Did You Catch Sims 4’s Fishing Overhaul? Learn About Changes & Island Living Features

So let’s talk about fishing again. Back around the release of Island Living we
got a patch that made significant changes to the Fishing skill for all players who own
the base game. Island Living also gives some new types of
fishing that are kind of neat and I’d like to share a bit about them as well. We will look at how the changes to the skill
make it better and why, so here we go. The fishing skill had this thing going on
where it was the skill with the least amount of unlocks of any other. After around level 7 there were no unlocks
at all, just level up messages. They rounded things out with the features
we’ll discuss here. While we won’t linger on island Living very
long, Fish Traps are a new thing for players who own it that automatically catch fish for
you. Your initial cap will be 2, but it rises to
4 midway through and then 6 at level 10. They can catch a lot, and will definitely
pad your income. In one haul I got 3 treasures and 12 fish
totaling 150 kilos. Crazy. You can bait these, just like with fishing,
and we’ll get into bait very shortly as it’s changed pretty dramatically. You will need to live in Sulani to really
use these traps. Set them or bait them and walk away. They can be placed in shallow water (like
where a Sim would get their feet wet) or mid, where they snorkel, or deep water where you
scuba dive, and the variety of fish they catch is influenced by the location of the trap. According to the code it takes anywhere from
40 to 48 hours to reach the full state though at times they can be done much sooner. You can use visuals and sound to tell if they’ve
caught anything. They can fail to at times and will unset. They can be harvested at half full if you
want, but you may as well let them work. Examine water’s been improved and its level
requirement has been dropped to level 3. Instead of giving the generic bait clues it
will straight up tell you of certain types of fish that are caught at that spot. The flavor text for these is a good bit more
varied so it’s made examine a bit more useful. Information gained from examine water will
help to fill out the notebook. It’s worth me telling you this can fail, and
when it does it doesn’t tell you that. It just does nothing, so be aware – it’s something
left out, not a bug. I guess that’s still a bug, but… Sims can now fish from Canoes, and I can confirm
they function as mobile fishing spots. You’ll catch different types based on the
water you’re in, deep or shallow. I think the deep water may have craftier fish
but regardless, it adds some nice variety. I don’t know this yet but am not sure if you
can catch all fish from Island Living without using a canoe, as deep water would be inaccessible
from the shore. However, there are fishing spots on the natural
island that likely have the types of fish that you need to complete the collection. So, Fishing was a very solitary activity,
but Sims can now be asked to join in fishing and a high level Sim can mentor others in
the skill which is very nice. Gaining relationship while passing on knowledge
is a realistic feature and we’re playing a life sim. Now, it’ s still fairly anti-social as you
can’t have a chat while fishing which I wish they would’ve made possible, but it’s an improvement
anyway. Another big change is the way bait works and
you need to understand how fishing was to get the appeal of it. Before this patch, fishing was kind of a mess
– especially if you wanted to attempt to live off it. It still is in some ways but I’ll get to that. Even flawed, I liked it fairly well but it
was just so random. You could go an extremely long time waiting
for a rare catch, and this even happened with uncommon fish. Yes these are meant to be a little rare, but
there was a problem with it. Bait didn’t really do much to ensure you get
the type of fish you’re looking for. So you have little goldfish and gummy guppies
somehow nibbling on this catfish you used as bait. It was kind of ridiculous. Yes I am going by the assumption a Sim is
sticking a whole catfish on the hook because the way it works tells me so. Bait only raised your Sim’s effective fishing
level, which is also boosted by being in a positive mood so you know where that whole
idea comes from. It’s your actual level plus any boosts. So there was our big problem with random numbers
– no boosts to specific types of fish, just skill level. No way to shift the odds in your favor in
a big way. Well, the new patch addresses the RNG problems
directly with sweeping changes to fishing spots and how they work in relation to bait. Now, bait increases the odds of specific fish
biting for you. It’s not dramatic, but it’s enough. I believe it also still gives a boost to effective
skill level. Also, in at least a few cases, bait will reduce
the odds of catching fish that don’t have business eating that type of bait so it also
shifts it in the direction you want in that way. So go get those frogs and catch yourself a
wolf eel. You’ll find that many fish actually have a
couple bait that work for them these days. It’s even better if you use the Mermaid’s
Aquatic Lure on your canoe or a fishing spot, it’ll glow for several hours. This means anyone who fishes there gets a
boost to their effective skill level. You will fish as though you were 2 levels
