DCMS Intent

DCMS Intent

Hello I’m Vice Adm. Sandra Stosz and I’m your new Deputy Commandant for Mission Support Hello I’m Master Chief Shane Hooker, the DCMS command master chief. Today we’re here at the Coast Guard Yard on our first unit visit. And we’re very impressed with the amazing people we have within the DCMS organization and we look forward to serving you. I’m excited to have joined the Mission Support family as your Deputy Commandant for Mission Support. Master Chief Hooker and I look forward to working with you to deliver the systems and the people that enable the Coast Guard to efficiently and effectively perform our operational missions Soon after reporting aboard, Master Chief Hooker and I traveled up to visit the Yard the Surface Forces Logisitics Center, and associated units. What a great trip! And you know what? The very best thing has been the people. Everywhere I look in the Mission Support enterprise, I see passion and pride. And I am proud to have the honor of serving in this position as your senior representative for mission support Coast Guard wide. Having been both a recipient and provider of mission support services throughout my career, I have a keen appreciation for the value of our support services and personnel. In fact, during my last command afloat in the Coast Guard Cutter Reliance, I spent a few months here at the Yard in the dry dock Oak Ridge. And I was surprised to see that 10 years later, Reliance is back up in the Oak Ridge again. What a tribute to the Coast Guard Yard’s mission support excellence. I recently published my Commander’s Intent, and my 100-day plan, and I encourage you to take a look at them. Here in Baltimore, I witnessed each of the three priorities set forth in my Commander’s Intent. And those are: engage leadership, efficiency through innovation, and standard service delivery. In a more practical sense, we need to do the hard work it takes to engage with our operational customers and ensure they are getting the service delivery they need to execute their missions. And we need to engage with our own people leading at all levels to ensure each person recognizes their unique value to our organization and our Coast Guard. What I mean by: Innovate to create efficiency, is being able to continue delivering mission support services in a constrained budget environment. This means we find ways to improve our processes to deliver the same high-quality services at lower cost. I saw an example of efficiency here in Baltimore at the Service Forces Logistics Center with a new push parts program that forward stages small-boat parts locally at the sectors increasing readiness and reducing costs. What an innovative program! What I mean by: Standard service delivery is that operations relies on standardized services. And our mission support business model, brings a single point of accountability Standardization and configuration control Centralized Support and Resource prioritization into every aspect of our organization. This allows our customers to expect consistent and quality services regardless of whether they are nearby or far away. Examples here in Baltimore are our product lines which have transformed the way our customers are supported. Serving the nation is a privilege and being part of the Coast Guard is an honor. More than any time in our history, we have an opportunity within DCMS to shape the future of the Coast Guard in fundamental ways. Together we will set our proud service on a course that will make it more relevant, more respected, and better prepared to meet the challenges of the next century. This is our Coast Guard – we are mission support. Thank you for your service.

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