Day 5: Coast Guard provides aid to Haiti

Day 5: Coast Guard provides aid to Haiti

What we’re doing today, we have the Port Security Unit and several members from our temporary embassy staff here at the orphanage in Haitianville. We’re going to be bringing a generator here to make sure they have lights. We’re going to be bringing fans to get ventilation for the children. We’re also working on their plumbing to make they have running water and the sewage. This is not a one day event. They are going to be coming back several days to assist this orphanage. We have a physician assistant from the port security unit. We also have a corpsman from the Haitian Coast Guard. They are assessing the medical needs of the children. I’ve been here for almost three weeks, just a couple days after the earthquake hit working mainly with the port operations getting the port open and getting the security done. Those were very rewarding but this is probably the most inspiring thing that I’ve done.

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  • January 4, 2011 at 2:30 am

    They have my vote, I personally know one of the providers…and know she gave up alot at home to go over and help the children and people of Haiti!!! vote vote vote!!!


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