Cunard Queen Elizabeth Ship Tour

Hi everyone, welcome to our Ship tour of Cunard Line’s Queen Elizabeth. This tour was filmed in November 2019 during our 2-night mini voyageto Belgium. Weighing in at 90,901 gross tonnes and entering
service in 2010, Queen Elizabeth is currently Cunard’s youngest ship. As always, we’re going to begin our tour
at the Grand Lobby, here you will find a stunning wooden wall mural depicting the original queen
Elizabeth conquering the ocean created by David Linley. Made of various types of wood veneers, it
has to be said- this wonderful piece looks fantastic towering over the grand staircase. Spread over three decks, this elegant lobby
plays host to live entertainment and is a great place to come and relax and people watch. On the lowest level of the Grand Lobby, you
will find the Pursers Office. This is the place to come if you have any
questions or queries during your voyage. Next to the Pursers Office we have one of
two Connexion’s rooms, these are used for various events and classes which take place
on board. Heading across the Grand lobby, opposite the
Pursers Office we have the Tour Office and Voyage Sales office, both of which have members
of staff on hand to book your excursions or future voyages. Climbing up the elegant stairs to deck two,
we find ourselves at The Verandah. The Verandah is an alternative Dining Venue
onboard that offers a selection of steaks and seafood specialities. Opposite the Verandah, we have Café Carinthia,
serving sandwiches and pastries with premium illy coffee, wines and cocktails. This relaxed coffee shop is the perfect place
to sit back and watch the world go by. Also, on deck 2, tucked over in the corner,
you will find a well-stocked, complimentary library with books in in various languages,
as well as audio books and computer stations. The library, is in fact spread over two decks
connected by a spiral staircase, taking the spiral stairs were now to head up to deck
3. Walking past The Alcove- a small nook for
assembling puzzles, we have The Card Room, used for card and board games. Opposite the Card room, we find the Midships
Bar. This centrally located bar is the place to
savour your favourite Prosecco, Cava or Champagne by the glass… or bottle. You will also find a great range of premium
gins including one crafted exclusively for Cunard. Were now going to make our way up through
the ship deck by deck starting all the way forward down on deck 1, at the Royal Court
Theatre. The royal court theatre is spread over 3 decks
and has a seating capacity of 850, here you can enjoy West-End production shows
in this extravagant setting – you can even celebrate special evenings in the Royal Court
Theatre with Cunard’s Theatre Box programme. Leaving the Royal court Theatre and continuing
on with our tour, our next stop is the Golden Lion Pub. Here you can enjoy the atmosphere of a traditional
pub, featuring great beers, scrumptious lunches, live sport, pub games and evening entertainment,
this really is your local at sea. Feeling lucky? Then why not head on over to the Monte-Carlo
casino. This monte-Carlo inspired casino is where
you’ll find a wide selection of slots and tables to try your luck, or why not just play
it safe by simply soaking up the atmosphere with a Martini in hand! Queen Elizabeth has many multi deck spaces,
rather than covering these areas on a deck by deck basis were going to explore them all
at once. Between the Golden lion pub and the monte-Carlo
casino, we find ourselves at the foot of another elegant staircase, these beautiful stairs
wrap themselves around a Victorian style timepiece and climb up to the Royal Arcade above. The casino is over looked by the Royal Arcade,
this shopping arcade features a number of retail outlets selling a wide range of goods
such as clothes, jewellery, gifts and every day essentials. Taking the stairs back down to deck two, were
going to carry on with our tour, our next stop being the Queens Room. This elegant Ballroom, is the largest ballroom
at sea and the social hub of the ship. By day this stunning venue hosts dance classes,
fencing, music recitals and Cunard’s signature white gloved Afternoon Tea, by night it transfers
in to an elegant ball room featuring live entertainment. Carrying on, just outside the Queens Room,
we have the Port Shop, this is the place to get all of your Cunard branded gifts and souvenirs. Heading aft on Deck 2, passing through the
Grand Lobby and Café Carinthia we find ourselves at the Britannia Club Dinning restaurant. This Exclusive dining room is reserved for
those with Britannia Club staterooms – this venue also offers an any time style sitting. This is the beautiful Britannia Restaurant,
Queen Elizabeth’s Main Dining room. Dining is one of the highlights of a Cunard
voyage and the Britannia Restaurant ensures that it’s an unforgettable experience, especially
on Gala evenings. At this two-tiered opulent venue- inspired
by 1930s art deco themes, freshly prepared dishes combine with this stylish and vibrant
atmosphere to create a real sense of occasion. Here you can enjoy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,
we highly recommend the food Cunard offers, these are examples of some of the meals we
had onboard. As we said earlier, Queen Elizabeth has many
multi-deck spaces, but as we’ve already covered a lot of these areas, we’re going
to skip the upper level of the royal court theatre on deck 3, the retail outlets of the
Royal Arcade and the shops overlooking the Queen’s room and were going to continue
on with our tour at the clarendon fine art gallery. Our next stop is the Clarendon Fine Art Gallery,
somewhere art lovers will love to explore and maybe expand on their collections! Purchases from here will be shipped directly
to your door. Dashing through the uppermost level of the
Grand Lobby, we make our way on to the Photo Gallery and shop. Here you can preview and purchase any photos
taken by the ship’s photographers – you can do this at any time of the day using one
of many Photo now consoles spread around the main desk area. Carrying on, after the photo gallery we have
the upper level of the Britannia Restaurant, as we’ve already covered this, we’re now
going to head outside to take a look at the promenade deck. Queen Elizabeth features a traditional wrap
around promenade deck – just over 3 laps equal one-mile. The promenade deck is one of our favourite
