Defense Attorney Explains Hunting & Fishing Violations in Washington – WDFW

Defense Attorney Explains Hunting & Fishing Violations in Washington – WDFW

let’s talk today about fish and wildlife violations in Washington State. A lot of times we get calls from people who were
cited for unlawful hunting big game they’re cited for failure to notch tag. A lot of time people like that they don’t have a prior criminal history, they don’t have a
really good understanding of the criminal justice system. So let’s talk a
little bit about what you can expect and how you might be able to get through
this how it might be able to possibly help you. A criminal charge for fish and wildlife violations can start one of two ways. You can start with a ticket like this given it to you by the game agent, or you might receive a complaint
typed out by the prosecutor and you get that in the mail a few weeks or a few
months later. Either way the process starts the same way you go to your court
date. The first day of course is always your arraignment. Now when you go to the arraignment a lot of times the natural response for person will be to just say well let’s go
in and plead guilty and then explain the circumstances to the court, but that’s
usually not a great idea. You could end up we have a two-year suspension of your
hunting privileges you can end up with a big fine a civil penalty and also
with a criminal record you plead guilty the last thing left for the judge to do
is to say since you and they’re really the best case scenario that would be a
deferred sentence but there are you still end up with suspension and a
criminal record game violations in the states are usually
misdemeanors or gross misdemeanors are punishable by up to a year in jail. A lot
of times the jail isn’t the real problem it’s not the real threat if someone has
no priors usually someone’s trying to avoid the license suspension, and they’re trying to avoid having acriminal record they’re trying to avoid large civil penalty and a lot of
times they call us to see how we both will help to protect somebody in the
court system in protecting somebody on a fish and wildlife case in the court
system oftentimes means resolving the matter with like a stipulation for
continuous that meaning that the case was continued for 12 months and
dismissed at the end of the twelve months if you stay outta trouble that is
a way to successfully avoid a license suspension a criminal record in a civil penalty
however prosecutors and the game agents really don’t like to resolve cases like
this so sometimes protecting someone in the court of law means simply taking the
case to trial let’s next talk about the subject of civil forfeitures are
thinking department might do a lot of times when people are cited for unlawful
hunting big game or what have you though also have some property taken
maybe a firearm or maybe pickup truck for example and they’ll usually give you
a piece of paper like this it’s kind of explains why the item was taken before
taken for for for sure that something you want to get on right away contests
it’s taken for evidence it’s mean that means they’re gonna hold it for the time
being until the case is resolved so you want to take a closer look at that also
sometimes the forfeiture notice will come in the mail like this example here
and tell you that your your properties being seized and that they intend to
keep it is your question within 45 days and our
office we’ve done a lot of here he’s two contestants forfeitures we fought cases
like this all the way from the local courts all the way to our state Supreme
Court the main thing is you want to contact an attorney right away to see
what he or she can do to help you get your property back is that was from you
at the game department has with the local prosecuting attorney is a little
bit different than what you would expect with for example the State Patrol for
the City Police Department kind of use is a little bit of a carrot and stick
method with a local prosecutors meaning that if the local prosecutor does a real
good that they would go ahead and kind of give an award or something but if
they’re disappointed with the local prosecutor if the department has some
sort of criticism so the way that the prosecutor has handled the case historically that they have been really
vocal about that with a local news media criticizing that the job that the
prosecutor has done or the way this case has been resolved to talk about your
case go ahead and give us a call would like to hear about how we might be able
to help you on charges that you’re facing we’re usually available within an
hour so we’re often times available on the weekends so give us a call

2 thoughts on “Defense Attorney Explains Hunting & Fishing Violations in Washington – WDFW

  • March 3, 2019 at 4:15 am

    If your hunting for food your exempt at least in my state

  • April 8, 2019 at 1:17 pm

    Fishing and hunting licenses are a human rights violation,it is a human right to eat to survive no human should have to be extorted to survive.
    Hey lawyer do you know you and your buddies and the judges and game wardens are guilty under title 18 u.s.c. section 241 CONSPIRACY AGAINST RIGHTS and 242 deprivation of rights under color of law,
    Forfeiture is illegal it is a violation of the constitution of the United States of America cannot seize any property without due compensation.that means the local prosecutor,judge,warden are also guilty of PERJURY in violation of their oaths of office Which is treason and a felony under state and federal law,they are TRESSPASSERS of THEIR OFFICES if a attorney does not report their crimes to another judge he or she is guilty of misprison of treason. Also everyone has a right to a trial by jury and to face their accuser in court.


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