Day 3: Heavy Seas

Day 3: Heavy Seas

The case was difficult because of the weather.
When we first saw the boat from far away we looked at it and we assessed the closing platforms
and things like that and they came out on deck and were tending the trail line, which
helped a lot and let us get our swimmer on the deck. The weather was a major factor.
I didn’t even think it was possible for a ship that large to bring the screw out of
the water on every wave. We definitely want to successfully complete the mission and the
fact of being able to assist someone, but I am looking out for his safety and I wanted
to make sure that he didn’t hit anything on the deck. There were a lot of capsands and
chalks and things like that, that we were trying to avoid and with the ship moving around
that much, trying to pick a designated location and saying I’m going to put him down right
there, was nearly impossible. Doubled up on trail lines. We had 210 feet of trail line
out. We had double weight bags on it so the heavy weather trail lines combination there,
it makes it a lot harder to pull it in and out of the cabin because you got double the
line, double the weights, but it makes it a little bit stabler with the wind. The weather
and the conditions of this particular case were some of the worst that most of the people
in our shop have seen or talked about. Afterwards when I saw the video and the seas rocking
and everything that I realized, maybe this wasn’t just a normal SAR case.

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  • December 24, 2013 at 10:11 pm

    Solid job by the crew (especially the flight mech)!


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