Day 9: Dive Locker

We stood up the lockers with just a scuba
diving capability because that’s all the Coast Guard had as collateral duty. Now that we’re
full time divers it’s a natural progression to be safer and more capable by introducing
this surface supply diving equipment, like the extreme light weight dive system XLDS
that we’re fielding here. We started realizing that we weren’t able to do all the missions
we needed to do so we started looking at new equipment that could help us do those missions.
For instance, the contaminated water or mildly contaminated water protection for the divers
as well as some of the the things that require a hard hat to dive using some underwater tools
and cutting ability underwater. Scuba is just like what you would do recreationally on a
vacation or something, you’re caring your air on your back. You’re limited to only the
air you have on your back and the skills that your bring with you. Surface supply diving,
you have a tank on your back just in case, but you have an unlimited air supply coming
to you from the surface. So the diver himself really has an entire team of people topside
to take care of any issues or help them get through whatever problems there are down below.
That’s why it’s so important to have that surface supply capability. Safer. That’s,
much much safer. This particular diving equipment provides this hard hat and surface supply
gear which allows us to completely encapsulate the divers and protect them from the water
that they’re diving in, in case there’s moderately, or heavily contaminated waters. For instance,
oil or biological contaminations int he water.

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