Cruise Ready: Kreuzfahrtexpertin

Hello, my name is Birgit Hinken and I’m the cruise expert at GH. I’ll show you, how interesting this area can be regarding to project management. For 7 years, I’m now responsible for this area. Within these 7 years, we’ve furnished more than 20 cruise ship projects. I advise the shipyards and shipping companies that the furniture they imagine will be produced in our own production. Of course, the interior designers with whom we work closely are also very helpful. We get so-called moodboards on which the rough idea of the interior designers can be seen. Then we see which of our existing furniture fits or whether we need to develop a new piece of furniture. We can easily do that within our own production: More than 20 people now work in our development department and put into practice what the customer imagines and desires. And that, I think, is what makes GH so special. We have no off-the-shelf furniture and no standard range. We can respond individually to each customer and implement the images in their minds. Although not with our own ship, but with our furniture we will be at the Cruise Ship Interior Expo for the very first time this year. Of course we hope and look forward to many more shipping companies who will be inspired and convinced by our individuality. I think it’s just nice to see all of us grow together into a small family again and again. There’s a lot of laughing going on here. And when we all go to Poland together to our factories, then we are a large family of almost 300 people.

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