updated security software on all your home computers and
enable automatic updates to defend against known risks such as viruses
malware and other online threats. Update your privacy settings on social
networking sites to your comfort level of information sharing and conducting
business or shopping online check to ensure the websites you use are security
enabled. Look for websites with HTTPS at the beginning of the URL so you know the
site takes extra security measures to protect your information. By being
proactive and ensuring the security of your cyberspace, you can safeguard you,
your family and our nation. This month’s Bravo Zulu goes
to the seven Coast Guard men and women who received special recognition for
their contributions to the Hispanic community and to the Coast Guard’s
diversity and inclusion mission Lt. j.g. Ray Lopez of the
7th District command center and Ms. Irma Fuentes with the Civil Engineering
unit in Miami were the Coast Guard recipients of the League of United Latin
American Citizens Excellence in Service Award. Lt. Katrian Hernandez of
Sector Lower Mississippi River in Memphis, 1st Class Cadet Ruth
Salvatori from the Coast Guard Academy and Ms. Lushens McNamara from the
Finance Center in Chesapeake, Virginia were presented with a Latina Style
Distinguished Service Award. Chief Petty Officer Longino Villareal of the
Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut, and Petty Officer Ashley Munnelly with the Electronic Systems Support Detachment in Houston received the National Image Meritorious Service Award. Congratulations and job well done everyone! For information on any of these items
discussed in this episode please click the links in the description box below. Well that does it for this edition of
“The Paratus Report” to stay updated on the latest and greatest make sure you
check out our blog Coast Guard All Hands and other official social media sites.
Thanks for watching, see you next time!

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