Cruise Ship: Moving In **My first day**

hey as some of you know I am a musician
working on board cruise ships and today I want to show you what it’s like to
move in My name’s Adam and I work on a ship, and this is cruise ship living. hey it’s me Adam shenk. I wanted to do a bit of a video log. I just signed
on to my new ship and this is always kind of the most exciting and weird
day of the contract because I’m just getting to a new ship for the first time
so I want to kind of walk you through my routine I guess. Embark day is always a
clusterfuck You have guests leaving in the morning and then guests
coming right on. The housekeeping department is crazy slammed, they’re
getting suitcases on the ship so it’s always a bit of a mess. It wasn’t too bad
today. I had to wait around for a little bit and then my room key wasn’t working.
Sometimes it’s very unclear who to go to for this or that and you have to just
sort of figure it out. I just asked some people in the hallway
and they let me in This is my cabin I haven’t unpacked anything yet. Let’s just
do first impressions This is pretty typical for a band leader
cabin. I usually get my own room around this size. It’s nice and cool in here. The
a/c is kickin’. This is my favorite part: You come in the door and then there’s a
curtain so like basically I have a foyer This is kind of what
the room looks like. it’s a decent bed for one person. This is actually a really
fun carpet and the great thing about the color is like you
have no idea how dirty it might be A huge perk of living on a ship is that
you do have a housekeeper assigned to you that comes every day and
makes your bed and cleans so this is one of my favorite parts. Previous band
leader leaves hand-over notes. He just went over the basics. Gave me like the
phone numbers I need to know. Just kept it pretty simple which I appreciate. So
then my other favorite part (slash not-favorite part) is like seeing what stuff has been left behind
because I am a little bit of a neat freak and I will throw everything away I
will throw everything away. I’ve tended to see that people like to save things I
don’t know why they think it’s gonna come in handy for someone or they may
be just a little bit too lazy to like deal with it
so sometimes you get sort of a little bit of hoarding going on okay
check out this phone this looks like it’s from like 1985
so in here we have a bunch of tea bags this is very typical this is like 20 tea
bags that are probably also very old Does tea expire I don’t know I have no
intention on keeping that that will get thrown away this is another thing I see
there’s a bunch of honey packets just tons of honey. There’s more. This is all the honey that
was left. Oooh honey and tea. There’s a little hairpin there’s a lemon. I get the sense that this
was like an avid tea drinker that kept a well-stocked tea set up this isn’t an
unidentified what-the-fuck like oh it’s an air freshener I don’t want that this is a
scented candle it does smell really good kind of vanilla okay so this is
something that I do sometimes leave cup full of change okay let’s explore
a little bit so up here we have a bunch of condoms condoms should be available
for those who have sex responsibly I don’t know some playing cards I’m not
even seeing a TV what is there no TV What the Hell? that’s unusual there’s always a
TV so that’s very interesting here we have the fun little attic of like random
stuff a Roman Catholic Mass songbook and celebrating the Eucharist there is a
hairdryer which is like a fun discovery someone’s phone number named Kavita
extra toilet paper no TV I’m still getting over that this is the toiletry
section Oh something smells kind of weird
oh there’s sage like who actually thought that they could burn sage in
here you can’t burn sage without setting off fire alarms there’s a big old
umbrella here which is kind of fun this is like a big old like Mary Poppins
style umbrella what the hell? I don’t know want that. Here is a freaking junk drawer like what even what the hell is this this is like a gourd from Cuba
bunch of plastic bags that’s that’s fine just like a bunch of fucking brochures
anyone could pick these up and like this is not useful to anybody no one’s gonna
go through this and like read these old frickin brochures there is some laundry
detergent which actually is great this is a good find this bathroom actually
is quite spa-like as you can see I actually do like this tile and yeah this
is a typical kind of like corner shower situation right by the toilet I will say
you always have plenty of storage space for whatever you brought two full like
you know wardrobe with drawers here I have drawers under the bed and there’s
there’s like more space there’s like oh the TV. I found it everybody I
found the TV okay I’m super tired I actually didn’t
sleep last night I was just like wired using the Wi-Fi as much as I could my
review is this is a pretty typical situation. I
think I’m gonna get some lunch very exciting update I got back from
lunch and the room steward had come in and changed the sheets so I have fresh
sheets and I’m gonna take a nap yeah hi it’s dark and I’m taking a nap hey
it’s two days later but I finally unpacked I ended up crashing the first
night and then yesterday I unpacked some and then today I finally finished put up
a couple things on the doors on other ships I’ve been on all of the walls are
magnetic so usually I’ll just put a bunch of magnets and hang stuff here
it’s just the doors are magnetic so I put stuff there but yeah everything’s in
its place and it’s all good My name’s Adam and I work on a ship, and this is cruise ship living

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