Dubai | Palm Jumeirah Inner Circle Tour by Boat (Silver Queen) | Travel Guide | Episode# 12

Dubai | Palm Jumeirah Inner Circle Tour by Boat (Silver Queen) | Travel Guide | Episode# 12

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Welcome to Hipfig’s Travel Guide series on Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In this
video we’ll share our experiences with the Palm Jumeirah Inner Circle tour by
Boat. Our Palm Jumeirah Inner Circle tour by boat guide will help and guide you
for your visit while you’re in Dubai. The Palm are man-made islands in the shape of a palm tree in Jumeirah, Dubai. Only residents of the palm islands are
allowed to drive inside the fronds of the palm, so the only way to view the
area is by boat. We took a 90-minute palm jumeirah inner circle cruise on the
Silver Queen. We went on the Silver Queen because it was part of our Go Dubai card package and was the only boat which has a license to
cruise through the inner harbor of the Palm. We arrived at the Palm West Marina of Jumeirah near the trunk of the palm by taxi as it was the most convenient. You can also catch the Sightseeing bus which has a stop at the
Palm Jumeirah Marina West. Our taxi driver had some difficulty finding the
marina as it’s hidden behind tall buildings so give the address of Arabiska Cafe which is shop 13, Palm View West building, palm, jumeirah. At the time we visited, public transportation was complicated so it’s not
recommended and the monorail station near the Palm Jumeirah Marina West was not yet open. Please note that to get tickets you must make a
reservation. Go to for the link under Palm Jumeirah Inner Circle tour by
boat. We got our tickets for the palm jumeirah inner circle tour by boat as
part of the smart destinations go Dubai package which is a multi attraction
discount card it saved us about 300 US dollars per
person at all the Dubai attractions we went to. Our cruise was at 9:00 a.m.
which worked out perfect for us since mornings in Dubai are warm but not too
hot. The boat was not crowded either which made for a very peaceful cruise.
The West marina is gated so we told the security guard that we are here for the
cruise and he opened the gate. We walk down the dock to the boat. The name of
the boat silver queen is clearly marked on the side. We were greeted by the staff
who checked on our reservations and ushered us to the top deck. We were
offered bottles of water (free) and they offered other beverages for sale. There
was plenty of seating under an awning if you wanted to avoid the sun. They put
some nice music on and we began our cruise. Because the inner palm is
enclosed with a seawall, the water is calm and the boat goes at a leisurely pace. As
you get out of the marina, you’re treated with the view of the Dubai Marina and
the tall JBR skyline. JBR stands for Jumeirah Beach Residences area As you continue you will see the fronds
of the palm which contain private beaches and mansions owned by the rich
and famous from all over the world. We saw a young child playing near the water
on an empty beach it was so picturesque if I was a painter it would have been
perfect picture to paint. The sun’s rays glistening on the water provide the perfect backdrop to
the Atlantis Hotel. At the halfway point of our cruise we saw the iconic
Atlantis palm jumeirah up close. It is pretty breathtaking. We went under the
Monorail bridge and then you can see the Aquaventure waterpark and Beach. All along the way we had an english-speaking guide who shared pictures and stories of
the palm jumeirah and pointed out residences of the rich and famous. The
staff were very knowledgeable, professional, and they offered to take
photos for us in front of the Atlantis Hotel. As we continued on the cruise we
saw more hotels and residences and the Burj Al Arab hotel the Burj Al Arab hotel looks like it’s
floating on the sea. This seven star hotel is an iconic structure in Dubai. As
we continued our cruise we saw the other half of the fronds and then passed by the
private islands of the royal family of Dubai. We saw the Royal Family’s yachts
of all sizes moored on the island with the Burj Al Arab in the background. What
a perfect view. There are other companies which offer tours in the palm
jumeirah area but they go outside the sea walls of palm jumeirah to the
arabian sea. For your information there are bathroom facilities on board should
you need it. Near the end of our cruise we closed with another spectacular
panoramic view of the JBR area. The palm jumeirah inner circle tour by boat was
one of my most memorable experiences of dubai. If you have time, you should
definitely go for this palm jumeirah inner circle boat tour. Happy Travels. Go
to for more information or go to our Hipfig Travel Channel on
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