higher. Yes, your level 10 Sim can go far beyond that
with bait, a good mood and this aquatic lure. Your level 4 fisherman can fish like a level
10 for a time with all these combined! Only problem is you don’t have the next ability
until you really get there. Angle for Big Catch is an awesome feature
but it’s a little buggy. It gives you a notification that you can use
it at level 9, but this will confuse you. It doesn’t actually appear as an option until
level 10 at least right now. They need to change one line. They’ll probably fix this it’s really easy
to fix. You just click the fishing spot you’re using,
pick it instead of the normal fishing interaction and voila, you’re using the bonuses this brings. Angle for Big Catch actually increases your
odds of getting rare fish. With something so great, why would you ever
use the normal fishing interaction again ? Well, if you use this, it eliminates certain types
of small fish from the pool, your Sim will just not catch them. They’re off the list of possibilities pretty
much. The only reason you would use the regular
interaction once you get this is if you’re looking for some normal fish to round out
your collection or for bait. And it has a new animation as well, however
strange it may be. It’s clear to me the developers added this
in an effort to smooth out high level fishing’s income because they also actually dropped
the value of certain fish such as the sturgeon. But, you’ll get a lot more rares more frequently,
and this will also help with inventory management issues we will discuss later. Sims can also share tips to give each other
xp and notebook entries. Other Sims can give your Sim tips by talking
to them, but they need to have a high level fishing skill. This kind of excludes most NPCs, and if you
have access to your own high level Sim then you’re able to use their notebook. Unfortunately you’ll only make a use of this
rarely I think, but it’s cool that it is there for people who play several households, as
in a new family you could ask one of your own Sims for advice on fishing. All of these changes make the notebook a little
more useful but still not perfect, as it will be reflecting what you used to catch what
fish and be more accurate in that way. I think they made this little change I didn’t
notice before, where the notebook now has its own tab on the phone… a nice decision
on their part if it’s really new? It makes it stand out a bit more for new players. Over a dozen new fish are in the pack, from
endangered Bluefin Tuna and the Golden Mahi Mahi to swordfish, clownfish and leopard sharks. If your Sim is a child of the ocean, you may
want to release them. You gain a reputation boost with Get Famous
from doing so, or a feel-good moodlet for being kind to nature. For fish like the Golden Mahi Mahi, you may
actually take a hit with other Sims if you keep it. Thankfully, choosing to release a fish doesn’t
hurt your ability to collect. It counts as you having found it, so they
thought of that. Catching an invasive species will increase
the environment score, releasing certain fish, catching seaweed and treasure because you’re
removing litter from the ocean. Although I’m not on board some kind of hate
kick just because I gave Island Living a lukewarm review, I do have to bring up Sims 4’s play-school
inventory management in relation to living off fishing. It’s frustrating to do long term, and the
best thing you can do is maybe fish at similar spots and get rid of stacks instead of doing
different types one at a time. It’s hardly worth dragging the fish that are
worth $20 Simoleons. It would be really nice of the developers
if they would fix this and make it possible to check off a bunch of stuff and sell it
all at once, or even make the space bar confirm that yes, I do want to sell these so I can
drag these things one at a time faster. Heck a vendor you can sell to would be nice,
or the ability to move all fish at once to a storage container. They know about this as they did fix it for
Gardening with the mass sell feature. At this point, anything would help. Please. See, sometimes things are legitimate problems
and nearly undeniable to people who have played other games, and I can’t help that but it’s
there and it’s a very real problem. Inventory management in this game sucks, fight
me. Anyway, overall a lot of great changes for
fishing that brought it up to par with other skills. I suppose it was a natural choice for the
devs but they did a nice job here. It’d be nice to multi-task while fishing,
like.. talk to people, because fishing is a lot of standing around. However this is good enough for now and free
improvements to Sims is always something I’ll like. They pulled this off much better when compared
to the gardening changes they brought with Seasons. I’m happy. Share my video if you liked it, it’s a huge
help because there are still thousands of people who don’t even know I have a channel
but do visit my sites. Thanks for listening to me ramble for over
5 minutes about fishing, I hope you learned a couple things and let me know in the comments
what you thought as I can always use the feedback, seriously . Even with dozens of videos under
my belt I’m still a bit green to this whole YouTube thing but I hope you’re noticing improvements. Let me know and Thanks for watching.

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