places as it’s the perfect place to grab a breath of fresh air and admire the scenery. Decks 4 to 8 are passenger stateroom decks,
our interior stateroom was on deck 5. To see a more in-depth tour of our stateroom
check out our Cunard Queen Elizabeth – Interior Stateroom Tour video. Up on deck 9 forward you will find a fully
equipped fitness centre. This is the ideal place to burn off all those
calories consumed during your voyage. There’s a wide range of Technogym Cardio
and weight machines available, as well as an area for aerobics – combined with a great
view out to sea. As well as catering for all of your fitness
needs Queen Elizabeth also features an expansive spa and salon area here at the Mareel spa. The Mareel spa offers a variety of treatments
and services in a relaxed environment, far away from the strains and stresses of everyday
life with plenty experiences and treatments to refresh and revitalise you. We booked a day pass here so we could take
advantage of the hydro pool, saunas and steam rooms. We do advise that you book early to avoid
disappointment as spaces are often limited and in high demand. A visit to the salon will ensure you always
look your best and feel perfectly groomed. Salon experts will give you the perfect look
for those glamorous evenings and leisurely days. From facials to hair styling, manicures to
pedicures, make-up lessons to body waxing. The wide range of treatments offered for both
men and women mean you can always look your best. We’re now going to carry on aft wards on
deck _9_ next up we have the Pavilion Pool, were going to skip this area for now, we’ll
take a more in depth look at this area later on when we explore Queen Elizabeth’s open
decks. Continuing on, after we pass the pavilion
pool area, we find ourselves at the Garden Lounge. This relaxed and airy lounge is flooded with
natural light. You will also find a bar here for your convenience,
so you can sit back and relax with a drink- in this beautiful garden style venue, inspired
by the conservatories at Kew Gardens. Making our way further aft, next we have the
Lido Restaurant. This is the perfect place to head if you want
to enjoy a relaxed self-service meal, whatever time of day it is. Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night
snacks with freshly prepared options taking inspiration from around the world, this is
the place to go whenever you’re feeling peckish. Aft of the Lido Restaurant we have the Lido
Pool, again, we’ll take a closer look at this area when we explore Queen Elizabeth’s
open decks later on. Heading up a deck, forward on deck_10_ we
have the Commodore Club. Enjoy views ahead and out to sea all from
the comfort of this stunning observation style lounge. Up here large forward-facing panoramic windows
offer incredible views, paired with some live entertainment, beautiful cocktails and delicious
complimentary nibbles and snacks. This really is our favourite spot onboard
Queen Elizabeth, taking inspiration from Cunard’s Commodores who have expertly steered the fleet,
it’s the perfect place to enjoy pre dinner cocktails, whilst relaxing to the soothing
sounds of a pianist. Give a delicious signature martini a try or
sample a cocktail inspired by one of Cunard’s seven most decorated Commodores – the cocktails
we had up here were amazing! Cigar smokers will be pleased to find a comfortable
lounge area dedicated to them up on deck 10. Churchill’s cigar lounge offers a range
of cigars and drinks- available from the neighbouring commodore club in a relaxed setting. Next door, we have the Admirals Lounge, which
is a multipurpose function room used for meetings and other social events. Next were going to head over to the yacht
club. This is queen Elizabeth’s late-night dance
venue. Here you will find plenty of atmosphere during
the evening. Live entertainment is performed before dinner,
and then afterwards this area becomes a lively disco. As promised, we’re now going to take a look
at Queen Elizabeth’s open deck spaces, were going to begin up on deck 11 Forward, where
we have the Games area. This refined, expansive area is a garden-like
space where you can enjoy games such as bowls, tennis and croquet, all conveniently shaded
from the sun. So why not Spend some time outdoors! Wherever you are in the world! Carrying on, found directly above the yacht
club, on its roof so to speak, you’ll find a giant chessboard. We’re no good at Chess, but if you do enjoy
a game, why not give it a go! Continuing on with our tour Heading aft wards,
were now going to drop back down to the Pavilion Pool. On our way down as you can see deck quoits
are also available. The pavilion pool can be found on deck 9,
roughly midship, between the spa area and the garden lounge. This inviting pool is heated and also features
two hot tubs, and tucked just in the corner you’ll also find the pavilion pool bar. Heading aft, back up on deck 10, just next
to the Children’s area you will find 2 Golf nets so you can practice your swing! Only being Britannia guests, we don’t have
access to the grill’s areas of the ship, so unfortunately, we can’t show you around
their exclusive areas at this time. However; as it was a quiet day, we managed
to take a sneak peak of the grill’s terraces. Sneaking all the way up to deck 12 we have
the Grills upper terrace, where grills guests have exclusive access to their own lookout
telescope. From up here we can also see the grills courtyard
below down on deck 11. With its own water feature this beautiful
courtyard area is perfect for al fresco dining in warmer climes. Towering above us, we have Queen Elizabeth’s
impressive funnel painted in the iconic Cunard red, it looks both imposing and striking. Carrying on with our tour heading back down
to deck 10, we make our way aft ward towards the lido pool. Passing the children’s play areas which
we unfortunately we can not film for obvious reasons we carry on down to deck 9. Here on deck 9, aft, we have the Lido Pool
area, this area also features the Lido Grill, The Lido Bar and finally the Lido pool itself. This is a great place to come and watch the
ships wake as you sail on to your next destination. We hope you enjoyed this ship tour and found
it really useful, if you did please give the video a like and remember to subscribe to
our channel so you can stay up to date with our latest videos. Enjoy your cruise!

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