Crews rescue boat near North Shore

The name of the 40-foot catamaran is Hoo’nanea which means “to pass the time in ease and comfort” That was hardly the case today for 19 passengers and 2 crew members as they tried to come in after a 2 hour whale watching excursion. 35:52 – 35:58 “I LOOK BEHIND ME AND ALL I SEE IS A GIANT WAVE COMING UP AND FIRST THING I THINK IS I’M GOING TO GET WET.” This is how one passenger describes what happened just before a wave toppled over the catamaran about a mile off shore at Haleiwa Harbor. 5 people ended up in the ocean including a woman who was 5 months pregnant. 40:41 – 40:47 “THANKFULLY FOR THE CAPTAIN OF THE CATAMARAN, HE WAS ABLE TO GET EVERYBODY BACK ON THE BOAT AND OUT OF THE CHANNEL SAFELY.” 43:14 – 43:19 Some of the passengers wondered if it was even a good idea to go out when the waves were so big and dangerous.” 16:11 – 16:17 EVERYBODY AGREED TO GO BUT WHEN WE WERE OUT THERE, I WAS WONDERING BECAUSE IT WAS JUST SO ROCKY ON THE WATER.” 36:20 – 36:28 “THE CAPTAIN GAVE US A WARNING BEFORE HAND THAT IT’S GOING TO BE PRETTY CHOPPY BUT I’M JUST IN TOWN FOR THE WEEKEND VISITING MY WIFE AND SO WE JUST REALLY WANTED TO GO SEE THE WHALES.” One-by-one, the passengers were brought back to Haleiwa Harbor with the help of 7 Ocean Safety workers on jet skis 15:15 – 15:19 “SCARED, I HAVEN’T BEEN THAT SCARED IN A LONG TIME.” Fortunately no one on board sustained any major injuries and on this Valentine’s Day Weekend, Stephen Nitkowski is happy to have escaped with his life and his wife. Roger Mari KITV4 News. The Hoo’Nanea was towed in to Waianae Boat

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