Cruise Ship Dining Room Tips

One of the best elements of cruising, in our
opinion, is dressing up each evening, heading to the main dining room, and enjoying the
pampering without having to wait for the check. We’ve discovered a few things that make our
Main Dining Room time more enjoyable: First, scope out your table assignment:
If you’ve chosen assigned dining, When you board, your dining room assignment will probably
be noted on your cruise documents or right on your room card. If you’re picky about where you
sit, and with whom dine, you (for example, if you’re set to be seated with 10 others
and want to dine as a couple, or vice versa) Then visit the maitre d in the main dining
room the afternoon you board to scope out your table. Remember, if you’re not happy
with your table assignment, the staff WILL try to accommodate your request but a little
kindness is always the best approach. Obviously, if you’ve chosen a more relaxed dining sytle
(such as freestyle dining, or anytime dining), this approach doesn’t really apply.
Not sure what to order when you see so many choices on the menu?
Ask your server for an appetizer portion of an entrée, or order more than one entree
if you’d like. Most cruise lines main course portions aren’t that large, and you can feel
free to order anything you’d like in just about any order. You can skip the entrée
all together, or order two desserts! We’re not encouraging you to be wasteful, just to
enjoy your cruise and take advantage of being spoiled by your waitstaff.
Lastly, Don’t hesitate to make special requests within reason:
Cruise ship dining rooms accommodate thousands of people every week, and we’ve found they
more well stocked than one might expect. For example, we met a couple that requested a
side of artichoke hearts and olives with their salads nightly. I love Tabasco and horseradish
with just about everything and our son loves sliced cucumbers and carrots with his meals.
So — ask for what you want, and generally your waitstaff will remember your preferences
the entire cruise. We’re not saying that they will accommodate every request, but you may
be surprised. That’s it for this episode. Thanks for watching
and please remember to like or subscribe. Until next time, we’ll see you on the high
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